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Lena Has Lived Her Whole Life Near The Beach Walking For Miles Up And Down The Shore And Breathing The Salty Air, Swimming In The Cold Water, And Watching The Surfers Rule The Waves The Problem Is, She S Spent Her Whole Life Just WatchingAs Her Sixteenth Birthday Approaches, Lena Vows She Will No Longer Watch From The Sand She Will Learn To SurfBut Her Father A Former Surfer Himself Refuses To Allow Her To Take Lessons After His Near Drowning Years Ago, He Can T Bear To Let Lena Take Up The Risky SportYet Something Keeps Drawing Lena To The Water An Ancient, Powerful Magic And One Morning Lena Catches Sight Of This Magic A Beautiful Woman With A Silvery TailNow Nothing Can Stop Lena From Seeking The Mermaid, Not Even The Dangerous Waves At Magic Crescent CoveAnd Soon What She Sees In The Mermaid S Mirror Will Change Her Life Forever This review contains spoilers Frankly, I was underwhelmed I don t mean to be overly critical because I think that Madigan is a first time author and I give kudos to her for publishing because it takes a lot of hard work to do so However, I had major issues with this book As a writer I think Madigan is fine, in fact I see a lot of potential as she s really good at descriptive writing But I really really think she needs to work on her character development Pretty much all the characters in the book were lifeless to me The only one who wasn t was a side character called Max and perhaps his brother Henry too who had some sort of expression, albeit it was for comic relief but it was something Kai the land boyfriend was boooring And I realize Madigan probably did this to make the love interest under the sea seemplausible, but Nix the water boyfriend is also boring He s just some random guy with sparkley eyes who somehow manages to give Lena the tinglies We learn next to nothing about his character beside the fact that he snice or his back story and this is also the case with pretty much every character, I think There s this massive, and I mean MASSIVE, triangle between Lena s dad, Lena s mom, and Lena s mom s best friend who ends up marrying Lena s dad 7 years after Lena s mom disappears following me and it s only given a cursory glance in the plot maybe some anguished eyes thrown in, but no confrontation, and we don t find out how Lena s mom ever found her pelt cloak I personally think it was Lena s step mom, but this wasn t even hinted at Life under the sea, while well written, was uninspiring The fact that the cloak makes you forget meant that there was no emotional conflict for Lena under the sea or hardly any There are these big question marks that keep floating around pardon the pun and Lena seems content to make out with her boyfriend anddo nothing it seems.The seal goddess idea was really intriguing but it goes nowhere a potentially grueling ordeal awaits Lena in her attempt to get a tail but instead of that she does a 180 and decides she must go to the surface and drop everything her mother, her friends and the boyfriend she was about to make vows with because she remembers her father and step mom and step brother and this isimportant I m not dissing Lena s choice but I m left wondering why The decision making was so abrupt and she didn t even say goodbye to Nix.I m justdissatisfied I guess I felt like a new driver driving a standard and was stalling the car every block You feel like you re going somewhere thenooomphstop.However, all this said, I ll likely pick up another one of Madigan s books because she s got interesting ideas and a nice writing style But, please, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I loved this book It is a perfect beach or summer read It is spellbinding I was drawn in from the very beginning and could not stop until I finished the story in one sitting I love it when that happens The Mermaid s Mirror is about a 15 year old girl, Lena, who defies her parents and learns to surf She is drawn to the ocean and sneaks around behind her parents backs to surf in the most dangerous waters Lena s mother died when she was four years old, although Lena does not know the circumstances surrounding her death What follows Lena s surfing adventures are stunning revelations about everything Lena believed to be true Lena s world is not what she thought it was, and she must choose her own path and determine her future in a series of heartbreaking decisions.I found the characters to be very relatable and well developed Oftentimes, I find that characters with smaller roles are flat and not very fleshed out L.K Madigan does a great job of developing each character in the story Her writing is enchanting I found myself compulsively reading just onepage, until I finished the entire book The book moves at a good pace, with an ending that will leave you wanting .Just One Gripe All the focus on beaches and surfing made me want to visit the beach so badly I could barely stand it.The Best Thing About This Book I don t want to give anything away, so I ll just say I loved Lena s world. I loved, loved, loved this book It was extremely well written and paced, keeping me just on the edge of my seat.I think Lena was very in character to how a