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The Flesh Endures eBook µ The Flesh Epub /

If his beauty was of the Devil and this an enchantment she did not care Lord Karolan Rakka is no stranger to death sensual mysterious and endowed with an arcane knowledge of alchemy he has achieved immortality Deeply lonely and tormented by the Fetch the dark and wanton spirit who feasts on his fleshly desires Karolan endeavours to resist the brief solace of sexual pleasure Instead he longs for a kindred soul And when he finds her in the ravishing form of Garnetta a young woman both innocent and lost Karolan wastes no time in making her his ownBut when Garnetta discovers the shocking truth about their overwhelming bond of desire she flees Lord Rakka and finds herself in mortal peril Only Karolan can save her Will he make a leap of faith for the woman he has grown to love before time runs out? The Flesh Endures is a breathless tale of faith and love and the bonds of desire from which there is no escape

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