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Prime The Phantom Diaries (The Phantom Diaries, #1) By Kailin Gow –

What Happens To The Phantom After The Tragedy At The Paris Opera House Is The Basis For This Fantastic Tale Of The Phantom Diaries, Loosely Based On Gaston Leroux S Classic, The Phantom Of The Opera, But With A New Tale And A Modern Twist This New Series For Older Teens And Young Adults Is Told Through The Eyes OfYear Old Annette Binoche, Who Lands A Job At The New York Metropolitan Opera House As A Seamstress Assistant Only To Become The Lead Singer Of The Opera House, With The Help Of The Mysterious, Yet Highly Seductive PhantomYou Do Not Need To Read Or Know The Story Of Phantom Of The Opera To Read The Phantom Diaries SeriesDisclaimer Do Not Expect This To Be Just Like Phantom Of The OperaView The Official Book Series Trailer

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    I always hate giving books bad reviews, or thinking badly of them when the author has put so much into the writing and birth of the story but this was justmissing something for me.Erik didn t strike me at all as the sexy seductive Phantom Instead he just seemed far too moody and dare I say emo for a grown man who is supposed to have been alive for the past 100 years And he s not even deformed but I won t go into how he is missing his deformity.He struck me as being whiney, dim and a bit thick at points So instead of the problem being his face the main obstacle in this book is that Kristine his ex lover from the past is haunting yes, honest to goodness haunting the Metropolitan Opera house and endangering his new love Annette who in a round about way is related to Kristine So what to say about AnnetteAnnetteOh dear I m sorry but I can t believe that anyone can be thatnaive She has three guys after her, has kissed each of them at some point, and it seems like everyone is in the wrong but herand she is ruled by her hormones WAY too much I liked her other two suitors the violinist in the orchestra and the owner of the Opera house And she knows that they are interested in her too Thats the thing that I can t quite get over At one point she actually yells after Erik that two other men wanted her Ugh Whatever And beds seem to feature predominatly in this too Like I said Hormones So, even though I am feeling really guilty about not liking this too much I just couldn t help it There was no spark There was hardly if any character development And typos Nothing much missing ed s at the end of words and at one point it switched from first person narrative to third It went from I did this to she did that for 2 sentences Sorry but shouldn t stuff like that be caught See thats me feeling guilty again.

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    1.5 stars rounded down.I really like The Phantom of the Opera but, this wasn t.good.The characters made me just plain annoyed If you don t like cheaters, three timing people, then you won t like the main character She s an insufferable brat who needs to grow up and stop whining when a guy won t sleep with her She has three people, THREE people who want her lord knows why but I don t however, she only wants the fourth.What Am I missing something No.No.No You don t just.No.

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    What a joke A seamstress who can mirraculously sing like a diva meets a than hundred years old man former phantom of opera and passionately falls in love with him but at the same time is attracted to two other men, is possessed by her ancestor witch former lover of the phantom And it continues in other books Mercy upon us.

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    As I said earlier , The Phantom Diaries from the wonderful author Kailin Gow is a story loosely based on the famous play The Phantom of the Opera In the Phantom Diaries we see Annette Binoche her name reminding me of that famous actress set off as a fresh faced 18yr old in the world of New York the Big apple , the City of Stars She gets a job at the Met as a dressmaker , helping making the costumes for the productions The main production in this novel is The Phantom of the Opera However , their is a legend behind the play everytime it is set to happen , something strange and eerie happens people die, people get hurt and nobody knows why They are all under the impression that it is just a haunted play Unfortunately this is only the beginning as Annette has the ability to see The Phantom aka Eric and after the abrupt exit of the lead star , he has been helping Annette practice for her audition We read how Eric constantly makes references about how much Annette looks like Kristine his former lover who we soon discover is the real Phantom and ends up being related to Annette a bit of a Vampire Diaries twist here.The Phantom Diaries is written as a combination of novel and diary format which I quite enjoyed and I am looking forward to reading Dark Memories Book 2 of The Phantom Diaries by Kailin Gow.

