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Includes special extras after the storyWatanuki's vow to the witch Yuko who has disappeared leaves him in charge of the shop where wishes must be granted to those who meet the price Enter a deranged customer who is determined to capture the heart of the man she is stalking Now Watanuki may have no choice but to deliver his friend Shizuka Domeki into the arms of this unstable womanxxxHOLiC crosses over with Tsubasa also by CLAMP Don't miss itAvailable on DVD from FUNimation EntertainmentIncludes chapters 106 107 Special

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    This continues to be one of my favorite manga series ever CLAMP's art continues to be top notch gorgeous and subtle I still can't uite figure out how they can make Watanuki's face show maturity even though he hasn't been aging for many years The story shows Watanuki's maturity too and Doumeki's Their concerns conversations the tone of their arguments has all evolved The central story in this volume is one of my favorites showing Watanuki's tenderness toward a young child as well as Doumeki's continuing faithfulness in fetching and carrying for Watanuki as well as being his protector and exorcist Their relationship is ever changing yet essentially the same with all kinds of subtleties shown in their words and expressionsSeing Kohane as a young woman is delightful and Mokona Maru and Moro show genuine affection and devotion as well as being great comic reliefIt's a pity there's only one volume left as there is so much opportunity for great stories here I'm continually disappointed that Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is popular at least in the US when it's less original and has I think less compelling characters not to mention an even confusing tangle of plots

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    I started crying on page 152 153 There I admit it Those two pages My heart stopped view spoilerSYAORAN KUROGANE FAI AND MOKONA CAME BACKcrys hide spoiler

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    The unborn child storyline left something of a bad taste in my mouth although many other parts of this volume are wonderful It really has matured as a series and the sadness of watching Watanuki stay young while everyone around him ages is so melancholicThe yearning story I thought was particularly good of all of the magical interludesWatanuki and Doumeki are a beautiful sort of love story on their own

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    Lovely I'd been sort of losing interest in this series for the past few books but that turned around as the sweet melancholy tone of the book really took me over this issue Even if I didn't know the next book is the last this one would have signaled it solely by the tone and by the growth Watanuki has displayed since the beginning

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    Watanuki deals with two different clients one he hides from his friends allowing neither Domeki nor Kimihane to see it the other who turns out to be a real problem although mostly for herselfThe first is dealt with entirely in the extremely long 103rd chapter CLAMP as always balances character and humor and in this instance adds a touch of action as Domeki ends up doing battle as an exorcist at one point A poignant story once the nature of the client is revealed at the end of the chapter during a conversation between Domeki and Kimihane's grandmother The second chapter the 104th deals with a Young Woman who comes looking for Watanuki to give the man she claims to love This is a short but very interesting indirect meditation on the differences between love and desire and infatuation and affection etc This one Watanuki handles alone and it demonstrates his growth in several ways especially in wisdom The third and shortest chapter deals with a visit by Syaoran and his Mokona with probably meaning for those who have read Tsubasa already or were to read it simultaneously with XXXholic I wanted to finish Cardcaptor before reading Tsubasa but keep putting it off for other manga It is fun but not nearly as good as XXXholic in my humble if definite opinion

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    You all could train a hundred years and still not catch the Metal Gear Solid Mokonaseriously what is with the girls and Domeki? wouldn't Watanuki like to know?the visitors at the end is this the best crossover or just the most emotional one? both?? I can't imagine that Watanuki is unable to send them where they need to go but I'm a little nervous about the next volume which will end the story

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    I think it's been to long since I read Vol 17 My memory of the details was pretty fuzzy Plus trying to remember who everyone was and where the story was going So nothing wrong with it per say I just am working on catching up and jogging my memory

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    2019 reread say hello to Domeki kun for usWatanuki and Syaoran together for a short while with this sweet goodbye from the white Mokona is soul crushing

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    Pretty interesting and really good manga Really love the art style and story Really addicting manga😻👻👻😁❤️❤️

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    Today's post is on XXXHolic volume 18 by CLAMP It is the eighteenth in the long running series and as such you need to have read the first seventeen to understand the series The cover has Watanuki on it wrapping around to the back The intended reader is someone who is interested in Japanese culture mythology ghost stories and good plots There is no sex no violence and no language in this volume The story is told from Watanuki's perspective There Be Spoilers AheadFrom the back of the book Watanuki's vow to the witch Yuko who has disappeared leaves him in charge of the shop where wishes must be granted to those who meet the price Enter a deranged customer who is determined to capture the heart of the man she is stalking Now Watnuki may have no choice but to deliver his friend Shizuka Domeki into the arms of this unstable womanReview The blurb is not bad but it only gives one small story from this volume The real story is about a child waiting to be picked up by a rainbow It was very interesting and intense with the interactions between the characters But the woman who is stalking Domeki was a little scary because of what she did to herself She had hurt her own soul taking it away from her body It was interesting watching as I tried to discover what was wrong with her In this volume ten years have past from the last one with Watanuki getting and powerful has he runs the shop And we get to see Syaoran and company again on their journey Only one volume then I am done with this seriesI give this volume a Five out of Five stars I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money