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Courtesy of BLT Reviews History, a mystery, and a little music.The Musician s Daughter is a mysterious and musical story of a girl s desperate search for truth and justice The characters were very true to their era even if they re were a little too vague sometimes it was the fad back then to be extremely polite and obedient, even if it meant life or death being vague and secretive, and no emo showing whatsoever The book had a sense of adventure and mystery and Theresa was a very good heroine.Around the first couple chapters of the book, I became confused and annoyed because of the simple details, that s when I realized I had to use my imagination After that, it was a breeze The glamorous city of Vienna came to life, and the hardships of the 18th century becamerealistic My brain buzzed with excitement when Theresa dodged scheming politicians, visited the Gypsy Romanian camps for clues, and unveiled the nasty little secrets of her uncle.The Musician s Daughter is written in first person which I tend to likeand is a wonderful example of justice and the love of music Books are so much better when they have a meaning The plot was wonderfully crafted which kept those pages turning and the ending was perfect.I think The Musician s Daughter will appease to both historical fiction lovers, and non history lovers alike My sister is not a history fan and she enjoyed it Might I also add that the cover is just curious Theresa Maria is on a mission to discover her father s murderer Who would attack a simple violinist from the Prince s orchestra And why would her father s corpse have been found by the river near a camp of gypsies And why do all the people she trusts seem to knowabout her father than she does Theresa is determined to learnBut theshe learns, theshe begins to care About the same issues that appear to have led to her father s death.I liked the 18th century setting for this story Aurelia, Robert, and I are QUITE fond of this time period , and I enjoyed the author s emphasis upon music, both within Theresa Maria s life and the lives of the characters surrounding her. Susanne Dunlap has done a marvelous job in describing life in 18th Century Vienna Court intrigues, jealousies between musicians the heroine s godfather is Jozsef Haydn , and racial conflicts between the Viennese, Hungarians and the Romany are all brought to the fore in this well crafted novel.Sixteen year old Theresa Maria is the daughter of a famous violinist her father s murder sets the stage for the novel s plot Between helping her family keep food on the table and trying to avoid making a marriage she does not want, Theresa somehow manages to investigate the circumstances surrounding her fathers death all starting with an unusual pendant found in his hand.While the publisher positions this book as being appropriate for those 12 and older, I think it would very much depend upon the young teen in question Dunlap deals frankly with prostitution, crime and punishment descriptions of torture devices and so on and other matters that were most assuredly part of the culture at the time during which the book takes place Involved parents should be prepared to answer questions and concerns that may be raised by a less mature reader Review based on uncorrected advance proof. A most exciting read, with a plucky, likeable heroine and adventure, mystery plus romance spun into this tale Dunlap brings us into the world of Vienna my most favourite musical place in the world in the 1770s, during the Habsburg empire Theresa Maria s father, a principal violinist in the royal orchestra, has been murdered and it is up to Theresa to uncover the truth Along the way, she finds out that there is muchto her loving, gentle father, with the help of Gypsies, her godfather Joseph Haydn yes the great musician and the dashing Zolt n.This book was truly a most wonderful tale and I enjoyed it very much This brilliant imagination of what it was like to be in Vienna long ago struck a chord in my heart Vienna is the most beautiful place I have been to so far which enthralled me The story taking place there thus made it even better Dunlap keeps you turning the pages, wantingof Theresa s adventure to vindicate her father s murder A must read, ESPECIALLY for music lovers I was pre reading this for my daughter, but I was not impressed in the least She won t enjoy this largely fluff book about yet another stereotypical helpless female protagonist Yes, she investigates her father s murder, but the story of her petticoats and dresses is not entertaining. this is such a good little book i went into this fully expecting not to fall in love with it, but fall in love with it i did set in 1700s vienna, this is the story of fifteen year old theresa maria schurman, the daughter of a violinist who works in the emperor s court but her world is turned upside down when her beloved father is found dead on christmas eve, with no clue as to how he has ended up this way he has not been robbed, save one item his violin and its case thus theresa sets out on a mission to find out what exactly occurred to end the life of her father so prematurely there are strange aspects to the case, aside from the missing violin his being found at the local romani encampment the strange gold medallion found on him the fact that he was absent from court on that night and this, my friends, is only the beginning.and the beginning itself is a bit on the slow side although we are immediately thrown into the chaos of her father s death, the mystery is gradually built, with theresa attempting to piece together at least a vague picture of what happened on that fateful night in retrospect, however, i can see that the slowness is only a minor hindrance to a story that expands and quickens with every chapter there are a few key players in the story, many of which are romani mirela, a young romani woman who befriends theresa swiftly danior, the sort of leader of the romani camp zolt n varga, another musician in the court, who clearly has a deeper knowledge about her father than he is letting on and alida varga, a maid of honor and zolt n s kindly sister all of these characters are individuals and interesting, and while zolt n s status as the romantic interest is made clear from the start, i think he s probably the least fascinating of all of the side characters the secondary characters are, in fact, muchcomplex than our protagonist, in my opinion but the story is obviously theresa s, and that s a fact that i respect greatly i think one of the reasons that zolt n lacks character depth is perhaps because he s honestly not featured all that much it s a nice change of pace to see a young adult novel that does not fixate on the romance despite the fact that the element is there, it is theresa s own arc and coming of age that is the focus of the story.regardless of the fact that this story is tonally similar to a large amount of the YA novels out there, i think it thematically differs there are a lot of issues dealt with here, quite nicely although not perfectly, which include class, racism, misogyny, judgment, and the always present story trait good and evil theresa is from a family of modest income, and yet by her own admission, she iscomfortable in the maid s position than the lady s i think her generally poor