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The Stunning Conclusion To The Epic Pellinor Series Four Books Telling An Extraordinary Tale Of Another World The Singing Follows The Separate Journeys Of Maerad And Cadvan, And Their Brother Hem, As They Desperately Seek Each Other In An Increasingly Battle Torn Land The Black Army Is Moving North And Maerad Has A Mighty Confrontation With The Landrost To Save Innail All The Seven Kingdoms Are Being Threatened With Defeat Yet Maerad And Hem Hold The Key To The Mysterious Singing And Only In Releasing The Music Of The Elidhu Together May The Nameless One Be DefeatedCan Brother And Sister Find Each Other In Time To Fight The Nameless One, And Are They Strong Enough To Defeat Him

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    Just finished this whole series, and enjoyed it than any book I ve read in a good long while one of those series where you wake up early to read it in bed before the alarm clock goes off Good enough to make me post a review I almost didn t read it, because the covers looked like every bland YA fantasy that has been churned out in the past years Even the first few chapters had me unconvinced, because again, there was a lot there that was like the basis of pretty much every Mary Sue child of destiny story out there But then a feeling of familiarity began to creep over me, like the scent of apple pie bringing back a memory of your grandmother s kitchen, and I realized that I hadn t had this feeling when reading since I first read Tolkien as a young teen.This was high fantasy done right It s been years since I ve read a high fantasy that I enjoyed most of them either go too silly Dungeons and Dragon y, or try too hard to be gritty and real and end up with me loathing most of the characters Croggon, however, understands the high part of high fantasy the appeal to things finer and better than ourselves which far too many of the Tolkien imitators fail to grasp.Oh yes Tolkien imitators The influence of Tolkien is extremely obvious here, especially in the first book As I was first reading, the words Tolkien ripoff hovered, but that really isn t accurate Ripoff implies a cheap imitation, and while there is a lot here that is in imitation of Tolkien, it isn t cheap What Croggan pulls from Tolkien is a lot of what I like best the description and character, the vivid settings, the homeliness of simple joys in the midst of grander struggles, the sense of good and evil, and especially the use of language and for that reason I welcomed that influence rather than otherwise The characters, too, were very welcome Maered was a character who could very easily have become a Mary Sue, and it s a testament to Croggan s writing abilities that she was never even close to that Characters went through realistic struggles, but at the same there was none of that angsty wallowing and moral ambiguity that has ruined too many fantasy series for me Even when they wandered dark paths, the characters never lost sight of the good they were fighting for, and I really appreciated that Maybe angst and ambiguity is realistic, but there s a lot to be said for characters who give you something to aspire to.Overall, this series provided a breath of fresh air by taking high fantasy right back to its roots Very enjoyable, and recommended to all who miss what fantasy used to be.

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    My first thought is aw, come on That s it But not really I have to qualify Allison has a very poetic, lyrical language, and is master of bringing her thoughts to life Her language is powerful and exciting The main plot was a satisfying conclusion to the story HOWEVER.Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert I simply can t review this book without telling you about my disappointment of the way the sub plot of Cadvan and Maerad s story ends It s like she forgot to write the end of the chapter I even flipped over the last page as I read it making sure that I hadn t missed something or that there had been some sort of misprint Here I have to read through 1400 pages of painfully detailed landscape and travel description to find out if the two end up together, and then all I get is there was no need for words, but they spoke much nonetheless and I never find out what they speak about Seriously Lame She added a little to what happened to them in her appendix but it was also not satisfying I wanted to know why Cadvan loved Maerad, and when he started to love her, and why he hadn t said anything before And what exactly happened to the Nameless One And why did the Bards still have their powers All these questions remained unanswered It was a bit disappointing, I admit.

