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From the outside looking in Lily Lockwood popular star of the hit TV Show St Joes has it all Recently nominated for an Emmy her star is definitely on the rise She shares her gorgeous beachfront Malibu home with her even gorgeous actor boyfriend Perfect right? Not so much Within a matter of a few days it all falls apartThe wind is knocked out of her when she finds out that her boyfriend on location shooting a Western is riding horses all day and his curvy co star all night Before Lily can catch her breath she gets word that her mother best selling author Daisy Lockwood in in intensive care after a near fatal accident Lily flies across the country to be by her sideThe girl who has a hard time deciding if her Chai Latte should be Grande or Venti is now faced with making crucial life and death decisions While rifling through Daisy’s papers she comes across shocking information about her mother that threatens to shake her very foundation Lily embarks on a journey of self discovery and closure as she seeks to unlock the mysteries of her mother’s past

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    35 StarsFor me The Seeds of a Daisy is a three and a half star read which is better than most of the books I find myself reading It takes a lot to impress me I'm stingy with my stars and always have something negative to say but when praise is due I don't hold back Alison Caiola did a brilliant job of creating emotion in her readers I could easily put myself in Lily's shoes and I had a grand time in the beginning imagining myself as a TV star I do admit that there was a little rolling of the eyes when I read about all the designer clothes and first class plane tickets though It just seemed odd that such a down to earth girl like Lily would care about things like that or even mention them The story started really grabbing me after Lily finds out about the accident her mother was in I dismissed drama going on with her jerk of a boyfriend and anxiously turned the pages looking for diary entries written by Daisy I LOVED Daisy The I read about her from those diary entries the I ached over what I might lose in the pages to come Alison wrote All you need is one good mother and you'll be just fine I had a good cry after that and picked the book back up knowing there would probably be tears to come I love it when books can make me feel emotion so strongly like that though I wanted of a happily ever after in the romance department but it wrapped up nicely and I love a tidy ending I definitely recommend this one ladiesCharacter Casting Daisy Meryl Streep Lily Rachel McAdams

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    Lily Lockwood seems to have it all She’s a famous actress on a TV show called St Joes she’s got the perfect boyfriend her mother is her best friend and she’s just become nominated for an Emmy All seems completely perfect to her BUT within a few days everything turns upside down Her boyfriend is cheating on her with his busty co star and her mother best selling author Daisy Lockwood has been in a fatal car accident and is in a coma Everything has fallen apart and now Lily has the crucial decision over what to do While trying to sort out Daisy’s papers for the hospital she discovers things about her mother’s past that she never knew of and it takes her on a journey of self discovery and closure as she starts to unlock the secrets of her mother’s pastThe story starts off with Lily at her mother’s hospital bed sobbing and asking her to wake up As she waits for the doctors to tell her the news of her mother’s condition Lily begins to reflect on her life and relationship with her mother who brought her up single handedly and supported and helped her into the Hollywood world – always being there for Lily throughout everything in her life As the days pass by and with tests and operations being done on her mother Daisy’s close friends come to be with her and Lily to await the news of Daisy’s condition and to support LilyI really felt for Lily because Daisy although her mother is her best friend and the only person that she can lean on and for her to be in a coma – it was so sad to read as she just wanted her to be okay and wake up My mum is one of my best friends too and I would be completely lost without her if anything happened to her which I’m sure everyone can relate to as well so yes I definitely felt for Lily having to go through this As much as she’s a famous TV star she’s still a scared vulnerable little girl inside; scared about what is happening to her mumAlthough this book is focused on Lily and her self discovery it’s all centered on Daisy You never get to read Daisy speaking in the present but you do in the flashbacks and stories that Lily thinks about throughout the book You do get a feel that you know Daisy as her voice is pretty strong and even if she is in a coma I did fell like I knew her regardless of her not speaking You also get to know about Daisy in her diary entries which Lily finds and reads They give Lily and the reader an insight into Daisy’s childhood – one that she has never told Lily You find out many a secret about Daisy and there’s a huge shock of a secret which I was not expecting at allIt was great to see the supporting characters coming to the hospital to visit Daisy and support Lily throughout the ordeal of the accident The friends were completely special to read about and definitely felt like a small family to Lily and Daisy to me Her Auntie D who is childhood friends with Daisy was such an amazing character to read She was there for Lily when she was younger and is still there for Lily years later Her and Daisy have been through a lot in their past and they are still best friends to this day It was brilliant to see so much support and love coming from Donna even when she was hurting because her best friend was in a coma You can see that Donna will always be there for lily no matter what happensAlison’s writing style comes to life You can see she has really researched all the hospital scenes and the jargon used in this book She writes about a colourful and lovely mother daughter relationship that you just want for yourself and it’s the bond of the two that really gels this book together It’s the heart of the book It seems exceptionally realistic especially the hospital scenes as you could really feel yourself acting the way Lily was with the Doctors Who was a bit of an arsehole and just wanting to know what was happening with her mother I felt every single emotion she conveyed and this book actually got me thinking about if I was in Lily’s position The story really did make Lily stronger in a way and really make her see life as being precious It’s a great book to read and I would definitely recommend it as it was difficult to put down once I started it

