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When the fearless Zoe breaks her arm in a fall Anna must brave summer camp and her debut as a Counselor In Training without her best friend Going it alone is not something Anna is ready for Cruising along in Zoe's shadow had been comfortable but now Anna is out in the full glare of the sun There's no hiding from harsh truths and plenty of people to point them out Take Karim the swim instructor who has suddenly turned gorgeous but obviously hates Anna And Anna's new friend and cabinmate Isabel rainbow hair sharp tongue and no boundaries Sooner or later Anna will have to face another hard truth things have changed between her and Zoe and there's no going back into the shadows But where can Anna hide when just being herself isn't nearly enough?

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    cute book terrible cover

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    I originally picked up The Isabel Factor because I needed a uick read that I could suffer through and finish but that wasn’t the case The author Gayle Friesen had a way of drawing you into the life and mind of Anna the protagonist The book was about how Anna who always stood in her friend’s shadow was going to survive camp by herself When Anna meets Isabel a girl who is wild and free she begins to know the real her and what it is like to be yourself As the book went along I felt Anna struggles and could see bits of myself in her It was all mostly due to the author and her way of writing I suggest you read this book if you feel like you live in their friend’s shadow and want to know what good it can do to step out into the Sun

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    This had potential for stars but there was parts that were only a one star I do realise however I am not the target audience age

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        I rate The Isabel Factor by Gayle Frissen 2 out of 5 stars I give this book a low rating because of the way the author physically describes the characters is not very descriptive For example on page 12 it says “Zoe was daring restless and hardly afraid There was excitement around her even if you weren't exactly the type of person who liked to do daring things Me She wasn’t afraid to live life; I wasn’t afraid to take notes That uote shows you a good description of Zoe but not Anna herself When I pictured the characters all I could picture was a white blank in the shape of a human One thing I do like is the theme which is individuality Anna goes from basically a conjoined twin to a free standing person For example on page 11 it says “We were the flipside of the same coin Yin and yang Peanut butter and jelly As the story progresses the tight friendship changes so on page 177 it says “You’re always at the pool” she said “We never spend any time together lately”  “ Well if you came to my swimming practices we’d be spending lots of time together” These two uotes show that Anna is breaking free Another thing I like about this book is the genre which is realistic fiction I personally like books I can relate to for me it's easier to understand and have a connection to the characters

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    From the beginning i was hooked on this bookFriesen does a good job putting you into the situation that Anna is in with her best friend Zoe I personally would recommend this book to anybody its a heartwarming story about two best friends getting separated that were together forever to learn to be without one another The first impression i got of Zoe was that she was wild and willing to anything and not afraid at allon the other hand Anna seemed to be on the other side of the spectrum Throughout the book Anna's real self was coming out and not just living in the shadow of her best friend I noticed while reading the book that when Anna and Isabel met that Anna really wanted nothing to do with her and just wanted to be by Zoe againWhen she would do stuff at the camp with Isabel all she thought of was Zoe and how much MORE fun they'd be having Overall I would recommend this book to everyone it shows a great story of two best friends growing up and learning about life I would definitely read this book again

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    Eh That's what I thought of this book It was just eh I read it in a few days not because I couldn't put it down but because I just wanted to finish it so I could get onto my next book I liked the plot and how it was set at summer camp And I do think that the book had a good message but I just couldn't get into it Anna seemed a little annoying and Isabel seemed just like her best friend Zoe except a little outgoing There wasn't any romance in this novel which was probably one of the reasons why I didn't enjoy it so much Overall it was eh

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    Another great teen novel by Gayle Friesen though I have to admit I wasn't as entranced by it as I was with Janey's Girl largely because I'm not a teen who goes to summer camp However teen girls will love it It's well written as is to be expected by Ms Friesen's high standards There are also some good moral lessons here that are not presented in a pendantic manner just the main character's evolution as the story progresses I really enjoy Gayle's novels and am so glad to have found such an extraordinary writer I've already begun reading her next novel

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    I enjoyed reading the sweet story that was surprisingly fairly original though very predictable Summer camp really? I sat down and read it in one sitting and didn't ever really feel obligated to stop I just wasn't very taken with itBut I will say that main reason I even picked up the book was the descriptive and well written chapters so that did make up a little for the average story

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    I originally checked out this book to read to my little sister with the same name I was very disappointed to see all the swear words in the text This was hardly an appropriate book for her The story was very bland and kind of predictable All in All I was very disappointed in the uality of this book

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    Okay so maybe I'm a little biased since my name is Isabel and my sister's name is Anna but I really liked this book A lot I thought it was a fun book but I don't remember a lot about it I read it a year ago don't know why I'm doing a review just now It was really good though I suggest reading it