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With over 22 million copies in print the widely acclaimed The Silver Palate Cookbook is firmly established as a contemporary classic Originally published in 1982 the book's elegant innovative recipes and emphasis on pure fresh ingredients ushered a new passion for food and hospitality into the American consciousness The lively collection of clear step by step recipes ranges from sublimely refined traditions Pesto Manhattan Clam Chowder and Stuffed Artichokes to original creations certain to become the topic of conversation at any dinner party There's PatS de Campagne with Walnuts and Juniper Berries Fruit Stuffed Cornish Hens Caviar Eclairs Blueberry Bisue Plus over 300 recipes for hors d'oeuvres dips and sauces picnic fare entrSes salads soups breads desserts Throughout the book are valuable menu and serving suggestions literary uotes food guides food lore and whimsical illustrations Selection of the Book of the Month Club uality Paperback Book Club Book of the Month Club's HomeStyle Books Better Homes Gardens Family Book Service and the ABA Basic Booklist A James Beard Book Awards inductee into the cookbook Hall of Fame

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    An awesome cookbook from way back in 1982 when finding flat leaf parsley was a real challenge and nobody knew what pesto was yetbut these two women helped put gourmet food on the map And to them I say thank you

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    I am actually reading a cookbook from start to finish The recipes have already won me over but the tidbits the uotes the organization of this book are absolutely delightful And no calories for reading about food

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    I bought this when it first came out and remember how fresh and trendy and cool it was I cooked from it interestedly for uite a while and then it gradually slid into being forgotten on the bookshelf Except for their Strawberry Pavlova which I make fairly regularly I picked it up recently when my daughter reuested chocolate mousse for her birthday After all it has a whole section on mousses and I made the Lime Mousse for company all the time That prompted me into a slow enjoyable rereading which reveals that this book is still fairly fresh while still being a window back into 1980s cooking Also revealed is my change in what I'll take the time and trouble to cook which used to be dictated much by laziness and a busy schedule I'm willing now to just say What the hell and give things a shot even when I can't tell if we'll like it Of course that's because I've learned that we usually do I'm going to be sampling many recipes from this old favorite in the weeks and months to come

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    With it's sibling The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbookand big brother The New Basics Cookbook these are the ones on my shelf that are completely dog eared with use

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    An essential classic All the recipes work but if you get this book for no other reason the recipe for chicken Marbella will be worth it

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    a flavor bomb of '80s cooking inspiration think lots of reductions and specialized vinegars and fussy cheeses now my love of cooking is FOUNDED on the stuff i ate from this era so i can totally get on board and one of my favorite lasagnas in the world was created by these ladies an eggplantchevrebechamel BOMB that was LIFE CHANGING and published in lukins and rosso's New Basics but sometimes i notice the acid is a titch heavy handed and not as subtly balanced as it can be with the best recipes that said i still enjoy this cookbook and will often page through it when looking for fun sides to massive feastson a production note the line drawings are perfectly charming but much USEFUL would be totally glossy full color perfectly tweaked photo food porn that's massively useful to helping me figure out whether or not the end product of that recipe is what i'm searching for

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    A great cookbook Perhaps as much fun to read as to enjoy the recipes Lots of good background on most recipes and lots of info on ingredients Sometimes basic recipes have lots of variations suggested The sections on salads were particularly great The tone is sort of 5th Avenue hippie Largely because of the hand drawn BW illustrations And the friendly humorous narratives Side boxes exhort the reader to enjoy food and lifeThe recipes are simple and all of those which I have tried worked well and the seasoning is agreeable to my tastes I have so many favourite recipes in this book I can't begin to recommend a best or even a top tenIf you have not found this cookbook yet you are in for a real treat

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    This is my mother's cookbook and has New York Sunday society classics than you can shake a stick at Chicken Marbella anyone? What about uiches galore? Heck there's a whole section on Brunch Drinks Sometimes it can get a bit ridiculous Herbed Caviar Roulade? but it features genuinely good entertaining advice such as schedule just enough time to relax with a uiet drink before the party begins; this way you may catch your breath The most successful hosts are those who welcome their guests by making them feel special; be sure that everyone is properly introduced and the advocacy of grand and unusual flowers A winner

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    I had heard so much about this cook book over the years but for some reason never purchased it After reading Apron Anxiety My Messy Affairs In and Out of the Kitchen I decided to splurge especially when I saw the kindle special sale The lemon cake recipe was referenced in the book I'm glad I did It's well written filled with great interesting recipes

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    I first got this cookbook years ago when I was first taking a real interest in cooking Many of the recipes and ingredients seemed exotic to me then but I learned so much and bought all the books by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins I could get my hands on Those recipes no longer seem so exotic to me and many of them I now cook without a recipe since I've made them so many times But I still refer to this book often and love where it has taken me