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[Reading] ➿ The Man with the Violin Author Kathy Stinson –

Wonderful story and lesson for all Will save this for when my children begin playing an instrument. LOVE, love, love and love some This book fast shot to the top of my favourite lists for 2013 WOW The first page spread is divine It was a 5 5 book just because of those two sentences and the illustration And then it just continued to get better Find, read and treasure this title. Who Is Playing That Beautiful Music In The Subway And Why Is Nobody Listening This Gorgeous Picture Book Is Based On The True Story Of Joshua Bell, The Renowned American Violinist Who Famously Took His Instrument Down Into The Washington DC Subway For A Free Concert More Than A Thousand Commuters Rushed By Him, But Only Seven Stopped To Listen For Than A Minute In The Man With The Violin, Bestselling Author Kathy Stinson Has Woven A Heart Warming Story That Reminds Us All To Stop And Appreciate The Beauty That Surrounds Us Dylan Is Someone Who Notices Things His Mom Is Someone Who Doesn T So Try As He Might, Dylan Can T Get His Mom To Listen To The Man Playing The Violin In The Subway Station With The Beautiful Music In His Head All Day Long, Dylan Can T Forget The Violinist, And Finally Succeeds In Making His Mother Stop And Listen, Too Vividly Imagined Text Combined With Illustrations That Pulse With Energy Expertly Demonstrate The Transformative Power Of Music With A Postscript Explaining Joshua Bell S Story, And Afterword By Joshua Bell Himself One morning, Dylan and his mother rush through the train station as they do most mornings Dylan hears the most amazing sound as they approach the station The notes swirl and envelope him, he can t get enough of it but his mother is pulling him further into the station to the train The music stays with Dylan all day Later on the radio, Dylan hears about a famous musician who played one of the most valuable violins ever made in a train station and he s transformed back to how he felt that morning The musician was Joshua Bell playing a Stradivarius in the L Enfant Plaza Station in Washington, D.C on January 12, 2007 It was part of an experiment by a Washington newspaper to see if people would stop for one of the world s best violinists dressed in ordinary clothing Swirls of colors contrast with the jarring black zigzags of the everyday city noises of the train and people It s an amazing way to convey the dreamy sounds of the violin that Dylan hears with the noise of the city End notes explain about Joshua Bell, his day playing in the metro station and a note from Joshua Bell, himself. It is hard in this day and age to be present in the moment This picture book based on a social experiment captures the hustle and bustle of life pushing us past the glory of art Once upon a time, violinist Joshua Bell stood in a subway station and played one of the most valuable violins in the world Very few stopped to listen Yet Bell claims in his postscript that it was the children who noticed and strained to see and hear.That is where this picture book focuses Dylan is a child who notices things He hears this marvelous music and is transformed How glorious are the pictures and descriptions that show his rapture.And I remembered falling in love with the violin when I was 7 years old myself Oh how that music made my soul soar This book brought it all back to me This book is a treasure to be shared, just as the music it is based upon Music and art should not be forgotten or overlooked They are just as necessary to a child s education. Children s picture books are one of my reading indulgences I really enjoy the artwork and the great life messages and reminders they contain Most books are very short and they always provide a quick pick me up after reading a number of serious books.I happened upon an article about The Man with the Violin with words by Kathy Stinson and illustrations by Du an Petri i Stinson is a Canadian writer and Petri i is a Serbian illustrator and cartoonist born in the former Yugoslavia who lived for about twenty years in Canada before recently returning to his birthplace Petri i has won numerous North American and International book awards and Stinson is also a well known and respected writer a multi award recipient for The Man with the Violin but perhaps best known and loved until now for Red Is Best a picture book that has been in print for over thirty years.The Man with the Violin is based upon a true story about Joshua Bell, a famous violinist, who played a free anonymous experimental concert in a Washington D.C metro station Stinson had read something about the experiment and was inspired to write a story It turns out that despite a world renowned violinist playing difficult and beautiful violin music on a priceless Stradivarius, almost no one even acknowledged Bell or paused to listen More than 1,000 people passed him in less than an hour but only seven people stopped for than a minute to enjoy the music No one clapped but they left 32.17 in his violin case Bell noticed that children seemed enthralled, turning their heads and straining to watch and listen but most were unable to convince the adults