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Unwrapped is a light and fluffy holiday themed friends to lovers romance on the far end of New Adult romance 25 ish year old charactersHis to unwrap His to keepDerrick Fox only wants one gift beneath his Christmas tree his best friend Mia When her latest moron walks out on her Derrick finally sees his chance to break through the wall of friendship and claim Mia for his own ForeverTwenty five year old Mia Patterson is sick to death of being a virgin Naturally she turns to her BFF the insanely sexy Derrick Fox to help her out The problem? Derrick wants far than the body she's ready to give He wants her heartAs the most magical time of year approaches Derrick and Mia struggle to create some Christmas magic of their own the sort that happens once in a lifetime when two hearts finally come together in trust And love Unwrapped

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    The romance was very sweet and thoughtful

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    Chantilly White did it again She made me cry with happiness This belated holiday gift from her was well worth the wait Unwrapped is a great story of true friendship true passion and true love Mia is not sure that love really does exist given what she saw growing up of her mother's flighty history with relationships She's decided that saving herself for that one person who is reliable enough to stick with her at least for 3 months should be a win win situation for them both But she's having a tough time finding the right person When her latest relationship ends Mia turns to her best friends for support But everything changes when she makes a proposition to one of them Derrick Unbeknownst to Mia Derrick has been secretly in love with her for eight long years all the while afraid to risk their special friendship by telling her But when Mia makes her proposal to him Derrick has hope that he might be able to make her feel the same What unfolds is a tale to touch your heart show you that it's never too late to find happiness and that sometimes it's right under your noseAlright Ms White what do you in store for us next and how soon do I get it? I'm waiting

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    Some of it dragged on too long especially the one sex scene like 10% of the book

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    This book was steamy and romantic and wonderfulness all rolled up in to one happy book I loved the emotion that was infused into the relationship and while I am not normally one for hot and lusty books I adored this one Highly recommended to all

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    Found the protagonistheroine hard to relate to She's not a size two but she was a MODEL I just don't have pity or empathy for her There wasn't enough of a demonstration of her as her own person as someone who has interests and who is trying her best Just repeated discussion of her last jerk exboyfriendThe main conflict in this are 1 heroine's disbelief in love partly due to her mother's experiences with men 2 heroine's disbelief that hero could ever fall for her and 3 hero's belief that he's been friend zoned essentially There wasn't enough tension for me not enough character development to actually believe in these supposedly deep seated disbeliefsI also have a problem with authors telling not showing I want to see a selection of a few times of them interacting not just for months they had fun together yada yadaI also didn't love how the virginity plotline was described in the end Too cheesy for me I guess but to each their own

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    UnwrappedBy Chantilly WhiteMia’s fallen for some real losers along the way But because she has a three month dating rule she’s never given them her virginity But her best friend Derrick has other plans He has feelings for Mia and will do anything to get her to realize that he’s the only one for herMia is a beautiful woman who doesn’t see her own beauty She’s been hurt by the last guy she dated who said she wasn’t good enough She views her body as the enemy not as desirable This is so real I can’t tell you how many times I complain about my own body I don’t see myself as sexy and I know many women like me Derrick isn’t the smoothest talker when it comes to Mia He doesn’t share his feelings because he’s afraid he’ll push her away This leads to some of the misunderstandings between them but it also helps Mia see what he’s really like Each of the characters are real people with flaws and insecurities I loved how Ms White was able to portray people that I could relate to The sensual build up in this story is amazing As Derrick sets out to win Mia’s heart the heat gets higher and higher I don’t know how she stood it I’d have thrown myself at him long before that But the actual event was worth the wait The secondary characters of Jeff and Allison were fun too and provide different comparisons for Mia and Derrick They are a fearsome foursome and one I’d love to be a part of Too bad I can’t just jump into this book

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    Having read and enjoyed the 'Pearl' series by Ms White I was anxious to pick this one up and extend my Christmas season 'Unwrapped' is the story of Mia and Derrick two friends who decide to take their friendship to the next level As often happens misunderstandings occur along the way and they part with Derrick going as far as Tokyo to recover When he returns he receives a Christmas present he had only dreamed ofMs White has done it again I was thoroughly entranced and spent probably a bit too much time reading when I should have been getting ready to go on holiday Ms White builds the romance on the firm foundation of friendship so skillfully that I couldn't put the book down She shows us Derrick's emotions so completely that we can feel his elation and pain Mia's confusion and anxiety comes through in the beginning as does her budding confidence as the story progressesMs White has certainly proven that love can take us anywhere with her books from the uiet and solemn library to the uncertainty of war to the inner workings of a marriage on the rocks and now to the beaches and sunshine of California I can't wait to see where she takes us next

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    This is a sweet story about two friends who deepen their relationship Nice and fast to read nothing specialShe is a 25 year old virgin who only once had one relationship for than three months all the other relationships plenty in number didn't last long Oh and she has some issues she doesn't believe in loveHe is her best friend since 8 years and secretly in love with her After her latest breakup he decides to confess but before he has the chance to tell her his feelings she asks him to have a one night stand with her do deflower her That is definitely not what he wants he wants '' and makes a deal with her They will date for three months and his christmas present for her will be her first time Of course he only wants her to fall for him but she thinks it's really a three months thingIt's a sweet story about love self confidence and friendship The complete last chapter is about their first time together Cupid's Mistake is about Allison from the same group of friends a week after the end of Unwrapped

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    Best friend become lovers romance story about hot and kind computer guy; Derrick Fox and charity fundraiser Mia who have been friends since college They have ut both of themselves in the friendzone without being brave enough to talk about their hidden feelings that go beyond friendship There is lots of cute sexy build up because of Mia's three months rule which is pretty smart IMO The holiday theme comes from the fact that the three months will be up on Christmas day so they are going to 'do the deed' at that time Nothing christian about this storyThere is lots of miscommunication because of not enough sharing of feelings which is ironic since these people are supposed to be best friends but that works in this storyUnder 100 pages and kindle holiday freebie2 stars

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    Unwrapped Chantilly WhiteUnwrapped is a lovely story about two best friends who love each other The problem is that they don't know about the love the other has towards them It is frustrating to see Derrick and Mia so in love with each other and be faced with so many obstacles to prevent them both from being honest with each other Derrick knows how he feels about Mia and decides now is the time to tell her How will Mia react? Especially as she has just split up with Barry This book is well written but I found myself thinking the story was dragged out a little I did enjoy the book however and I am glad I read it