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{Free Reading} The Last OlympianAuthor Rick Riordan –

wow wow wow still need to get all my thoughts together but wow wow wow full video review coming soon i am so so so pleased with the conclusion of this series and i am surprisingly happy with how much i have really come to enjoy reading this books the first couple of books were okay but, as the characters started to grow and the plot becamedeveloped and complex, i really had fun with this this last installment is so action packed there are no fillers, no down time its the epic finale that this story and percy deserves i also appreciate how everything ties together nicely things from the beginning of the story are brought back into play and it comes full circle at the end again, the strength of these books, especially this last one, is the way riordan makes greek myths so quirky and relatable the ancient gods are so human, its hilarious i feel like every greek hero, god, and myth were talked about at least once such an educational and approachable series i wish i had as a kid 4 stars A 84% Very Good NotesA battlefront ballad to salvation in sacrifice, where willing oneself to weakness wins affinity, accession, and affection. I m a little sad actually because I didn t want to say goodbye to our hero, the one and only Percy Jackson From the beginning we can already see things are going to move quickly Kronos has a lot of things up his sleeve and won t let Percy and the other demigods have a break The book pretty much starts off with a bang and doesn t slow down from there Annabeth and Percy s relationship is kind of strained and Rachel showing up isn t helping matters I have to say all the books have a lot of action, but this one takes the prize They have to make a movie of this one, it would be insanely cool We finally get to see how the prophecy plays out, Luke s past, and many other secrets that come to light.One of things I always appreciated about the series is that we see things from all angles We can get why some of the demigods would side with Kronos and how nobody is free from blame Everybody and I mean everybody and their brother comes back in this book It was fun to see some old faces and some unexpected heroes emerge I can t pick a favorite book of the series but if forced to give an answer this one would be it Filled with action, tough choices, betrayals, and heart, you can t beat that.The book ends with a new prophecy for the The Lost Hero I can t see how any series could top this one, but I will be reading it of course Towards the last part I seriously was getting kind of misty eyed to see it all end but it was so good So good. I ll bet you 1,000,000 dollars that this is gonna be the best Percy Jackson book Hello, my name is PJO Trash nice to meet you I ve been blessed to join this fandom due to the INCREDIBLE and significant amounts of fan art It helps me surviveThe Last Olympiancontinues off from the previous book Kronos s army is gaining rapid strength and the Half Bloods are having a hard enough time holding the crazy beast, Typhon Kronos takes his chance and begins advancing on New York City, home to an unguarded Mouth Olympus Also, let s not forget, Percy s terrible prophecy is days away and the future ain t looking so bright But these heroes aren t going to stop until they give it their all and believe me, it s SO INCREIDLBY EXCITING I listened to the audiobook and Jesse Bernstein s voice is EXACTLY how I imagined Percy 10 10Also, the sass levels on every single character is notable I am thoroughly impressed, Uncle Rick Minor Spoilers Ahead not like anyone cares I mean basically EVERYONE has read this Me being percabeth trash is no news to anyone, but I ve stumbled upon a goldmine of fanart and I m very happy here plz don t take me away from my happiness Wanna know what caused my death THIS SCENE AND THISAnd that ending, good Lord, that was the best, most cutest, fitting ending ever My heart is so content.This was me every Percabeth scene I know, it s getting ridiculous Okay, enough from me, I m just rambling nowIt s hard to enjoy practical jokes when your whole life feels like one 4.5 stars This is the 5th Percy Jackson book I ve read to my daughter Celyn It s half term and we ve not had many carers Celyn is very disabled and gets respite care so we ve had a chance to finish the book off.As always Celyn has supplied the rating and left the review to me.The concluding well we could go to book 4.5 5.5 volume of the Percy Jackson series continues in the same vein as the previous volumes, though with an added sense of danger and sadness as named known campers are killed and even PJ himself may be up for the chop.We ve followed Percy from a lad of 11 ish to his 16th birthday, so girlfriends are up for debate too and both Rachel and Annabeth are in the frame.The Greek pantheon are a great choice for these sort of books as even in the oldest of writings there s very little about them that s godly except for their power Their pettiness and bickering provide endless opportunities for conflict and plotting even without the resurgence of their titanic forebears.The final battle is a colossal affair that occupies most of the book The variety of monsters and weapons keep the thing from getting repetitive and I had a good time reading it The ending is satisfying with elements of tragedy mixed into the victory Job well done.The only question now is what to read next Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes.. THE MINI REVIEW IS POSTED So actually I have finished reading this book a week ago but I just have the time to write the review today okay, I m lying, I was just being lazy hahaha I read this book while I was in reading slump and IT WAS THE WORST READING SLUMP I HAVE EVER BEEN IN IT LAST FOR A FEW WEEKS I swear those days when I was in reading slump, I felt hollow, empty and I didn t know what to do and I was frustrated a bit for not being able to read like I usually did and thank God, this book was the book which got me out of my slump When I read this book, I didn t feel excited or surprised or anything even when I didn t expect something to happen but it wasn t a bad read either It was pretty fun but I honestly didn t feel anything and LET S BLAME THAT TO THE READING SLUMP Reading slump sucks This series isn t my favorite but and my favorite book in this series is just the first book because it was so amazing and I loved it but the next books were just okay Honestly, I continued reading this series because of the writing style It was so good and hilarious I loved it Overall, I quite enjoyed reading this book even though I didn t feel any kind of emotions while reading it and this book got me out of my slump, so YAY Thank you for reading and liking this review I appreciate it so much, guys REVIEW TO COME TOMORROWsighs I m in reading slump and I seriously need a book that can help me to get out of my reading slump I want to be able to enjoy reading again hopefully, I ll enjoy reading it. All Year The Half Bloods Have Been Preparing For Battle Against The Titans, Knowing The Odds Of A Victory Are Grim Kronos S Army Is Stronger Than Ever, And With Every God And Half Blood He Recruits, The Evil Titan S Power Only Grows While The Olympians Struggle To Contain The Rampaging Monster Typhon, Kronos Begins His Advance On New York City, Where Mount Olympus Stands Virtually Unguarded Now It S Up To Percy Jackson And An Army Of Young Demigods To Stop The Lord Of TimeIn This Momentous Final Book In The New York Times Best Selling Series, The Long Awaited Prophecy Surrounding Percy S Sixteenth Birthday Unfolds And As The Battle For Western Civilization Rages On The Streets Of Manhattan, Percy Faces A Terrifying Suspicion That He May Be Fighting Against His Own Fate Man, I loved this series so much Totally rekindled my love for Greek mythology Now I cannot WAIT to start the Heroes of Olympus series