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The medium Kohane chan has been punched and bruised on national TV but still her controlling mother is forcing her to go on the air Now Kimihiro steps between the rebellious young psychic and her raging mother only to take the beating himself See the dramatic conclusion of Kohane chan’s storyIncludes chapters 80 84

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    This series has really grown on me The first few books actually annoyed me I was not familiar with the writing phenomena known as Clamp and so was surprised to learn that this book crosses over with another of their own creation Tsubasa In volume 1 3 there is uite a bit of what felt like fanservice to me and I was often lost as I've never read the stories referenced namely Card Capture Sakura However once this apparent glee at their ability to cross two separate series seemed to fade and the authors focused on the plot I became absolutely entranced The characters developed in ways I never expected and Watanuki in particular really changes right before your eyes It is done so subtly and so poignantly that by the time I realised what had happened I actually went back to re read my favourite stories in order to remember how he was He's that kind of character; he touches you and you're almost proud of his personal growthThe supernatural stories throughout the series are really something Some of them are rehashings of universal ghost stories whilst others are deeply moving There have been a few that brought a tear to my eye and that I have re read to enjoy all over again Ultimately I feel like this series has really grown into itself It's a wonderful read and I hope it continues to improve

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    Oh wow I really didn't expect that to be the reason why Watanuki's losing his memories This series is getting and intriguing by the volume I hope that the authors behind Clamp know where they are headed with this that they can deliver and do justice to the anticipation they are building there Another thing that I really loved in this volume was that Watanuki's finally starting to accept Domeki's protectiveness that he's starting to rely on him as a friend It's a nice character development

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    Wow I am so super not excited about the elevated child abuse going on YAYBut fingers crossed for happy endings sheesh

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    The 13th volume and we are definitely nearing the end of it all Tons of foreshadowing this time not just with things that everyone is saying or the silent stares but also with Sakura and Syaoran and hey the other Syaoran popping up This time we get a closure to the Kohane chan arc Watanuki and Domeki are undergoing action to help out Kohane because the abuse and the stuff people do are getting out of hand People are really terrible I get that you may think that Kohane is wrong though she is not and I am glad that she is sticking to her story and told that woman what she knows but that doesn't give you the right to terrorise this girl hurt her destroy her home Also that mother is just terrible I can kind of see how she slid down the slope but still dang I love the bond that Kohane and Watanuki have It is just so sweet I am glad what Kohane was able to wish and I had totally forgotten about THAT Oh wow Yep things are going broken and it is coming fastI can't wait to continue reading But do I read it all now? Or save it up for the next coming days? Decisions decisions 4 5 stars

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    I feel like I'm reading Game of Thrones Yuko keeps referring to a time that is arriving or that a certain moment will happen soon And I can't shake the feeling of hearing the famous line in Game of Thrones Winter is coming It's like yes you keep saying this but it's taking forever to arrive I am both dreading and looking forward to this moment

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    The blurb gives all the summary that can be given without relating the whole darn thing and a touch than I would have wanted as a reader going into the volume personally so I won't waste any time summarizing here CLAMP does a fantastic job demonstrating the growth of the various characters here The art continues vivid and powerful and uniue and Kimihiro demonstrates a simple real heroismhumanity that is as great as anything demonstrated by classic Manga heroes

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    In this one there is still of the cross over stuff but the main story is about the little girl medium and brings some resolution to her situation

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    Pretty interesting and really good manga Really love the art style and story Really addicting manga😻👻👻😁❤️❤️

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    Today's post is on XXXHolic volume 13 by CLAMP It is the thirteenth in the series so you need to have read the first twelve to understand the story It is 178 pages long and is published by DEL REY The cover has Yuko on it looking very pretty and wrapping around to Watanuki on the back The intended reader is someone who likes Japanese mythology ghost stories and very pretty pictures The story is told from Watanuki's perspective There Be Spoilers AheadFrom the back of the book The medium Kohane chan has been punched and bruised on national TV but still her controlling mother is forcing her to go on the air Now Kimihiro steps between the rebellious young psychic and her raging mother only to take the beating himself See the dramatic conclusion of Kohane chan's storyReview Watanuki is here in this volume than the last but he is still dealing with whatever price he paid to Yuko Kohane chan's story has a happy ending She is going to learn to be happy herself and through her mother is going to be too Watanuki is still fighting with Domeki but he is relying on him to help It is making Domeki very nervous because he knows that he does not know everything that is going on with Watanuki As always the art is just top notch Only a few volumes then done with manga seriesI give this volume a Five out of Five stars I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money

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    The storyline with Kohane chan the young medium with an abusive mother comes to a dramatic finish in this volume During an episode of a psychic medium show Kohane chan reveals that her mother told her to lie if it would maintain her reputation after she gets in trouble for making a controversial statement about the man whom she and the other medium are tasked to find The show's directors turn on her mother and acuse her of child abuse which only serves to fuel her anger and causes her to lash out at Kohane chan again Thankfully Watanuki and Domeki are there to save the day and they take Kohane chan back to Yuko's magic shop At this point we get another glimpse of larger storyline as Yuko takes part of Kohane chan's powers and reveals that the boundaries between space and time are crumbling