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The honeymoon is over—and it’s time for Mike Shayne to prepare for Miami’s killing season For years Mike Shayne has tangled with the toughest crooks the country has to offer outsmarting some and outpunching the rest He was good at his job but he had no one to come home to—until he met Phyllis After rescuing his damsel in distress than once the hard boiled PI found himself falling in love and before he knew it they were married and on their honeymoon in Cuba Unfortunately for the lovebirds their migration home to Miami marks the height of tourist season when every gangster in America travels south to play He may be a married man but Mike Shayne won’t be spending this balmy winter cozied up at home   When a real estate developer tries to hire Shayne to break into his home as part of an insurance fraud scam the scheme quickly turns to murder With deaths on the horizon Shayne will have to be careful if he doesn’t want to celebrate his first wedding anniversary behind bars 

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    There were something like 77 Mike Shayne novels published between 1939 and 1976 under the house name Brett Halliday Davis Dresser wrote the first thirty The Uncomplaining Corpses was published in 1940 and is the third Shayne novel It's a good one filled with an action packed tale of one tough Redhaired Irish detective who has half the Miami police force looking to put the cuffs on him as an accessory to a murder The book has murder blackmail nightclubs missing wives a huge inheritance and Shayne is one tough bruiser a lone wolf who fights for what he believes in including clearing his name He doesn't care whose toes he steps on or who he has to duke it out with It's a solid mystery that may keep you guessing as Shayne fights and drinks and detects his way to solving the riddle Compared to other PI novels of the early forties this one was written with the idea of it having broad appeal The prose and the descriptions are not overly dense The tone is of Miami bright with sunshine not dark and dreary It's hardboiled in its cynicism but not noir This is also one of the few Shayne novels where he is married A very enjoyable read

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    I have been reading books in the Mike Shayne series by Brett Halliday for many years I especially like the earlier ones starting in the 1940s Writers like M Ruth Myers can come close in her Maggie Sullivan books but there is no substitute for the ambience that a writer contemporary to that period providesTHE UNCOMPLAINING CORPSES originally published in 1940 and now available as an e book is a good example of what I am talking about Consider some of the following references• “Beyond the polished mahogany railing three girl typists presented their backs to him heads bowed over clacking machines”• “Shayne took a cigarette from his shirt pocket and stuck it between his lips”• “Shayne lit a fresh cigarette from the smoldering butt of his old one”• “Shayne moved past a row of stalls to a frosted window which was lowered from the top for ventilation”• “where newsboys were getting rid of their morning Heralds in a hurry Their raucous calls reached his ears faintly but he drove on to the causeway without stopping to buy a paper”• “A milk truck lumbered past”Used by a writer in today’s world references like these would be ironic at best Here they are the real articles like prehistoric dragon flies caught in amber These alone would make the book worth reading even without the non stop action consistent characterization and complicated plot that are hallmarks of a Mike Shayne story

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    Is He Washed Up? In this Mike Shayne mystery Shayne refuses to go along with an insurance scam Enter an ex con a blackmailed wife her former lover her brother and a frame that will end Mike's career in Miami and send him to jail Is he washed up? Canhe catch the real killer? Read it and find out You'll be glad you did

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    An oldie but goodie with author Davis Dresser writing under the pseudonym of Brett Halliday presenting us with the 3rd Michael Shayne excursion I like the old ones best since other authors wrote under the name Brett Halliday after Dresser had written around three dozen or in the Shayne series Dresser based his Shayne character on a real man he saw drinking cognac and after a fight broke out the big red headed cognac drinker practically cleared the room knocking one man after another down and many out He pulled Dresser out of the bar before the young man who was yet to be an author had a chance to thank him Years later he saw the big guy in another bar in Texas I believe bought him a drink and was starting to tell him that his first meeting with him was one of the most memorable happenings in his life Before they exchanged than a few words two other rough looking guys walked in and Shayne author never got the guy's real name left and Dresser never saw him again When he decided to write the detective series he had the perfect person to base his somewhat real life hero on because as Dresser told it he felt like his fictional character could be as tough as any of the great private eyes and he would not have to exaggerate one bit Knowing the background to author Halliday's creation makes the stories seem like they could have happened They are not in the class of a Hammett or Chandler but who is? Tough as Spillane without the sadistic streak and yet one of the cleverest of not the most clever of the real tough guy detectives All the mysteries are about equal since I know I've read a couple dozen and I can't name one that stands out than another although the early ones are all worth reading if you like the oldies but goodies of the hard boiled school of detective fiction This is my 2nd reading of this particular novel Shayne was somewhat of a loner but one young woman really got to him and surprisingly Shayne is one of the few if any of the tough detectives who was married at least for a while until she got murdered This one is set in Miami but there is a time when Shayne moves to New Orleans so some of his cases are in that setting

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    I got tipped to the Mike Shayne series after watching the film 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' Bought a bundle of them on eBay Mike Shayne is hard drinking either it was weaker alcohol in the past or he is a highly functioning alcoholic He antagonises everyone around him pushes friendships beyond breaking then some This is no police procedural and the plot tie up is shakey if you pause to think about it but there was no DNA then he's not using fingerprints or science and the sleuthing is a comparison of typing machines Dated in that respect Who cares Classic pulp of it's time A fun read for a rainy day with toast and tea

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    Bought a bundle of these on eBay a few years ago after finding out they were the inspiration for kiss kiss bang bang Pretty easy reading and great pulp from the 40'sHe certainly piled his way through the alcohol cognac brandy and sidecars

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    Best one of the four Mike Shayne novel's I've just blasted through Some very convoluted plotting with twists inside twists

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    Ei yhtään pöllömpää yksityisetsiväilyä lisäksi vielä ajalleen harvinaisen hyvin suomennettuna Mukavaa luettavaa