sixteen year old would be She wasn t perfect or flawless or just all good She was a lovely and well rounded character I loved her relationships with people too especially and how complicated and multi level everything was.I was tearing near the end of the book but kind of in a good way I really liked the ending too but I do hope it is not the ending and that there is a second book soon to come I would love to seeLeena and Nix and what happens there It has taken me a bit to form an opinion on this book I love a good happy ending so this book s ending, while happy in some aspects, left me disappointed and feeling cheated I found the story itself interesting but the parts that interested me the most were located in the last 1 3 of the book The first 2 3 gave you a lot of background info, some character building, and some wandering filler type info but when the mermaid part came into play and her true love was toward the end of the book I needof that Lena has always felt drawn to the ocean, not knowing why and when she finds herself sleepwalking to the beach and singing songs that she never remembers hearing, so she starts doing a little investigation into her Mother, that was killed, or so she thought, when she was just a baby She also wants to learn to surf like all her friends and boyfriend, but her Dad forbids it, never really explaining to her why She she defies him and starts surfing on her and ends up getting saved by a mermaid, then things start rolling If I knew there would be a sequel to this book, I wouldn t feel so cheated by the ending, but my romantic heart was pretty bummed out The author s website does not clarify if this will be a series or not I wish there had beentime spent on the mermaid aspect and all that entailed, instead of it being crammed in the last 1 3 of the book. Scrolls through Goodreads list of recommendations sees this book HOW COULD I HAVE NOT RATED THIS BOOK BEFORE, OR EVEN HAVE ADDED IT INTO MY READ LIST THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING I actually read it a few years back and never expected to like it as much as I did Now when I think of it,Deep Blueby Jennifer Donnelley wasn t the only mermaid book I actually loved THIS WAS ALSO PART OF IT. For Full Review go to THE BLURB Lena, almost 16 and living in a northern California surfing community, has been forbidden by her father, a former surfer who suffered a terrible accident in the water years ago, from learning her peers favorite sport She is an excellent swimmer, though, and while spending time at the local beach, she begins to think she might be seeing a mermaid out in the waves Being a practical girl, this of course strikes her as unlikely, but a host of subtle clues that include the discovery of her mother s true identity and fate lead her to an undersea world of mer folk Lena distances herself from her life on land as she takes up residence in her mother s community below the ocean, but eventually she must choose between her diverging destinies THE REVIEW THE MERMAID S MIRROR is a difficult book to review, because in many ways like the main character, Lena it seems to be at war with itself The earlier sections of the story, showing aspiring surfer Lena both struggling with and reveling in her home life, her complex relationships with friend and boyfriend and the emergence of disturbing impulses the urge to search for something she does not remember, the constant need to be by the sea are compelling and beautifully written I completely sympathised with Lena in her quest to discover the truth about her mysterious mother, and found the secondary characters to be well rounded and intriguing The setting was a little sketchy on the details of school and hometown, but enough detail was lavished on the beach, sea and rocks to make up for this and give the story a rich sense of place.One thing I very much liked about this early section was the heroine s boyfriend, Kai, who is sweet, attentive and interested in her The heroine wavered on her feelings about him, sometimes seeming to find him too clingy, and maybe wishing that they could return to just being friends, and at others seeming to appreciate his quirky humour and wanting to be with him I thought this was a refreshingly different and realistic take on a high school relationship.However, after a heart wrenching and very effective scene where the heroine finds her mother clinging to the rocks and plunges under the waves with her into a new, undersea world, the book completely lost its grip on me The formerly strong and determined heroine suddenly seemed flat and even rather annoying at times, repeating the same questions and thoughts over and over The world that she inhabited seemed overly simplistic, like a brightly coloured set of sketches from a young child s picture book complete with heavy handed ecological messages and the mermaid and merman characters frankly felt like ciphers, pale imitations of their land based counterparts A couple of times I even found myself wondering if the whole thing was a dream that Lena was having.The heroine falls in love almost at once with an ultra dreamy merman hunk called Nix Although he seems inoffensive enough, I simply had no idea