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    35 StarsGreat little story about a actress who learns to think a little less of just herself when her Mum is critically injured in a car accident A story about growing up and taking stock of what is important even when you are an adult This is a very good fluff read Don't ever underestimate the importance of fluff It makes you feel good helps to access and review your own trigger points on the living scale and fluff when presented right leaves you with a happy ending where the main character goes on to face life as it is with lessons learned from tragedy that make a person stronger and wiser and forgiving which is always a nice ending to haveThis story had a lot layers than I expected it to have and not all issues are resolved when you get to the last page In fact when you arrive at the end you like in life realize it is only the beginning to a whole new story a whole new youSeeds of a Daisy planted me right in a little patch of joy for awhile and hey I'll take a joy patch anytime Reading a good story doesn't always have to be something that wrecks my emotions Sometimes it can be a nice gentle experience; reading this book was

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    This is a really good book I think that I relate to the idea of having to learn to do things on your own without being dependant of someone else The thing I liked about this book was the mix between the story about the hollywood world and the hospital story Both parts seem to follow the reality very faithfully you could feel the lily's sorrow and hopelessness when everything in her life falls apart but also you could laugh when you read the flashbacks of her and her mom in the hollywood world Actually I really liked Daisy by the diaries and the memories of her you could tell she was so funny and she was one of those people that everybody likes Also I liked the idea that Lily had the chance to know her mother better through the diaries Auntie D was really cool too and I really like the stories when two characters have been friends their whole lives like Daisy and Donna Also I liked Robbie and I was sad of how things ended with him but I also understand that it was a hard situation Something else that I was sad about was David it was a shame that he end up mad at her but I guess that in life not everything works out the way one hopes Then the characters that I hated Jamie and Nasty Natty I can´t believe he used her like that but the problem about Jamie is that Lily couldn´t get rid of him In general this book really awakes so many emotions from the reader I cried reading one of the final parts but i also laugh out loud during some of the flashbacks to the relationship between Lily and Daisy I think that this is a book with the perfect mix between heartbreak laughter and hope Thank you so much to Alison for giving me her book it was one of the best presents I ever got

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    Read my full review here love Lily Lockwood Sassy smart and determined she finds out what she's really made of when her world crashes down Always able to count on her mother for advice Lily has to make a lot of tough decisions on her own when her mother is in a terrible car wreck and her personal life is in shambles Her filthy mouth and a heart of gold will have readers cheering her on whether she's holding her mother's hand or telling her slimeball of a boyfriend off Author Alison Caiola has created a wonderful character with Lily Lockwood and luckily this isn't the last we will hear of her two books are included in the Lily Lockwood series and will be releasing this year

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    Sometimes I wish a book I enjoyed could instantly be made into a movie because I want to see it play out on the big screen Seeds of a Daisy is one of those reads There is so much that the reader can relate to in this storylove loss courage heartbreak An amazing read and one I wish could be up on the big screen in the future This would be a great book club pick 45 stars

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    This was a heartbreaking book but the characters were realistic and it ended as it should have If things were wrapped up neatly it would not have been as believable Lily got on my nerves because she acted so spoiled but she was and therefore acted like you would have suspected Good read