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    Fabulously fascinating, engrossing and addictive The Phantom Diaries by Kailin Gow, is an incredibly modernized and paranormal twist on the highly recognized story, The Phantom of the Opera A first in a new series, readers will be hooked and aching for , as the final page is read Geared toward young adult readers, this is a story that will appeal to, not only its target audience, but to adults as well The Phantom Diaries is the story of Annette Binoche, an eighteen year old girl who, through her mother s friend, gets a job as a seamstress at the New York Metropolitan Opera House What Annette doesn t realize when she begins, is that her life is about to change in amazing ways After hearing the tale of a Phantom who haunts the Opera House, she witnesses, first hand, the incredible and terrifying antics of the Phantom It is not long after Annette begins her job that she meets Eric A handsome and mesmerizing young man who hides behind a mask filled with secrets and torment Eric takes it upon himself to vocally train Annette, knowing that she has an incredible vocal talent and the appearance to leave audiences captivated within the realms of emotion, from which she takes them with her songs However, the feelings of student and vocal trainer, take a quick turn as a seductive pull grips them both While Annette desires Eric, she also finds herself attracted to a fellow performer, as well as drawing the attention of the owner of the Opera House What she doesn t realize is that there is a malicious presence waiting in the wings, ready to pounce and exact revenge in a most horrible way Not only that, but the people that she meets in the present, entangle with those of the far past.Complete with romantic twists, turns and entanglements, The Phantom Diaries takes the reader on an adventure of the paranormal, the search for dreams and righting the wrongs of the past Kailin Gow s writing style is phenomenal and will leave the reader at the edge of their seat As I was nearing the end of the story, I was so entranced, that the pages flew and time ceased to exist Once I read the final words, I was ready to scream, for want of Needless to say, I was relived to see that the second in the series is to be released at the end of this year Highly recommend to those looking for an amazing read, complete with the paranormal, romance, suspense and edge of your seat plotting overall rating 4.5 5

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    I believe in my books so heck yeah I m going to rate it a five This is loosely based on the Gaston Leroux classic Phantom of the Opera and gives another take on Eric purposely spelled Eric not Erik and Kristine purposely spelled Kristine not Christine to modernize and change the characters a bit Obviously with the addition of a new character to the story Annette, a new setting, and placing this in modern times this is not going to be about Phantom of the Opera The Phantom Diaries is an interpretation of the characters from Phantom of the Opera so for those who thought this is Phantom of the Opera, it isn t, but a new take, a new interpretation of the classic For those of you who do not know about my YA series, they all have Discussion questions and are meant to spur discussion, especially on issues touched upon in these fictional books I m fortunate to see these books have actually been marketed to the mainstream popular fiction market when they are actually used for study groups and schools Phantom Diaries may be for the college age group, as the discussion questions are geared towards relationship and career issues Some may have elements of controversy, but that is on purpose and used mainly for study purposes Because of all this, I definitely believe in this book and the series, and encourage anyone reading Phantom Diaries to pick up the original Phantom of the Opera and see if you agree with the interpretations of Eric and Kristine.

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    I don t know much about Phantom of the Opera the book, but I have seen the movie with Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler Because of the movie, I had to read the book I did and I love it Now about The Phantom Diaries, I m usually a YA reader, so The Phantom Diaries fit that Phantom of the Opera fans would LOVE this book because of the reference from the Phantom of the Opera book BUT you do not need to know the Phantom of the Opera story to enjoy this new story The author does an amazing job honing this classic story into one for young adults and paranormal romance fans I can t describe it exactly, but this is an amazing ride to an unexpected OMG ending I m not giving it away, you have to pick up this book