what made him tick, or why he would fall head over flippers in love with child of land and sea who had legs instead of a tail Similarly, apart from his perfect body and green gold hair, I couldn t figure out why Lena, who a few pages before had been unsure about her feelings for Kai, was suddenly willing to undergo a mermaid marriage ceremony and commit to Nix for life Yes, her memories of her other life had been blurred away, but would that really change her essentially independent and inquistive nature There was also a puzzling plot cul de sac where the heroine seeks the help of a Sand Goddess in order to find out how to get a tail The Goddess herself was satisfyingly remote and inhuman, and I expected to see some sort of pay off for this section, but once the heroine learns that she CAN get a tail, she leaves the cavern of the Goddess and never returns, the whole idea abandoned.At the end of this undersea adventure the heroine regains her memories of her family on land and instantly decides to return to them, without even saying goodbye to Nix There was some very quick and almost perfunctory angsting over this decision, and the painful leave taking seemed to be over in a couple of pages The conditions imposed on Lena by her grandparents never to return to the undersea village or to see her mother again oncefelt jarringly simplistic anda result of a plot need to ratchett up the emotional tension than of anything embedded in the characters.In the acknowledgements at the back of THE MERMAID S MIRROR the author mentions that this was once a middle grade book, later re written as a YA Reading this gave me an aaah moment, because it explained to me why the two halfs of the story felt so ill joined After the subtle and complex writing in the land section, the undersea part felt vitally flawed, almost as if it belonged to a different and far less interesting book I think the blend between YA and middle grade here is far from smooth and that the whole undersea section could really have done with being rethought and rewritten.THE MERMAID S MIRROR is frustrating because in some ways it s just the kind of book that I d like to seeof, a book in which the heroine s own quest for knowledge and growth is emphasized over any mystical One Twu Wuv connection with a supernatural boy I m really sad that the whole thing didn t work better. 2.5starsThe Mermaid s Mirror was an okay mermaid book, probably one of the better ones I ve read at this point The first half did a great job with the mystery build up and I was intrigued by Lena and how she was drawn to the sea, consciously and unconsciously I also loved her parents and her little brother, Cole so adorable and her friend Pem Her boyfriend, Kai, was a sweetie in that lame but cute kinda way The pace was kinda slow but it had that alluring quality so I didn t mind But then the second half of the story, the mermaid aspect, wasn t what I was expecting While the first half was slower, the second half was much to quick, specially where Nix was concerned and how it wraps up in the end, and well, I guess I just didn t buy it.Being that my first love has always been paranormal, I have a very easy time accepting quite convincingly the tales of vampires and werewolves and fey and even zombies, but when it come to mermaids I always seem to have a hard time believing This element has always fascinated me, always did love the idea of it, but I guess I want a story to convince me that it could be real, even though its not At last, I haven t found it yet.With that said, this story had it s decent moments The writing is good and imaginative and the characters are likable And while it did lack that special something, I still found it entertaining enough to enjoy. I really enjoyed the author s writing in this novel The book can be divided into two parts life with her father on the land and life with her mother in the sea Lena has spent her life with her father, step mother and younger brother living in a beautiful home near the ocean While most of her friends love surfing, she has been reluctant to try because her father had some sort of accident As it turns out the accident was not a surfing accident at all but a run in with Lena s mother s family who just happen to be mermaids I have to admit that I enjoyed the section of the novel where Lena remains on land a lot better than the section where she is under the ocean with her mermaid mother and her extended family I thought that the mermaid part of the novel would have been a littlein depth that it was I feel that Madigan could have made it a muchmagical land than it was I also found it hard to form a connection as a reader to Lena s maternal family I felt a stronger connection with her paternal family because I felt that they wereempathetic and alsowell rounded characters I wasn t entirely satisfied with the ending either I feel that the author may have left the book open to a sequel which would make the ending alright but if there is no sequel I feel there is still a lotthat I want to know Overall though, I really enjoyed reading this novel It was creative and I always wanted to knowabout what was happening I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5.