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    From a distance Lily Lockwood has it all She’s the star of a popular and acclaimed TV series with a handsome boyfriend poised to become a big time Hollywood leading man But in her own eyes her life is unraveling That boyfriend Jamie is cheating on her with his costar on a film set miles away and Lily’s mother Daisy is comatose following a devastating car accidentThe Seeds of a Daisy opens with Lily by Daisy’s side in the hospital begging her to return to the realm of the conscious As she waits for news from the doctors she reflects on her life and relationship with her mother who raised Lily alone and guided her through the mad world of Hollywood When Lily goes through Daisy’s possessions in search of a living will she discovers things about her mother’s past that she could never have dreamed of things that reveal the woman behind the tough cookie career ueen Daisy the bestselling author was known asCaiola writes with a natural conversational style that brings Lily’s voice to life The realistic dialogue and easy fluid prose carry the story forward in a way that makes the pages turn themselves The reader is privy to all of Lily’s thoughts and raw emotions as she faces the madness her life has become—her grief her anger her hope and then some Each moment is a suspenseful one for Lily as she waits for news from the doctors and comes to grips with reality and that suspense carries over to the audience making this book an unexpectedly fast paced page turner Although the story is told from Lily’s point of view The Seeds of a Daisy as the title implies is as much about Daisy—her effect on Lily and the world around her Lily spends much of the book reflecting on her somewhat codependent relationship with her mother and learning to stand on her own and take charge of her lifeBehind the mother daughter drama is a colorful supporting cast and a fascinating glimpse of Hollywood politics While the reader sees Lily as a vulnerable young woman the rest of the world views her as a celebrity to be gossiped about Paparazzi mob her in the hospital lobby trying to get a snapshot of her distraught face for the tabloids So when Jamie flies back to be with her is he actually trying to comfort her or is this another publicity stunt? Meanwhile Daisy’s longtime friends flock to Lily’s side out of genuine concernAlso I must note that this book seems incredibly well researched on the hospital drama front The medical jargon and explanations—dry and impenetrable to both the reader and Lily—add to the story’s realistic atmosphere Although the book’s set up with the Emmy’s and the paparazzi hovering in the background may seem glamorized the story itself is very down to earth Lily may not be the most elouent speaker but her words ring true even though she sometimes seems to have trouble expressing her emotional frenzyI didn’t mean to read The Seeds of a Daisy in one sitting but I ended up getting so absorbed in the drama and the characters that I couldn’t put it down Entertaining gripping and sometimes tear jerking it’s the kind of book that’s easy to get lost in

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    This was a very uick read I am sorry to say I did not like this book at allThere were a lot of typos mistake in the name of a character which makes it confusing missing words grammatical errors it was all there This book was poorly written Where was the editor? Was there an editor???But for me as an intensive care nurse even important were some basic medical facts that were completely wrong The main one being all the story about an organ transplant I am afraid that someone might read this book and then have to face the extremely painful experience of having a loved one diagnosed as brain dead and be shocked when things don't happen like described in this book If a diagnosed brain dead patient has a living will saying he is an organ donor then we can't wait until the patient dies to take him away and remove the organs The organs have to be kept alive and healthy with oxygenated blood flowing through them So the donor will be kept on a ventilator with IV fluids and the vital signs will be checked closely When the recepients of the organs have been cross matched for compatibility everything will be organized to be synchronized The patients receiving the organs will go to their hospital and when everybody is ready the donor still on ventilator and IV fluids will be taken to the operating room to remove the organs and have them shipped as fast as possible to the recepients This is the last time the family members will get to see him The next time will be in a funeral home This can be very hard for family members and I think that this book might contribute to a lot of confusion pain and anger That would be very sad

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    Chick Lit is not my usual genre but the author was giving away copies of this here on Goodreads and the book does seem to be being heavily promoted so I obtained a giveaway copy and did a buddy read with some other book recipientsThe book was very fast paced and easy to read but I had a hard time liking the narrator of the book a spoiled Hollywood starlet named Lily I often found her reactions annoying her behavior immature and her second relationship with a man in this book made me roll my eyes and think Really Lily?? I think I would have liked her mother Daisy but unfortunately we only get to know Daisy through Lily after Daisy is in a near fatal car accidentThere were many plot twists and mysteries in this book but in the end it reminded me of a television soap opera all fluff and drama no real substance I know fluff and drama is enjoyable to many people though as soap operas are very popular and I will admit I did watch a lot of The Young and The Restless in my teenage and twenty something years so fans of soaps should enjoy this book The ending does leave a lot of the story hanging so apparently book #2 is in the works