status and her sex are addressed rather succinctly throughout the story there is also, naturally, the feature of racism and hatred against the romani it is an ever prevalent theme throughout the course of the book, and i think it s refreshing to see the fact that theresa is not exempt from the suspicion felt against the romani, either i feel that so many books think it is somehow progressive to have their privileged characters be immediately accepting, and yet theresa is not perhaps not in a hateful or malicious manner, but an ignorant one and theresa grows she learns that these people are no different from her they are not evil they are not thieves, beggars, dirty she is filled with the knowledge of their welcome to her she is treated kindly by their people despite the fact that the romani are continuously mistreated by people of her status in life as i said, it is not all dealt with perfectly, but the overriding message is judgment gets you nowhere you cannot honestly judge people unless you have lived their lives and that ignorance is just as harmful as hatefulness.then there s the lovely twist view spoiler theresa s wealthy, white, viennese uncle is our primary villain danior, mirela, and their people are the truest heroes of the story and that, if i do say so myself, is beautiful theresa s uncle holds a high position in society, someone whose affluence is considered enough to keep his position regardless of his nature but that, too, turns out to be untrue they all get their justice and that might be the best part of the novel despite his riches, his position, whatever, he gets what is well and truly coming to him theresa and her band of friends really sucker punch it to him the fact that our not quite poor but definitely n0t rich, female protagonist and her disenfranchised romani friends win is just a glorious moment i don t care about accuracy the good people win in this book, and it s a really victorious feeling evil does not prevail hide spoiler I had high hopes for Musician s Daughter, because the cover looked decent, it s a murder mystery, it has to do with music, and Theresa is on speaking terms with Haydn The Haydn For those of you who don t know, he s a really famous composer.But honestly, it was kind of slow.It started out great murder, creepy necklace no one knew about, cute guy, hot chocolate you know, just little things that pull you in And that lasted at the most about 100 pages or so And then we re left with a creepy rich uncle, a main character that s basically wandering around looking for answers, much confusion, and no solid characters By solid characters I mean that none of the characters besides Theresa are really developed They are just there I felt this most with Haydn, who I was really looking forward to read about Who cares whether the account is fiction I want to see this guy I got a little bit of him, but there were almost too many characters that Theresa had to jump around too much between them.So the slow part lasted another 150 pages or so.And THEN then we got to the exciting part Action, revelations, Theresa actually thinking and working things out, murders, people locked in dark places yaaaay But the characters They remain flat spoiler warning Theresa kisses boy Honestly I didn t feel the pull I mean, the guy s cool, he comforts her, but they haven t ever had a conversation really They just look at each other and decide they re in love I might be taking that too far spoiler.All in all, I wasn t really impressed It didn t have as much as I wanted about Haydn There were too many characters, so they ended up pretty flat There wasn t enough about music The murder mystery was good, but slow during the middle.It was okay. Well, let s just start this by saying, I read this book in one night Literally I started it around three o clock yesterday afternoon and other than a few breaks for class and social life, I read pretty much non stop even breaking my self imposed bedtime of midnight Other than my own personal habit of getting insanely attached to books until I stop caring about life essentials, this book was just addicting The setting was unique who else writes books about Germany pre unification The premise a daughter figuring out the murder of her father while maybe not unique, had quirks that intrigued And while I thought the motif of music was at times lost in the action of the plot, it was a nice touch to read about this artistic perspective Also, it was nice that the main character wasn t annoying Is it just me, or has there been a serious trend starting with Twilight, and culminated in Hunger Games for the female protagonist of a novel to start off awesome and then crash and burn in a disaster of annoying whining or dramatic fundamental character shifts that make no sense, and do nothing for the novel I just liked this girl, and while Maria Teresa did at times take a path down the whiney road, she usually recovered quickly My only major complaint is that Maria s romantic life never came to fruition, but I suppose with a character of 15 I shouldn t expect too much I guess, in the end, I just liked the book I liked that it was unique, that the setting left me curious aboutevents that occurred during that time period In fact, I m gonna go ahead and say that the setting was my favorite part Don t get me wrong, this was no The Book Thief, but was a nice, easy read that I think a lot of teens would enjoy. I read this s book because my 11 year old daughter asked me to preview it for her I really enjoyed the book but feel that my daughter probably isn t ready to read it.I think another reviewer, Shanon Carthcart, summed it up quite well She said While the publisher positions this book as being appropriate for those 12 and older, I think it would very much depend upon the young teen in question Dunlap deals frankly with prostitution, crime and punishment descriptions of torture devices and so on and other matters that were most assuredly part of the culture at the time during which the book takes place Involved parents should be prepared to answer questions and concerns that may be raised by a less mature reader With that said, it was great historical fiction about the time in which the composer Hayden lived The story handled these sensitive subjects well, with a clear line between right and wrong The heroine is a talented young musician who strives to find her place in a world where women are not encouraged to develop musical talents. Murder And Love From The Halls Of Vienna S Imperial Family To A Perilous Gypsy Camp Amid The Glamour Of Prince Nicholas Esterhazy S Court In Th Century Vienna, Murder Is Afoot Or So Fifteen Year Old Theresa Maria Is Convinced When Her Musician Father Turns Up Dead On Christmas Eve, His Valuable Violin Missing, And The Only Clue To His Death A Strange Gold Pendant Around His Neck Then Her Father S Mentor, The Acclaimed Composer Franz Joseph Haydn, Helps Her Through A Difficult Time By Making Her His Copyist And Giving Her Insight In To Her Father S Secret Life It S There That Theresa Begins To Uncover A Trail Of Blackmail And Extortion, Even As She Discovers Honor And The Possibility Of A First, Tentative Love Thrumming With The Weeping Strains Of Violins, As Well As Danger And Deception, This Is An Engrossing Tale Of Murder, Romance, And Music That Readers Will Find Hard To Forget