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    Okay I just finished reading this book, so this is my emotional review Later, I might erase this one and write another one, but I kind of doubt it, as will be explained below.I think the Phantom of the Opera is both a book and a movie I uh, think I ve only watched the movie with Gerard Butler as the Phantom, so I can t really compare this book to the original book, as movies very rarely are like their written counterparts But if I could huh.Kristine Daea or whatever her last name is in the movie, is, well, the heroine In this book, she s the villain That was funny I like the interpretation of Kristine as a wily temptress who kind of acts like a succubus Of course, in this book, it was never explained why she hates the Aragon family, or why she s so obsessed with having Aaron and Chase sleep with her while in possession of Annette I think the Aragon family did something bad to her and she wants the guys to sleep with her because, in possession of Annette s body, she wants to destroy Annette s credibility, reputation, and future But seriously Kristine is, pardon the language, f ed up I wouldn t say this if it wasn t absolutely true, by the way She planned on killing viciously the guy she was going to marry Oh, and I hated the fact that I m not even sure how she was able to possess Annette s body when she would have died a hundred years ago.Okay, I had a few problems with this book 1 The first person narrative switched all the time from present tense to past tense, so the words would be like I see and I saw That part got annoying.2 Everything happened too fast There was some description, yes, but not hardly enough.And 3, the biggest problem I thought was in this bookI read this on my Kindle, and for those who don t know how one works, a Kindle only gives you the amount of percent you are through the book, not the page numbers And, with the exception of the very beginning, the novel mentions kissing and sex at least every five percent I was in the book Seriously Gross When an author mentions kissing and sex a few times tops in a novel, the book retains its grace This book was all about 1, the Opera House, 2, the three guys Annette likes, and 3, KISSING AND F ING SEX I ve never read a book by Kaitlin Gow before, and I don t mean to be harsh to her writing, as it takes a lot of perseverence to write and finish writing a book, but seriously, enough with the horniness The only reason I kept reading was because I could kind of find the plot in all that goop, and it was relatively good And yeah, I ll read the sequel , I guess, because I want to see what ll happen to the characters, but all of the kissing and whatnot was disturbing Freaking disturbing Oh, and one thing terrible, terrible cliffhanger Grr.

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    At first I had my doubts about this book, because I didn t know if I would enjoy the topic seeing as how I usually focus on fantasy books with vampires and werewolves and faeries etc But once I began reading I was instantly intrigued.It enveloped me instantly with mystery and questions.The book focuses on the life of a girl named Annette, she was called upon to New York to work at the MET Opera house as a seamstress, and even though she is very talented in creating the beautiful costumes of the opera her heart is drawn to the life itself and all she wants is to sing and perform.Annette meets some of the cast members including a handsome boy named chase a unique girl named Judy and the drama queen diva Marie When Annette first witnesses Marie singing the lead role she also experiences one of the most strangest things possible Everytime Marie opens her mouth, the opera house seems to rumble and growl in anger, when Marie can t handle the interuptions any longer she leaves the role leaving the production in a bind With the lead role up for grabs Annette feels her hopes lifting, and when the music mysteriously shows up in front of her a stranger named Eric soon follows With the help of Eric pushing her to learn the music and encourage her emotions to envelope every note she sings, Annette soon becomes confident enough to audition and eventually win the Lead Role Eric is the reason she becomes a leading lady and when she digs deeper into his past to find out how he was able to use HIS emotions to push her, she finds out about a long lost love of his named Kristine.Annette soon finds out that she is connected with Kristine then she ever knew, and soon sees the truth about Eric.Drama is at every turn and as the mysteries continue to unfold through the pages this books leaves you wanting When the ending comes and your hoping for things to turn out one way, your left with the craziest cliffhanger This book had me all the way through and I cannot wait for the next book for me to know what fate has in store for Annette.

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    I grew up loving The Phantom of the Opera and have dragged my family and friends to see it on Broadway times than I ll admit out loud, so getting the chance to read Kailin Gow s new twist on my old favorite was very exciting for me I wasn t sure what to expect but once I opened to the first page and dug in I couldn t put it down It had all the old romance, mystery, tension and wonder that I was hoping for and have come to expect when dealing with this classic Gow s writing was quick, relatable and not bogged down with unnecessary details or insignificant points of reference Her characters were original in their owns ways but still stayed true with their classic predecessors The phantom by far and away was of course my favorite character, but I must admit that the sweet and innocent Chase also gave him a run for his money I couldn t blame Annette for not being able to decide between them half the time when I couldn t figure out how I could love one the one minute and the other the next I was flitting back and forth all the time Annette was a wonderful character to follow and her diary entries were fascinating to read I ll admit at times I wanted her to wake up and take a look around her, she was too naive in parts, but aren t we all at some point in our lives But without a doubt the ending of the book took my by complete surprise, I was just blown away and not expecting anything of the sort I was shocked long after I closed the book I was not aware that this was a series and did not appreciate the unexpected cliffhanger, but now that I ve calmed down and reigned in my dissapointment, I m counting down until I can get my hands on the sequel to find out what happens next I m going to have to do research before I pick up any book to see if it s a stand alone or intended to be a part of a series so I m not so disappointed the next time I m expecting a clean wrap up and instead have a bomb dropped on me.