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Little Did Her Aunt And Uncle Know What They Were Letting Themselves In For When They Adopted Three Year Old Kalina By The Age Of Five, Kalina Begins Showing Psychic Abilities And The Power To Heal The Eyes Of Innocence Is The First Book In A Series By Tika Newman And Begins When Fifteen Year Old Kalina And Her Family Must Relocate Again Within Days, Kalina Manages To Get Herself Suspended From School Later The Same Day, Kalina Falls In The Woods And Is Tended To By A Mysterious Couple Cory, Her Handsome Neighbor, Rescues Kalina On Horseback Join Kalina In This Heartwarming Story Of A Special Girl As She Grows Up Displaying An Innate Way With Animals The Story Takes Many Twists And Turns As Kalina S Heritage Is Revealed Her Aunt And Uncle Anxiously Try To Teach Her To Tone Down Her Abilities And Hide Her Secret They Want Her To Have A Normal Life But Kalina Seems To Have Other Plans Kalina Is Uniqueas Is Her Story Book Of S Series

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    Kalina is special She is not the ordinary 15 year old Kalina has powers that she hides from the world She has the ability to make friends with animals when she talks, they seem to understand She is sensitive to the needs of others and has visions about those who need help But that s not all Kalina has the power to heal.This story centers around several miraculous events, one of which is the healing of a three year old boy who was seriously injured No one knows for sure whether he will live And if he does live, he will be a quadriplegic His father is beside himself with grief He has already lost his wife he cannot lose his son, too When the boy is miraculously healed, everyone calls it a miracle Will the nurses figure out that Kalina was involved somehow Or will her powers remain a secret This story is intriguing as you follow the everyday life of a teenager, her family, a dog, and her archenemy, Tarrah As I read about the events of Kalina s life and the healing of the young child, questions began filtering through my mind Where did she get this power Is it a spiritual gift from God Was it inherited from her ancestors or is Kalina one of a kind Does the mystery behind her powers come from her heritage Read the book and find out This book is great for teenagers and adults alike who love to use their imagination I read it to my husband and he absolutely loved it.Written by Linda Weaver Clarke, author of the historical sweet romance series, A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho, which includes Melinda and the Wild West a semi finalist for the Reviewers Choice Award 2007.

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    This is the first book by Tika Newman I ve read As each author has their own style, it takes some time to get used to it She pays close attention to details, especially things she loves, such as cooking, gardening, dogs, horses etc I got some great dinner ideas from her, and sure got hungry.I liked the cast and the story It was written with love and kindness, something of which we could use of in this crazy world.15 year old Kalina has visions and healing powers The family struggles to deal with the unusual powers, and wants Kalina to have just a normal young life I most definitely will read in the series.

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    Dear Tika, i really enjoyed reading your book I can t wait to start the next one, i read The eyes of Innocence about 3 times in a row Thank you for being a fabulous author I can t wait to share the series with my friends Im kinda new to this website so i clicked 1star on accsident but it deserves 5million stars love cassidy bond

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    I ve rated this book 3 stars on , because they re rating system is a bit different than on GR I ve rated it 2 stars here because they ve labeled 2 stars as It was OK which is equal to 3 stars on I try not to be too harsh on first time authors Tika Newman has published two books since this one, and I have not read those as of yet However, taking The Eyes of Innocence as a whole, this is how I m rating it The story is about a young girl who is transported at the beginning of the story by her aunt and uncle to a new town We don t learn until about 70 pages into the story that it s due to her having magical abilities where she can heal ailing people and animals with her mind Sometimes she remembers doing the healing, and other times she does it and loses her memory of the incident Early in the story, she stumbles in the woods and is curiously wrapped in a blanket by strangers who seem to inhabit the woods behind her house These people seem to be her protectors but it s never clearly explained She suffers a concusion and is found by her handsome teenaged neighbor who sees the shadows of the strangers in the forest, but never gets a chance to speak to them Then, we are taken on the ride through the young girl s life as she meets animals and gets involved in a bully issue at school and we watch her work through these issues The things that didn t sit well with me the strangers in the forest were mentioned early on in the story Therefore, after investing the time required to read the entire novel, I was expecting some sort of answer If the strangers were introduced late in the book, their revealing to not happen until the sequel would have been expected for this to be a series with unanswered questions, I would expect it to be of a thriller This story read as an early teen reader book A little bit of romance, a little description, no complex sentences and mostly family drama The dialogue was strained It didn t feel natural There was too much story TELLING versus story SHOWING Some passages read like an essay paper which was pieced together to form a chapter The descriptive portions were in the wrong places, like the barrettes in her hair, instead of on what the characters were feeling while doing their actions Her dreams were never really explained Was hoping for something a little thrilling in them The plot is a decent one I learned a lot about horses I liked Cory as a character a lot He seemed to be the most realistic I would even enoy reading a book about Cory instead of Lina He seemed to have dimension Overall, it s a good first novel, good effort It just needed an editor and dimension in her characters I m hoping that in the following sequels, Tika Newman will have found her voice.

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    I wanted to like this book, I liked the idea behind it I felt like I was reading a beginner book see spot run See Jane run The sentences were dry and dull and I couldn t bring myself to finish it I made it to page 80 and felt I would rather spend my time doing something else The characters are likeable and I wanted to like the story, the problem was that I am almost 1 3 finished with the book and I still feel like the story hasn t started I need to captured by a book, this is the kind of story you read when you have nothing better to do, but not something you read because you can t wait to see what happens next Kalina has special powers, but 1 3 of the way through the book, I haven t seen much of them yet and I just can t bring myself to keep reading and find out I was bored at page 50 and I gave it another 30 pages, but the book just doesn t speak to me and I found the authors style a little immature I don t have lush ideas of the scenery or vivid images of the characters I really felt like I was reading a first grade novel, only, I don t think this could have held a first graders attention as long as it held mine sorry, thumbs down for this one.

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    Loved this book Kalina is 3 yrs old when she is adopted by her aunt and uncle She starts showing signs at an early age, of having special gifts Healing powers and psychic abilities They want her to have a normal life One of those books where you just get into the book and you really don t want to put it down Now on to book 2

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    A series and an author to not be missed If you haven t read the seriesdo yourself a favor and make it your summer reading