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    After a significant detour in The Crow, The Singing returns to Maerad, and the story then switches back and forth between Hem and Maerad as they search for each other I enjoyed the return to Innail, the battle with the Landrost, and the warmer friendship between Maerad and Cadvan Hem s portions were interesting as well Saliman, the traveling show, the moving army of the Dark There is plenty of magic and plenty of danger.I enjoyed it, but the first two are still my favorites I can t quite put my finger on why Mainly, I think my hopes and expectations were too high, but it may also have been the effect of switching back and forth between the two characters, where the previous books were always focused on one One of the things hampering my 5 star level enjoyment was that the closer we got to the end, the remote Maerad became to everyone around her This is just when I felt like she should be getting closer to others and coming to greater understanding of herself, her magic, and the world around her as she did in the Riddle, but now it should be in a broader sense than before Instead, view spoiler she is no longer capable of thought, so overwhelmed by magic that she can t even open her eyes She struggles with herself and her visions a lot than interacting with Cadvan He just looks at her with concern a lot, and she isn t even aware he s there The end of the book mostly just happens to her as magic takes control, and Cadvan sits by hide spoiler

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    One of the first series in a long time where I can say I was honestly, profoundly sad to see it end These books are absolutely stellar the prose throughout them is consistently little short of exquisite, the scope of the story is epic and immersive, and the characters are certainly some of the most unique and realistic I ve met I was completely enthralled throughout the quartet, and The Singing is possibly the best of them all I read it in three hours this afternoon, completely unable to put it down.Although I found the way the third book was narrated exclusively from Hem s viewpoint a little bit disappointing, I felt that the alternation between Maerad and Hem worked very well in this installment, and the tidbits from Cadvan and a few of the other characters added even depth The story was full of excitement and adventure, love and loss, discovery and rediscovery, emotion, and a host of smaller twists and details that enhanced the realism and helped draw the reader even deeper The entire series has been completely enthralling I was entranced by the way Maerad s entire journey was influenced by darkness nothing works out perfectly a lot of things go wrong, she makes many bad choices and does harm sometimes irreparable to people she cares about, but the story never grows too bleak The lack of ease with which Maerad comes into her powers, unravels the Treesong, finds her brother, and defeats the Winterking and The Nameless One and grows from a girl into a woman weaves the reader s interest inseparably into the story The times of despair and difficulty make the reader empathize, but hope is never lost They pull through, in the end, and have enough pure luck along the way to hold the reader s keen interest And the ever changing dimensions of Maerad and Cadvan s relationship is one the hinges of my attraction to the books I must say I really admire Cadvan s patience, but also the way he s imperfect even when he grows so rightfully angry at Maerad, he never lets it permanently stand in the way of their friendship These are astonishingly well developed fictional people Both Hem and Maerad acquit themselves very believably, identifiably, and endearingly.The whole tale is epic, a masterpiece of prose with some pretty decent poetry and interesting history thrown in , and the Books of Pellinor are some of the best I ve ever read I m so disappointed there aren t any

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    Spoilery Yeah.For a series that started out with Maerad and her being The One, the sections of this book that focused on her brother were much interesting, with much warmth and movement I don t mind a bit of road trip in my stories.Croggon still manages to hit all the fantasy tropes without being self conscious about it without too much effort Hem saves someone he loves from an incurable disease, Maerad suddenly works out how to defeat the Elemental that held her captive for a good chunk of The Riddle, and then they meet up and save the world Pretty much as I expected it to go, but I still found myself skimming Maerad s parts in order to get back to Hem and Saliman.Although it s written as a look what historians dug up, we don t know the full story , I want to know what happened to the bad guys who were human Did they puff off into smoke and ash like The Nameless One Are the Elementals still there How did the events of the book affect the other people Maerad met in the second book Too many un wrapped up threads.The worst part, and this is petty, is that there was no payoff on the Maerad Cadvan story All the cliches were in place, down to the third party telling Maerad that Cadvan is in love with her DUH , while she obviously freaks out and decides that he s not so bad And then the end, when she s done saving the world and nearly dies but of course doesn t, THERE IS NO KISS Well, there s a kiss, told in flashback There s no acknowledgement of a relationship there is no conversation between them at all It s hardly fair to come through four books of fantasy cliche and then the one that I don t really mind doesn t get played out at all.

