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[Reading] ➱ Zorgamazoo ➹ Robert Paul Weston –

Fantastic read aloud to my 9 year old daughter The whole story is written in rhyme, sort of like Dr Suess for older kids The storyline was great and my daughter and I had a lot of fun reading it together 4 stars Read 2 I still love this book because it s a 300 page Children s book written in rhyme The author s ability to use this poetic writing for such a long story and keep the reader interested is fascinating The use of typeset to model how the character is speaking, for example of a character is whispering the type set is very small to using the typeset to shape what is being described is so much fun It s no wonder my son wanted to read this book again when I asked him to pick a book of poetry We read this together in 2012, I believe, and he wanted to read it again This time we could discuss how the author used typeset to display emotions, things in the story, etc and he had a much better grasp of articulating this to me and how it affected the reading of the story This is a fantastic book to read with kids to discuss elements of poetry I m raising my rating to 5 stars this time around because of the marked difference of what my son learned from this book and that he had so much fun reading this time around completely independently not really a shocker there Reading books with him at home has really upped his awareness of literary elements that aren t being taught yet in 4th grade curriculum He will definitely be at an advantage when these are focused on in a few years 5 stars. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I don t particularly enjoy reading aloud Dr Seuss Silently I m thinking, omg , when will this be over Now imagine reading a 282 page book with the zany rhyming cadence of Dr Seuss I couldn t take it any. Zorgamazoo Is The Story Of An Adventurous Young Girl A Shadowy, Subterranean Creature A Bizarre Lottery A Mysterious Map Some Outrageous Kidnappings And A Sport That Brings Together The Finer Points Of Cricket, Swimming And Chess It Also Has Lobotomies To Sum Up, It Is About Saving The Universe From Boredom And It Rhymes All Pages Worth This is a really good book I feel like everybody should read it. Very cool book If you like Roald Dahl and or Dr Seuss, you ll probably like Zorgamazoo. I love the adventure, and the Dr Seuss like rhyming is great I read this book for the reading group I lead in my youngest s class Love, love, love this book It s like a Dr Seuss book for big kids The entire story is in prose I also checked out the audiobook and it s read by Alan Cumming in his native accent awesome I actually read this book out loud to my boys, and they actually listened I loved the Dr Seuss style that it was writen in.Very cute This is one of the unique books I ve read in the last year Zorgamazoo is done completely in verse, Dr.Seuss Roald Dahl sort of verse All of it All 281 pages of it Terrific verse, mind you Versifier Robert Paul Weston manages to beautifully sustain a voice, a tone, a style, and a beat throughout Given that he is also telling a story building a setting, atmosphere, developing characters, and moving a plot along it is really quite impressive The story is fantasy, macabre, silly in yes a Dahlian style, and truly great fun to read I have to admit I did have to put the book down now and then to take a break from the verse, but I think that was my problem not the book s I suspect kids will enjoy this tremendously and I think I may read it aloud to be sure I usually don t agree with reviewers who say a writer is like some other author, but in this case I do I did find Weston to be writing in the tradition of Seuss, Dahl, and yes Lemony Snicket His tone is sinister at times, there s terrific wordplay, and the whole package is very elegant indeed And by package I mean the design Not only is this whole book in verse, but there s some fun stuff happening with the story, pages, and such There s a very strong authorial voice that is connected to the design Well done indeed As for plot, it is there We ve a plucky heroine a la Coraline and Alice named Katrina Katrell with the requisite horrid parents and guardian Then we ve got another world literally under ours with another main character, one sadsack named Morty The two of them end up on a quest to find the missing Seussian Zorgles of Zorgamazoo Zany is remarkably just the right word for once Zany Zorgamazoo. Delightful And a great aid when you re translating a children s book It has its darker passages, too definitely not young children territory Consider In his hand were the blades of his wicked device, especially made to puncture and slice In the lamplight it flashed with a sinister gleam, like the teeth of a beast in a hideous dream He raised up his Mincer, holding it high I shall enter, he said, just here, by your eye So don t move a muscle, or you may feel some pain, because now, my dear girl,saygoodbyeto your brain Yet they never veer into the outright nightmarish unlike a spate of modern children s books, which seem to believe that the best way to keep the little ones entertained is by scaring the living socks out of them enter Debi Gliori I was also surprised that there wasn t any element of romance only friendship, pure and unadulterated I was surprised perhaps in the light of a recent discussion on Peter Pan Or my general expectations of what an adventure book does to its female and male leads after throwing them together But I m thinking too much This particular book is meant to be experienced Preferrably, with someone to whom you can read it aloud.