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This is an omnibus edition of the first three volumes published in 1977 of editor Karl Edward Wagner's multi volume collection of Howard's entire Conan corpus the novel Hour of the Dragon 1935 36 and the short story collections The People of the Black Circle and Red Nails The latter two volumes contained seven stories in all they're relatively long short fiction Besides the title stories the selections included are The Devil in Iron A Witch Shall be Born Jewels of Gwahlur Beyond the Black River and Shadows in Zamboula Also included is Howard's essay The Hyborian Age which outlines the imaginary historical background he created supposedly in the mists of forgotten pre history as a milieu for Conan and other warrior characters such as Kull and a map of the Hyborian world drawn from Howard's sketches

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    Note Nov 16 2018 When I originally wrote this review I forgot to fill in the slot for to whom I would recommend this collection so I've just edited it to rectify thatThe book description above gives a reliable factual description of this anthology's contents it should I wrote it but I also wanted to add a brief subjective review For readers unfamiliar with Howard he was a major figure of the 1920s 30s pulp magazine era and the father of sword and sorcery fantasy barbarian warrior Conan is the prototypical character of this sub genre Conan is a rough and tough figure often a soldier of fortune or a mercenary sometimes simply an adventurer and an ex pirate an exile from a homeland ravaged by a foreign invader without family or close personal ties in most of the Hyborian world through which he wanders Strong as an ox shrewd and a savage fighter when he needs to be he's understandably interested in profit for himself and not a paragon of clean living but he's also not brutal or selfish and he's a man of honor who lives by a warrior code of fairness and loyalty and who has his virtues in one story for instance he lets a valuable jewel fall into oblivion without batting an eye in order to use both hands to save the life of a woman who's no particular friend of hisHoward was an imaginative story teller and a master of purple prose who brings his world of exotic cultures beauty and danger to life with verve and vividness In keeping with the literary standards of his era which for all the disparagement the term pulp comes in for today were in some respects a lot higher than those of today he writes without much bad language and without explicit or implied sex though we sometimes gather that Conan wouldn't object to the latter Violence of course is a different matter Conan's stories have a lot of it and it can be grisly but Conan is no violent than he needs to be in standing up for himself and others In a few places Howard can use some racially insensitive or sexist language but his stories don't have racist or sexist messages indeed Valeria in Red Nails is a capable warrior than most men and a worthy comrade in arms for Conan All in all the fiction in this volume is an outstanding example of its type and would not fail to please any fan of the genre An added bonus of this volume are the few reproduced drawings from Weird Tales that accompanied the original publications and the bio critical Afterword though I occasionally disagree with some opinions in the latter

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    A great Conan omnibus that feature 2 short story collections People of the Black Circle and The Red Nails and the only Conan novel The Hour of the Dragon I started with the short stories and finished it up with the novel The stories are great my favorites being A Witch Shall Be Born Beyond the Black River and the novelette The Red Nails which features Valeria These follow Conan as a thief warrior pirate and finally King I definitely recommend this to anyone who's interested in the sword and sorcery genre The novel is good but only has a few Conan battles some of the narrative are generalized battle scenes with Conan absent from the action Still worth reading and would make an exciting movie if you involve Conan in the interesting scenes and expanding the female vampire incident

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    I recommend reading anything and everything written by REH I also recommend reading any Conan story available REH defined the sword and sorcery genre and I don't think anyone except maybe Fritz Leiber has done it better

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    i like conan but in small doses if not he tends to be a little one dimensional and redundant other than that he will always be a classic bad ass and therefore enjoyable