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Tiffany Trott is attractive and eligible So why is she a complete failure with men? She begins a search for Mr Rightno matter where he is what he does or whether or not he speaks English In this hilarious novel of dates and disasters friendships and fix ups she's going to do her best to find her knight in shining armor Or at least a knight who wears men's underwear

10 thoughts on “Trials of Tiffany Trott

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    I don't think I've ever been happier for a book to end The main character was so shallow repetitive and boring I only wish I'd figured it out before I got to the point in the book where I felt I needed to finish it I DO NOT recommend at all It's a poor poor imitation of Bridget Jones Diary

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    This book was really funny Wolff created a character in Tiffany that most single thirty something women can relate to The situations in the novel were realistic if a bit tediously episodic at times Wolff has a good ear for dialogue too Some of the conversations between Tiffany and her friends about relationships really rung true although there weren't any major insights either Each of the characters are distinct although a few are underdeveloped mostly because there were actually a few too many It was nice to see a female character not totally lose track of her friends because she's completely consumed in her uest to land Mr Right Overall the book is genuinely engaging and humourousOn the downside the book was a little on the slow side at times and it was too long I didn't see why Tiffany couldn't forget about Seriously Successful either The ending bothered me I still found it better than Bridget Jones' Diary unlike Bridget I could definitely see myself reading this again However it didn't uite live up to it's potential enough to garner the fifth and final star

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    What a waste of time and why oh why do I keep thinking I cannot leave a book in the middle? Was I still really expecting it would get better?Fortunately I started reading Isabel Wolff in her later books sooooo much better and worthwhile if I had started with this one I'd never picked up anotherThis is a very poor and boring and weak and repetitive copy of Bridget Jones except the main character was really insufferable and annoying nothing warmed me up to her Everything sounded so shallow the constant need of every woman to have a man or they were not worth enough always the I'm 37 my life is ending what??? And all the Actually I did not say nothing like that I could have hit Tiffany AND the authorAnd that ending definitely deserving of 1 star Don't waste your time with this

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    I love Isabel Wolff By finishing this book Ive read all of her novels Let's just say that her writing improvessince this her first novel was far from her best If you try her don't start with this one

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    I like chick lit I am not afraid to say it but I like chick lit that makes me laugh out loud and feel good about being single cuz someday I won't be this book had potential I mean the girls nickname is trotter's Trots diarahea hahahahah right? No No mention of that anyway the most annoying thing about the book was the main charachterTrotter's kept saying things and then saying actually I didn't say that at allIt really annoyed the trots out of me I read the whole thing anyway cuz i am really bored

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    I can honestly say I did not enjoy this book I found the character Tiffany Trott so annoyingNo wonder at thirty seven she had not found a man I really do not think that any man would touch her with a barge pole to put it in a nutshell a stuck up posh git who did not have a kind word to say about any male Ok yes all women like to make fun of men its what we do but after a while I didn’t find it funny I just felt sorry for the male population out there as it seems there must be some women like Tiffany or why would the author write this garbageSorry but this was a no no book for me

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    Terrible horrible no good chicklit

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    Dull poorly written

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    Entertaining chick lit novel tracing Tiffany Trott's journey through the love jungle

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    You wanna read a book with NO story purpose or substance? You wanna read a book that’s all about internalized misogyny prejudice and bullshit? You wanna read a book that you’ll finish simply because you have obsessive thoughts that make you feel like you have to finish a book simply because you started it? Then this is the book for you A woman that is shallow superficial and many many other unpleasant negative adjectives is set out to find love but turns out she doesn’t actually want to settle down but judges men on the basis if they want can settle down I guess that counts as a spoiler but at the same time not because this book doesn’t have a story It’s empty Just like all the characters All horrible or strange women that seem to hate the fact that they are women all the strange men that have the personality and character depth of a brick Ridiculously bad