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FINAL VOLUME Kimihiro Watanuki has passed through many trials by fire Once an indentured servant he has matured and become the poised and skilled keeper of the shop that grants wishes But Watanuki’s final wish is for himself to meet the witch Yûko one time With Yûko long vanished from our world is it even possible? That uestion and others are answered now in the concluding volume of the bestselling manga xxxHOLiC xxxHOLiC crosses over with Tsubasa also by CLAMP Don’t miss it Available on DVD from FUNimation Entertainment Includes special extras after the storyIncludes chapters 108–111

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    This is the final volume of xxxHolic and the ending is very much what I would expect from a Japanese story I think I will be mulling over the last chapter in particular for several days It isn't the kind of story that can be put down so easilyFrom the concept of a shop where wishes are granted for the right price to the intertwining with Tsubasa xxxHolic's sister story to philosophies and Japanese folklore xxxHolic has been a most interesting story to read The art style reminiscent of woodblock prints is stunning in its stark black and white drawings I'm glad I read this series

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    I did love this volume but with a good conscience I couldn't give it 5 stars because the ending was too open and nothing was really solved Sure we did find out that Watanuki's powers got so strong that he could leave the shop again and there were some small revelations like that Himawari chan got married but that was pretty much it as the overall story went Watanuki didn't meet Yuko again and Domeki didn't use the egg she had given him The stand alone stories were beautiful thoughI think and that's just my opinion that Watanuki didn't meet Yuko san ever again She was dead and as she herself said dead people couldn't come back to life I also think that Domeki never married and stayed with Watanuki He sacrificed so much for his friend after all he went to study folklore because of him he focused on helping Watanuki instead of working in his family temple he kept refusing women who asked him out I don't think there ever was anything sexual between them they just seemed like two halves of a wholeNow that I've finished both series Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHolic I have to say I liked xxxHolic better It wasn't as epic and huge as Tsubasa Chronicle but I liked its uiet intimacy better

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    I'm really not satisfied with this as the series ending First of all the first half of this volume was filler story and because so much of the volume was wasted on story with no purpose it made the ending seem really abrupt and rushed And it really just made the last couple of volumes since Yuko san's disappearance really worthless There really was no point in it other than to see what Watanuki was like as a shop owner and that really had no relevance to anything On the back of this volume it says With Yuko long vanished from our world is it even possible? That uestion and others are answered now in the concluding volume of the bestselling manga xxxHolic But really I don't think a single uestion was answered In fact this just made me have uestionsI'm really uite bummed I really did like this series but this is a lackluster ending that was pointless and really didn't conclude anything And maybe you really do need to read Tsubasa to get those uestions answeredbut I didn't and I'm not going to There wasn't even any real explanation as to why Yuko san left other than her telling Watanuki she had been around for a long time I image she was essentially training Watanuki to take over for her so she could move on but she still made it seem like something huge was going to go down and nothing really did And maybe that's the part where I'm missing out because I didn't read Tsubasabut still kind of annoyingDepsite this disappointing ending I'm really looking forward to watching the anime I just ordered it and I can't wait to watch it Having Yuko san back will make it all better I like Watanuki and all but she really was what made this series fun

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    Once the egg is used Watanuki's timeline will move ergo he will die forgetting the person he cares the most That is why the CLAMP decided for the series to have an open ending having the last panel with Watanuki's back on us staring in the sky We wish for his happiness and for his consummation of his resolve to see Yuuko for one last time

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    catch me in the club crying about douwata

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    One of the best The ending is vague in all the right ways I'm impressed with all the thought put into this manga It's pretty amazing stuff it's all true CLAMP knows a lot about real magic and the occult In a responsible manner if I may say so myself they keep it neutral unlike say the Harry Potter series which rams it in our face that there is good magic and bad magic and doesn't let us come to our own conclusions In xxxHolic there's just magic and the universe Typical of Eastern philosophy it's less about morals and about balance and personal reality I like it Like the story and its philosophy the artwork is very circular Lots of dark contrasting white Just the right balance of clean lines and elaborate curves Lots of florals typical of CLAMP Yuuko and Watanuki are fabulous characters; I'd known about them through Tsubasa RC xxxHolic is a way peaceful profound read than Tsubasa and lighthearted despite its dark ending It doesn't take itself as seriously as Tsubasa It's also not nearly as confusing I don't mean to compare but I can't help it Tsubasa is a love story and is way adventurous but xxxHolic provides the earthy feminine laughing magic that Tsubasa lacks Plus Yuuko will make you want to lounge around smoking and drinking sake all day while Watanuki waits on you hehe Really really excellent one of my favorite series all around 5 stars for gorgeous artwork great original characters and character development and excellent story telling and plot twists Also really funny esp involving Mokona and Doumeki

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    Even though it was a good series and I really like it I'm a bit confounded about the ending I read online that there was an intention to continue the series but as another series called xxxHolic Rei Apparently in that series Yuuko is back and Watanuki is working for her as she grants wishes in her store This to me sounds a bit silly since we have gotten so far with these characters I guess it's because they didn't know what to do view spoilerwith Watanuki and the rest once Yuuko was gone because the last chapters is all about waiting for her to return even though she's dead and has apparently been so the whole time hide spoiler

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    Not my favorite ending to a series but there were certainly redeeming ualities I do love how ambiguous it was it seems to fit the series to me and for whatever reason it struck me as a very Japanese literature style ending I'm eager to read the short story collection mentioned at the very end as I think it will probably shed some light on the series' ending I do however agree with several other reviewers that the last two or three volumes seemed to have a lot of filler that wasn't especially necessary CLAMP does give the impression of being bored with the story and ready to move on to other projects especially in this volume Regardless this is still my absolute favorite manga series so far well tied if you count Tezuka's Phoenix as a series The artwork is consistently gorgeous it fits perfectly with my aesthetic and I loved the basic premise so much I put the first volume on my favorites shelf to indicate that the series itself is a favorite Overall highly highly recommended

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    OH NO I'M CRYINGOH NOThe art is so beautiful and dreamy and the storytelling is so perfectly structurally composed I love that CLAMP has written multiple series where the vast majority of the plot takes place in surreal magicalmoral vignettes solved or undertaken by the frame characters who you also grow to love and care for as they fumble and then learn grace in surreal circumstancesSO PRETTY AND SO SAD and everything wraps up in a nicely unresolved way; I am Content in my sufferingWhat a perfect rainy day treat

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    I breathlessly read this series until the end only to feel as though I'd been cheated An ending that leaves most things unresolved is just not good enough I actually read the last page and looked for the next chapter unaware that I HAD reached the end It is that abrupt and unexpected If they were hoping to leave us wanting it worked but it also made me mad Watanuki Domeki Yukothey all deserve better I can't help but feel that the reader deserves better too What a let down