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Hardcover  Unwifeable MOBI ☆

Provocative fearless and dizzyingly uncensored Mandy spills every secret she knows about dating networking comedy celebrity media psychology relationships addiction and the quest to find one’s true nature She takes readers behind the scenes and name names as she relays her utterly addictive journeyStarting in 2005 Mandy picks up everything to move across the country to Manhattan looking for a fresh start She is newly divorced thirty years old with a dream job at the New York Post She is ready to conquer the city the industry the world But underneath the glitz and glamour there is a darker side threatening to surface The drug fueled never ending party starts off as thrillingbut grows ever terrifying Too many blackout nights and scary decisions begin to add up As she searches for the truth behind the façade Mandy realizes that falling in love won’t fix her—until she learns to accept herself firstThis is a true New York fairy tale brought to life— Sex and the City on acid Perfect for when “you feel stuck in some way and wish to become unstuck” Caroline Kepnes you’all soon see why Unwifeable is one of the best reviewed most beloved memoirs of the year

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