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He Draws Her Close, Envelops Her As If With Wings She Does Not Resist Him Or The Kisses Over Her Face When He Tilts Her Chin Up, She Lets Him, Exposing The Flesh Of Her Throat When She Goes Home That Day She Will Wear The Marks Of The Devil, The Clinging Smell Of Oil, The Bruising Of Her Neck

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    Vet inte riktigt vad jag v ntade mig, men det var nog inte ens i n rheten av vad jag fick En tunn bok som trots fint flyt i texten nd f r mig att sakta ner l sningen, d jag f r s mycket att grubbla ver Var och varannan mening k nns betydelseb rande och jag letar ledtr dar Katastrofen lurar i skuggorna

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    A great read, intriguing and unsettling, with a fabulous ending.

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    Really interesting ideas, flows and so well read and written.

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    Kitten Latch knows that he is special, that he has an unusual mission to exterminate the evil that is his grandfather, and become the new Devil Latch himself Kitten knows this because the twin devils have come to him and told him, have advised him of what the Natural Parents want from him All of this stands to be derailed, though, when Kitten meets Amy, the new neighbor who has moved in next door, and the story takes a slightly gothic romance turn.It s here where the book falls into a slight identity crisis the gothic horror romance drops hints at turning into a vampire story, but then drops that thread as if it never existed This is frequently listed as fantasy or supernatural, but I think it s a straight up story of mental instability after all, when a crazy person says they re hearing demons, do we believe they have honest to goodness demons living in their skulls The elements of horror, romance, and painful, bitter family histories muddle together, and while they mostly emerge unscathed, it s not entirely flawless.I m erring on the side of generosity in my rating, because I suspect I d have liked this a lot as a physical book rather than an audio recording Unfortunately, the paper book was not available in either the library system I work in or live in, so I settled for the audio, against my better judgment Hartnett s writing is a little too complex to not be on the page, and it s harder for me to keep track of details when I m not seeing the words I was feeling pretty cranky about most of Hartnett s work not having been published in the US, but the of it I m tracking down, the convinced I become that publishers have made the right choice I do think I ll be re reading Thursday s Child, though, to remind myself why I fell in love with her books in the first place.

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    I m glad I ve finally discovered this writer Sonya Hartnett has an exquisite narrative style This story was at times dark, revealing and uncomfortable, but also vulnerable and whimsical I wasn t sure if it was fantasy at first, but came to realise one of the characters was dealing with schizophrenia and it is portrayed perfectly I lost track of one character Curtis and felt they were treated fairly by the other characters I also would have preferred not so much changing of POV I did like the resolution a lot It tied up very nicely I will be reading from Sonya Hartnett

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    I can t remember much about the book read it originally years ago, but I do remember how much I loved it This was the first and only book by Sonya Hartnett that I have read I think I ll pick up some of her books Definitely one to be re read at a later time.

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    It was a strange book with good characters, I enjoyed it as she is a great author

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    Well That was strange Excellent writing, making it a very well told strange story.