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Includes special extras after the storyWatanuki no longer leaves the wish granting shop he inherited from the witch Yûko What’s he must help everyone who walks through its doors—even the monster that ate his eye How can the still inexperienced Watanuki handle what can only be called one dangerous customer? xxxHOLiC crosses over with Tsubasa also by CLAMP Don’t miss it Available on DVD from FUNimation EntertainmentIncludes chapters 102 105

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    i don't like watanuki in this session

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    Pretty interesting and really good manga Really love the art style and story Really addicting manga😻👻👻😁❤️❤️

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    Today's post is on XXXholic volume 17 by CLAMP It is 180 pages long and is published by Del Rey As it is the seventeenth in the series you need to have read the first sixteen to understand the story The cover has Watanuki on it with a butterfly cooling very mysterious The intended reader is someone who likes Japanese mythology fantasy and beautiful but sad stories There is no sex no language and no violence in this book The story is told from Watanuki's perspective There Be Spoilers AheadFrom the back of the book Watanuki no longer leaves the wish granting shop he inherited from the witch Yuko What's he must help everyone who walks through its doors even the monster that are his eye How can the still inexperienced Watanuki handle what can only be called one dangerous customer?Review We get to see how Watanuki run the shop in this volume Domeki helps him because of their shared eye if Domeki sees a place then Watanuki can walk there in his dreams When the blurb says that he must help everyone who enters the shop it is not something special that was the way the shop worked for Yuko too The spider is interesting in this one she is not a villain this time She is someone who wants something that was promised to her and needs Watanuki to get it for her She does try to be scary but because of everything that Watanuki has been through she just does not sacre him any That annoys her but I like the development that Watanuki has gone through Only two volume before the end of this seriesI give this volume a Five out of Five stars I get nothing for my review and I bought this book with my own money

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    Creepy spider girl is back and this time she is a customer Will Watanuki find the red pearl? I found it a pretty heartbreaking story though poor girl in that apartment I loved seeing our little fox again and it is Domeki's birthday I loved the present that Watanuki had for him That will for sure be a big help Because Domeki can't carry his bow everywhereI did notice something off Maybe it is correct as it is only Yuuko inviting Himawari and it doesn't count if Himawari herself pops in but in one of the chapters Domeki and Mokona talk about Himawari only popping in for Watanuki's birthday and that this has been the way since HimawariDomeki's wishes have been granted However in chapter 172173 we can clearly see Himawari in Yuuko's shop and it isn't his birthday And I wonder if there were other times as well Also are those Clow Reed's glasses that Watanuki finds? It does seem to be so Oh my 2 4 stars

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    Its partner series Tsubasa ended uite a while ago so for XXXHOLiC it seems the end is inevitably nigh So you would expect a lot of action leading up to the finale right? Err not exactly This volume – especially compared to those in the past – seems to enjoy taking it slow and easy With Watanuki taking up the mantle of Yûko completely and Domeki assuming the role of the reluctant assistant it doesn’t look like it will be concluding anytime soon unless something incredibly drastic happens in the last two volumes It’s a solid book but there aren’t many major momental events in this volume and at this point in this series it’s of a drawback that a plusRead the rest of my review over at Nagareboshi Reviews

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    In this volume Watanuki has settled into his new role at the wish granting shop and while a uieter volume in many aspects we learn uite a bit about the emotions of the characters with the change of circumstances they all find themselves facing I am intrigued to learn what will happen next As per CLAMP the art is absolutely beautiful I've really come to love their style Next volume pleaseAnd in case any of my friends wonderin the Japanese translation the 'xxx' in the title of the series serves as a place holder so it could also be read as holic and since many of the people who come to the wish granting shop have addictions of some kind an addiction to lying for example the title of the series is aptly appropriate

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    This volume was so good It sneaks up on you too like some ocean swell I personally enjoyed the Mermaid Saga reference I had forgotten that Clamp had written that too I thought ‘Boy That's a popular myth of mermaids I've heard that in other places too'Okay they totally did not write it But they are similar which could suggest actual folklore I should totally research the different folklores of mermaids from around the world That would be so much fun I guess that should also say something since I don't really like true research hmmm secondary sources will be good enough for me Pseudo research it is Still this volume did not disappoint I'm glad I finally got around to reading it

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    I really do miss the old Watanuki though he's a little bit sexier these days And speaking of sexy is it weird I find Haruka san sexy? XD I think Domeki kun is cute but his grandpa hubba hubba XD They are essentially twins it's always weird how even when you have two people who look exactly alike there always seems to be one that is a little bit hotter than the other p In this case definitely Haruka san This volume had Ranma 12 sydrome just seemed like a bunch of little random storylines to keep the story going Nothing really exciting or interesting happened The one thing that did intrigue me was the story of why Himawari chan can't come to the shop But of course it wasn't ever really fully answeredTwo volumes left to go Hopefully it ends decently

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    Watanuki seems to be really settling in to his role as the shopkeeper; he is wearing very Yuko esue clothing has taken up her pipe smoking habit and even seems to have adopted her laid back attitude His cool colleced calm mantra really shows when the spider woman shows up yes the same one who ate his left eye and he doesn't even react Instead he agrees to help her retrieve a very rare red pearl even though he has no idea what the endeavor may entail due to his lack of experience and still growing powers But Watanuki manages to complete his task and in the meantime learns about the magical beings who freuent Yuko's world which also apparently seems to be giving him of an idea who he really is

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    I'm a little horrified over the red pearl and the ending and wondering ultimately worrying over what Watanuki is And the glasses Syaoran gave to him but in the midst of all the sadness and drama and uncertainty the black Mokona screaming at him DEMON BRIDE and demanding liuor talk about mood swings while reading manga2019 reread yes the mood swings continue the black Mokona is an ongoing source of support and torment for our boy and in turn for us the red pearl and how it comes to be is still disturbing and beautiful at the same time and I was still horrified when the Joro Gumo showed up invited unknowingly he takes it in stride of course mentioning that yes I guess you can come in even though you ate my eye woman