with them to slow down and let them listen to the wonderful sounds At the end of the book Stinson and Petri i introduce the readers to Joshua Bell using pictures and words Stinson also includes a summary of the metro station event and there is a very touching postscript included by Joshua Bell Stinson s lyrical prose was perfect for matching the music and the book s message of appreciating every moment Petri i s illustrations are bland and blah at adult eye level but detailed and colourful, from where the little boy named Dylan featured in the story, sees the world Both the words and the art are perfect for the story and a wonderful collaboration Jen Bailey Readerly, National Reading Campaign 2014 01 28 writes that Stinson s melodious descriptions and Petricic s colourful swirls seem to envelop the reader, captivating them just like the music captivates Dylan The Man with the Violin was greeted with rave reviews, including starred reviews in Kirkus and Quill Quire It was also won the 2014 TD Children s Literature Award English one of the world s larger dollar awards for Children s Literature It also received a large number of other awards and nominations too numerous to list For details see the following link would recommend this book to both children and adults It is a perfect book to read together and would make a wonderful gift. This book is based on the true story of Joshua Bell, one of the country s finest musicians, going largely unnoticed as he played his Stradivarius in DC s Metro subway station Not even some of the world s most beautiful music caught the attention of most passing adults Who lingered Who wanted to listen Mostly children, who were dragged away by busy parents In the case of this picture book, only one boy, Dylan, was entranced The book ends positively when Dylan finally convinces Mom to slow down and listen to life s music, but how sad is it that our judgments and appreciation of so many things are colored by our mood, by context, by the frenetic nature of our daily lives How fortunate for us that author Kathy Stinson captured this story as a reminder to notice Based on the true story of the day world class violinist Joshua Bell played in the Washington subway only to be basically ignored by millions of travellers, this lovely book celebrates a child s innate ability to notice things As adults we get carried away with our schedules, busyness, and often forget to stop and smell the roses Or stop and hear the world class violinist, as is the case in this story We could all learn from Dylan and his ability to notice things This book has won many awards and has some great video to accompany it as well. I finished reading this book and immediately started to cry Music has always been such an important part of my life and to think that such a brilliant musician like Joshua Bell went unnoticed by so many people makes me wonder about all the other beauty we re missing in life because we re in too much of a hurry I m fairly certain I would not have been one of the 1,000 people to pass by his beautiful violin playing in the DC metro station that day because music moves me so deeply, but that doesn t mean I m not missing out on other beautiful life moments because I m just too oblivious to notice. I love what Kathy Stinson and Dusan Petrici have done with this story The illustrations are wonderful and the story s perspective is perfect for a picture book I love how the little boy in the story notices things and his mother doesn t The illustration depicting this is great, a variety of things in the boy s line of vision pop with color as he notices them and the mother s line of vision through the path where they ve come has been completely erased, it s totally white On a day like any other Dylan goes out with his mother but in their travels he hears music, beautiful music that is telling an exciting story A man playing a violin is swaying with the music and Dylan wants to stop to listen but his mother keeps moving and they pass by without stopping Later as the mother is making dinner Dylan hears the music again on the radio It s the same music and then a reporter telling the story of the famous violinist, Joshua Bell playing some of the most elegant music ever written and no one stopped to listen I remember hearing about this incident in the news back when it happened This story really touched me, and made me sad that we live in a society that is too busy to pause and acknowledge beauty if it doesn t fit into our busy schedules How can we be that way What is wrong with us What are we teaching our children How will this obliviousness and busyness shape their future I d like to think that if Gene Wintergarten from the Washington Post had set Joshua Bell up to play in the National Arboretum or one of the other parks in DC, that the result would have been different Instead he set him up outside the metro station and no one stopped to listen to Bell play Okay, not no one, seven people, seven people out of over a thousand stopped to listen to internationally renowned, Joshua Bell play the violincrazy.Thank you to the publisher, Annick Press, and NetGalley for making this book available to me in exchange for an honest review.