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xxxHOLiC #14 PDF ☆ ´ Epub pandora

Kimihiro is a mystery even to himself He has no memory of his past or even of his beloved parents’ names Neither does he have any idea why he is being followed by malicious spirits But his boss the witch Yûko Ichihara knows and in this volume many of Kimihiro’s secrets are finally revealedxxxHOLiC crosses over with Tsubasa also by CLAMP Don’t miss itIncludes chapters 85 91

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    This is the first volume in the series that feels like the series as a whole was at least a shared major plot point We find out what it is Watanuki has forgotten and how exactly this world is tied to the world of Cardcaptor Sakura and its sister series Tsubasa Excellent stuff

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    The young medium is staying with the fortune teller and healing from her many wounds We find out new information about who people are A client comes in wishing to learn how to cook Everyone talks about how much Watanuki has changed

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    watanuki made wine and seems happy in the shop good wrap up

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    Argh Stop being so cryptic Clamp

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    I am super loving all this food stuffI am super terrified of all this plot stuffI AM HERE FOR UNSETTLING SMOKING BUDDIES?

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    Pretty interesting and really good manga Really love the art style and story Really addicting manga😻👻👻😁❤️❤️

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    Today's post is on XXXHolic volume 14 by CLAMP It is the fourteenth in the series so you need to have read the first thirteen to understand the story It is 178 pages long and is published by DEL REY The cover has Yuko on it looking very pretty with Watanuki and wrapping around to continue on the back The intended reader is someone who likes Japanese mythology ghost stories and very pretty pictures The story is told from Watanuki's perspective There Be Spoilers AheadFrom the back of the book Kimihiro is a mystery even to himself He has no memory of his past or even of his beloved parents' names Neither does he have any idea why he is being followed by malicious spirits But his boss the witch Yuko Ichihara knows and in this volume nay of Kimihiro's secrets are finally revealedReview Watanuki is finally told what is going on with and to him In exchange for another's safety he gave up his memories Once he was told that Watanuki was at peace with his choice The way that the plot is going is still sad but I think that things are going be changing soon What is going to happen I do not know but something big The plot is getting and hidden as things go on Which is unusual normally at this point you would have some idea where things are going or at least how they are going to resolve and I just do not have that Only five volumes until this one is doneI give this volume a Five out of Five stars I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money

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    This volume was so very sad but beautiful hopefully and full of important messages stated elegantly in an understated way without bashing you over the head with themIn particular I was struck by the theme of the fact that the only one who can make changes on the inside is oneself that has been reoccurring over the last few volumesAlso I was struck by the confrontation with the idea that not knowing is the same as if it never happened as this has been a painful fallacy that I have seen in the lives of those around meAnd if all of that was not enough there were lovely concepts woven about the importance of food beyond sustaining the body In particular the discussion of in that offering someone something you have made you offer them a chance to know a part of you which really resonated with meThis was one of the volumes that every page reminds me why I love this series so and how it speaks to my heart In part I am sure that has to do with the reflective space I have been in recently but this series is just so amazing on a regular basis

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    Eep at this volume We get a ton of revelations on Watanuki on Syaoran It was just fabulous though it feel a bit weird with how it was done A lot of the foreshadowing or explanations fit perfectly but this just a bit oddly done Still I am happy that we have finally reached this point I know how excited I was the first time and I still am now I am also happy to see a new wish customer pop up who will have Watanuki to teach her cooking and I wasn't sure how I felt about the woman though things were just a bit off with herIt was also a delight to see Kohane chan again this time smiling making food and living with that person I see a bright future for her if she chooses to take that pathThe ending was pretty great butterflies oh my I am on to reading the next volume and after that I have to keep myself from reading the rest I want to read those this coming weekend 3 45 stars

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    Confusing but beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time It's becoming obvious that this series is heading for one mindfrak of a finale very soon judging by how deeply recent chapters have gone into Watanuki's past and present predicament Random thoughts I wish Himawari had been in this volume a lot Watanuki comments that he doesn't see as many spirits as before As someone who also reads Natsume Yuujinchou am I supposed to see this as ominous? Hmm Hngh kinda sorta guiltily ship WatanukiHaruka right now I don't get where the story arc with the bride to be learning how to cook is going KOHANE CHAN ♥I hear volume fifteen is a real bombshell so I'm very much looking forward to the next book