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Months ago when Kimihiro Watanuki became the indentured servant of the witch Yûko Ichihara Yûko warned Kimihiro about his attraction to cute young Himawari chan But he refused to listen How could his pretty classmate possibly pose any kind of danger to him? At last the secret is revealed and with near fatal resultsIncludes chapters 59 64

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    This is easily my most ? favorite issue of the series I even shed a few tears while reading this because it touched me where it counts I love the artwork especially how Watanuki the main male character is drawn In one panel he's made to look like a member of a boy band or an actor in a drama and the next panel he's screeching like a bansheeThe ladies behind this manga are extraordinary

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    In which Watakanuki gives Kohane chan a balloon and we discover Himawari's secretThis is one of my very favorite volumes after the sad park bench ghost in Volume 6 When I started the series I loved the art and the Japanese folk tales distrusted the emphasis on fate as an explanation for coincidence and was faintly annoyed by the excitable pinch faced lead Watanuki has changed stronger and wiser in his love for the people he loves gentler with those who are weaker than he is but my perception of him and of the loss and fear behind the prickly defensiveness has also changed Everyone in XxxHolic wears masks except Kohane who is too young and Yuuko who is too powerful and all the masks are hiding the same thing fear of hurt and of giving hurt Watanuki has learned he has than pain to give and gives it; and so do others here

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    Hear that? That's the sound of my heart breaking 3

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    OMG WHY?????? Is literally the only thing I could think of throughout this volume I just love the characters so much and I love watching how they grow The way the relationships are developing is causing me to go through all the feels and I want to protect my sweet babies from any harm

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    feels feeelsss i love this volume so much finally the secret about himawari is revealed but it's just so heart breaking this is why i love clamp's work the story is so deep that your emotion is an absolute participant in this tale so much emotional life lessons you cant miss this will be one of my fav volume i guess the feeelsssnb and now i know where syaoran and the gang got their water bottles and what's sakura's big effort to attain the egg is for and you know how it feels to somehow link and match some puzzle in some other works

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    Yuko has Watanuki and Domeki gather water from a special well which results in an unsettling encounter Watanuki meets the little girl medium again and has another dream with Domeki's grandfather Then there is a story about Watanuki's cute classmate and we finally learn her secret which has been hinted at over time

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    I've really been enjoying this series but this one really got me in the feels Everyone chooses to intertwine themselves tightly and Watanuki finally shows some serious personal growth Every wish has a price

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    My favorite of the series so far

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    xxxHolic will continue to be my favorite of the CLAMP titles I love this chapter because we see so much with Himawari and Doumeki

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    Pretty interesting and really good manga Really love the art style and story Really addicting manga😻👻👻😁❤️❤️