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[epub pdf] The Magic Nation ThingAuthor Zilpha Keatley Snyder –

Abby O Malley Is A Girl Who Likes Things To Make Sense School Makes Sense, And Her Best Friend Paige Makes Sense Most Of The Time , But Abby S Flighty Mother Never Makes Sense Abby S Mom Seems To Think That She And Abby Are Descended From A Line Of Witches, And That They Have Special Powers Psychic Powers That Don T Make Sense At All The Problem Is, Abby Knows That She Can Do Certain Things That Other People Can T Sometimes, When She Holds An Object In Her Hand, She S Overpowered By Sounds And Pictures That Show Where The Owner Is And What He Or She Is Doing Abby Thinks Of This As Her Magic Nation, Because That Is What Her Kindergarten Teacher Told Her It Was Called Now , Abby Has An Inkling That Her Teacher May Have Been Saying It Was Her Imagination, Which Unfortunately, She Knows It Is Not Now Some Things Are Happening In Her Mother S Detective Agency Cases Where Abby S Magic Nation Thing Might Come In Handy But Does Abby Want To Admit That Such A Sensible Girl Could Have Such An Unsensible Power

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    This book was great until the very end The ending was weak I m not sure if there is a sequel, but it felt as though the writer left me hanging, but not quite wanting to read .

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    Fun story about a girl who once heard that she was experiencing her magic nation but the caretaker really said imagination She lives in San Francisco with her mom who is a private investigator Her best friend s family takes her skiing at Squaw and throughout the story she is able to see where missing persons are if she holds an item they have held I enjoyed the story of Abby and her friend Claire who are 12 years old going on 13 The author gets the age of these girls and Claire s younger brothers It s lovely.

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    Big disappointment on this one Zilpha Keatley Snyder is one of the greatest juvielit writers of all time, but she s phoning it in this time The protagonist is a cipher of a character apart from her magic skill, and the few attempts at suspense hint at an eventual payoff that is never delivered There s no real crisis, no moment of high drama or confrontation, no big reveal, and not much in the way of magic, either Pretty weak tea, especially from the author of The Egypt Game and The Headless Cupid and The Velvet Room and Black And Blue Magic and the Earthsky trilogy.Why two stars, rather than one Because even when she writes a dud, Zilpha Keatley Snyder I can t imagine referring to her by anything other than her full name still knows how to write It s not bad But it sure ain t good.

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    Thirteen year old Abby wants to be like everyone else, so she has kept her psychic abilities secret ever since her preschool teacher told her the visions she saw were just her magic nation, a small child s mishearing of imagination But when Abby s abilities help her private detective mother solve a couple of real cases the truth comes out and Abby must learn to deal with her powers as well as those who would use her for their own ends, including her best friend Readers will be drawn to the conflict between Abby and her flawed friend Paige Snyder s characters are fully drawn and believable, but the same cannot be said of the resolution in which Abby s divorced parents reconcile There is little foreshadowing and so readers are left confused and unconvinced.

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    The Magic Nation Thing by Zilpha Keatley Snyder This book is about a girl who have some special power to solve mysterious problems Author s main point is about to be a normal person are hard for some people Some people have some crazy immigration but this is supernatural Abby keeps her powers until a case that is very important that other people can t solve This is a interesting book to read you will continue reading until you find out how the case are solve.

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    This was a good idea, but it was like a summary of a story than an actual story, and I was pretty disappointed When I was a teenager The Changeling and a couple of others by Snyder were my favorite books, and I read them over and over Glad none of the older ones were lame like this one or I might never have read the others.

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    I like Snyder better when she writes books she s really connected to The Egypt Game, The Changeling, Libby on Wednesday This is still well written, and I liked the San Francisco setting lots of great details But the thing with the parents at the end rang false to me and the whole thing was a bit paint by numbers.

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    I read this book when I was 12 because

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    The Magic Nation is what the main character thought her teacher was saying when she was actually saying use her Imagination

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    The title is weird, the writing was weird, but the idea is cool.