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    I can t even remember the last time I read a whole series and gave five stars to every book But these books are that good Alison Croggon is a gifted writer, and her prose is beautiful without lacking clarity The songs poems are some of my favorite parts The story is urgent and absorbing I love the Bards and their cities, and the different landscapes described except the barren evil places, of course.This is high fantasy magical people fighting for the greater good The books have many themes in common with Tolkien, Star Wars, and even Harry Potter But I loved the story and the characters and the writing enough that I did not care Is it even possible to write something entirely new to this world Content for the series language is clean as far as I can remember there is violence and darkness but much discussion about consequences of actions the main character gets her period in the first book and attempted rape is mentioned there is no sex and hardly any romance until the very end of the series I would think ages 12 14 and up would be fine to read these books I did not find these books offensive and I am pretty sensitive about adult content.2017 Re read Liked the series almost as much the second time around.

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    I must say that this is definitely one of the better series that i have read i loved all 4 books very dearly and anticipated a lot of different things When i first saw these books I thought that they wouldn t be very good but I thought that i should give them a try anyway you have no idea how happy i am that i read them i always hoped for the relationship of Maerad and Cadvan You have no idea how excited I was to read the last part of the book where you read about their romance I was smiling for a long time after i read that part of the book This book is filled with many surprises and fun things that i never saw coming I must give Alison Croggon a pat on the back for the work she did on making this book filled with so many details I wish that there was one talking about the romance between the two lovers and about their journey to places that Maerad had always wanted to go and what happened with Hem and also the supposed romance between Sailman and the new girl that had joined their journey along the way Overall this is one series that i can honestly say is one that i will someday read again

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    This book ends the Pellinor series by Alison Croggon I thought she did a good job at ending the series She creates a world that is believable and has you questioning whether or not this world did exist here before our history started The bad guys are really, really bad But the hero and heroine especially the heroine are characters who question and doubt their abilities in a believable way The outcome for a lot of it is predictable, if you ve read tons of fantasy and I have But the book still kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading it.She s a very talented author and I hope to find books from her in the near future I will definitely recommend that my children read these books as long as they are interested in fantasy.

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    And the Song never stopped released at last into its own music, it played on through all the depths and heights and breadths of the wide and vivid world, following its own desires beyond the reaches of the human heart, forever wild, forever whole, forever free. I don t think I ll write that much of a review here I had grand ideas of what I would say after I read it, but now, having finished it, I don t feel like delving into all my really deep feelings about it on this platform I plan to do a long mega review of the whole series on my blog at some point, but it ll probably be a few months before that happens In the meantime I love it I m so grateful I stumbled upon this story, and I think it will quickly prove to be a favorite, which doesn t happen very often.It s amazing It s on par with The Lord of the Rings, though still not quite so spiritually affecting because it doesn t shine with the same subtle, faith based light It s flawed, and it s beautiful, and in the brief time I was reading it, these characters became almost like family.And I love Maerad and Cadvan, especially, with my whole heart 3 Also, one thing I didn t like was how the author pulled a Goldman and integrated the idea of this all being an actual, historical thing into her introductions and appendices Sometimes I really like that tack, but in this instance I did not I mean, I didn t really read the appendices, but I did glance at this one and saw some nonsense about how there view spoiler is no record of Cadvan and Maerad ever marrying snorts Bull hockey They most certainly DID marry, OBVI hide spoiler

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    I really want to give this book 3.5 stars, but it just doesn t make it to 4 I appreciate the fact that the characterizations were stronger and clear in this book than in the earlier volumes, but the plot was just lacking As an epic journey saga, Croggon let large portions of the book be carried merely by the characters traveling from one place to another which was the case, to some extent, in her earlier books, I admit , and it just got a little boring.I thought the wrapping up of the Treesong was fascinating and well done, though as the defeat of the Nameless One it was kind of anti climatic Overall, this book was positive and optimistic than the others, and I think it is a good ending to the series I especially loved the relationships that grew out of these final weeks of the saga.My major complaint, however, is the way in which Maerad comes into her Elemental powers I won t pretend to know what the heck Croggon was trying to say, but I don t like how she said it I think the greatest beauty of fantasy fiction is to highlight the real powers of the heart and mind, and teach us through allegory the value of truth, light, loyalty, and courage Maerad s experience has nothing to teach me nothing I want to learn, anyway It was very discouraging.I d still recommend it to those reading through the series or other big fantasy fans Just don t expect to be inspired by it.