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I ended up with some Really Complicated feelings about The Mozart Season It does some things really, really well and movingly that feeling of being twelve years old and sort of an adult and sort of a little kid, and the strange nostalgia waves that crash over you when you remember being an actual little kid and a few other things very clunkily There s some weird race body shamey class stuff that s just handled weirdly and I m not sufficiently articulate to go beyond that Very well paced and engaging, though. One of my very favorite novels in the world I ve read this at least once a year since I first discovered it 16 years ago A wonderful book about family, music, and the sometimes painful reality of making our dreams come true. Remember, What S Down Inside You, All Covered Up The Things Of Your Soul The Important, Secret Things The Story Of You, All Buried, Let The Music Caress It Out Into The Open When Allegra Was A Little Girl, She Thought She Would Pick Up Her Violin And It Would Sing For Her That The Music Was Hidden Inside Her Instrument Now That Allegra Is Twelve, She Believes The Music Is In Her Fingers, And The Summer After Seventh Grade She Has To Teach Them Well She S The Youngest Contestant In The Ernest Bloch Young Musicians Competition She Knows She Will Learn The Notes To The Concerto, But What She Doesn T Realize Is She Ll Also Learn How To Close The Gap Between Herself And Mozart To Find The Real Music Inside Her Heart The Mozart Season Includes An Interview With Author Virginia Euwer Wolff I picked this book up from a sale at my elementary school when I was eleven, mostly because I was a musician and it was a book about a girl who was a musician Since then, I ve read it at least once a year I don t even know if I ve told anyone about it, just because it has come to be so special to me, and I m kind of afraid if I start talking about it with someone else it will change the book But there you have it a little book for young adults, written beautifully, with all kinds of little nuggets of wisdom in its pages If I had to get rid of my whole collection, I d find a way to keep this somehow. Though this novel begins slowly, it is a beautifully written effort that really wows Allegra Shapiro looks forward to the summer after 7th grade, since softball is over and she can get back to concentrating on violin Then her music teacher tells her that she is a finalist and the youngest one in the Bloch competition for young musicians, which will be held in September This staggering news colors Allegra s life from then on, and the transformations she goes through during the summer, in response to a variety of events, are marvelously voiced in her clear, intelligent way Everything she experiences that summer feeds into her final interpretation of the piece she must play for the competition Mozart s Fourth Concerto in D She is only 12, and brilliant, but also very normal, and kids should warm to her I loved the way Wolff writes about music, despite some technicality, and about life, and family, and the people who have gone before This is an extraordinary, masterful novel and I don t know why it was skipped for any Newbery mention back in 1992 Junior high, up. This book dances and sings, even as the characters mourn for lost music, and lost lives 12 year old Leah is a prodigy, the youngest finalist in a prestigious violin competition She s very mature at times she seems a better fit for graduate school than middle school but she still has a young girl s dreams and inspirations, along with an eye and ear for all the distracting details that wedge themselves into her day I like the asides of music history Andr Previn writing for Itzhak Perlman s baby, Ernest Chausson biking into a stone wall And the letter from Bubbe Raisa is a lyric tragedy Thankfully, Wolff s dominant tones are joyous and beautiful This book makes me happy to feel whatever there is to feel, happy to be alive. Again, a book I chose to read for my Humanities class They all seem to be the same the beginning irritates me, and barely manages to hold my attention, but by the end I m crying and smiling about the way it has progressed This story is about a girl Allegra Shapiro and her summer journey through training for a violin competition It definitely made me want to pick up my flute, or sax, or guitar, or even plunk away at the piano I found I could relate by the end when she finally decides to play the competition for her grandmother I can t think of a time I step on stage, or play any form of music that I don t think of my Grandparents Both my great grandmother, and my grandma It s a very sweet book, and I quite liked it. Allegra is a talented musician She s played the violin for several years and plays very well She is selected to be a finalist in the Bloch Competition, but just playing notes won t get her first prize Allegra has to realize that the music is not in her fingers, but inside her heart.I was able to relate to Allegra I understood her struggles because I had the same problem a few years ago I believed the music was in my fingers and that s how I played Eventually, I realized that I had to reach into my own heart, find the music, and allow to flow out I would recommend this book to young musicians They would certianly appreciate it and be able to relate to Allegra s struggles I truly enjoyed this book All about a music person s life during the summer, this book was extraordinary This book tells you a lot of what happens when you go on a music person s life with a music family Studying for a competition is hard, and this book explains it why What happens when you get into the finals of a competition This book explains it why And it s all in a kid s view Some people might not like it, some people might think Oh my god, this is crazy I m never going to study music But the only people who loves music and like hearing music will enjoy this book. Allegra is a violinist entering a prestigious Mozart music competition At 12 years of age, she is the youngest finalist in the competition, and works closely with her violin teacher to be prepared But as she memorizes the Mozart concerto, other things in her life begin to affect her music Her mother s emotionally wounded friend, Deirdre, who is a genius vocalist, makes Allegra wonder about how pain can find a voice through music Allegra s grandmother, who escaped the Nazi death camps, urges Allegra to embrace her Jewish heritage, and Allegra reflects on her identity as a musician And there is a mysterious homeless man who haunts all the local concerts in the park, dancing by himself in the back and searching for a song he can t remember.As a musician, I enjoyed this story so much The writing is quite accurate about how one feels about learning music, and embracing it, and connecting with the composers how you can make yourself crazy practicing too much, how your nerves will go haywire before or after a performance, how music shapes everything you do and everything you are I was immediately drawn into the story, because the first scene is a music lesson with Allegra s teacher, and I was reminded of myself as a music teacher, urging my students to practice, trying to inspire them to believe in themselves and feel the music as a part of themselves I saw myself in the story, both as Allegra, remembering when I was a young piano student, and as Allegra s teacher, as I am now, passing on my love of music to my students The very best part of this book was Allegra s relationship with her music teacher and her parents They are such lovely authority figures in her life, ready to guide and listen and comfort, but also giving her the space to figure things out for herself and stretch her wings I really loved finding a kindred voice in this little girl musician, wrestling with her family identity, wrestling with Mozart, wrestling with ideas in her head She is always looking for connections between the elements of her life, and she revolves those thoughts around in her mind over and over again until she sees their meaning She s incredibly sensitive, as all good musicians are, and everything she sees and hears makes a deep impact on her.My one suggestion would be to include a glossary for the musical terms that non musicians wouldn t know Or read along with a dictionary close by.As I was reading, I would stop and look up recordings of the various classical songs that are mentioned And I listened to Allegra s main song for competition, Mozart Concert No 4 in D, over and over as I read The recording I listened to was with Hilary Hahn as the violinist It really enhanced the story to be able to hear the nuances of the pieces Talking about music is like dancing about architecture And yet this book does a wonderful job of describing music, how musicians feel, and how audiences respond at performances Beautiful from beginning to end