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She does not know what awaits her at the enemy's gateElisa is a hero She led her people to victory over a terrifying sorcerous army Her place as the country's ruler should be secure But it isn'tHer enemies come at her like ghosts in a dream from both foreign realms and within her own court And her destiny as the chosen one has not yet been fulfilledTo conuer the power she bears once and for all Elisa must follow the trail of long forgotten and forbidden clues from the deep undiscovered catacombs of her own city to the treacherous seas With her goes a one eyed spy a traitor and the man who despite everything she is falling in love withIf she's lucky she will return from this journey But there will be a cost

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    JUST AS GOOD AS THE FIRSTEveryoneif you haven't read this book becuz of ur bajillion other books in ur tbr pileI forgive youUr life will be sparedNow pick this series up now and read it ;pTHERES JUST SO MUCH FEEELZ EVERYONETHE FEEELZZZZZAND ACTIONAND AMAZING CHARACRERSprepare to fall in love

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    Rating 45 StarsI have to admit I am a little upset Not because of the cliffhanger ending but because I was expecting one and it never came Seriously I pre ordered this book and have been staring at it longingly on my shelves for MONTHS refusing to be subject to a terrible heart wrenching cliffhanger only to have an ending that leaves me jumping up and down for joy completely satisfied and happy Needless to say we all need to re affirm our definition of a cliffhanger ending Does Crown of Embers leave you wanting The Bitter Kingdom as soon as you can possibly get your hands on it? Yes Actually ALL good books should leave you wanting to continue the series So really Rae Carson was only doing her job NOT writing a gut wrenching cliffhanger that left me sobbing on the floor Yes I am looking at YOU Sarah Rees Brennan Will I ever forgive you? Only if Kami and Jared make out like crazy in UntoldNevertheless I suppose that the ending of Crown of Embers can be construed as a cliffhanger It does after all end in the middle of plans for an epic journey BUT than anything else I ended this book elated With The Crown of Embers Rae Carson writes a seuel that is far stronger than its predecessor a feat only few other authors have managed to do so far while writing a trilogy Although I must admit that I am sure Carson has lost faithful fans with this installment for it is far introspective character driven and political than the whirlwind adventure her first book was it was the perfect piece for this story arc and made me fall in love with her writing characters and settings even than before Crown of Embers excels simply because of its politics It details the many assassination attempts on Elisa and her growth to becoming the ueen she is meant to be all while dealing with backstabbers in her court is a slow and steady climb rewarding in every step of the way Further Elisa is no longer the simple princess we knew from The Girl of Fire and Thorns Seeing her become politically savvy was a journey of its own and while she'll never have the cunning it takes to run a country the way Irene and Gen from The ueen's Thief Series do she's pretty darn close What Crown of Embers lacks in adventure though it makes up for with its romance The Girl of Fire and Thorns told the sweet blooming story of first love but Crown of Embers chronicles the passionate burning love of a woman One of my favorite things about this novel is that Carson isn't afraid to talk about sex We do have sex in YA Literature but do we ever really have discussions about it? No Rae Carson however makes it normal for her characters to discuss sex their passion and lust for another all in a way that makes it seem right and natural and loving Why can't authors do this? Why is it seen as wrong or disgusting or dirty to want to have sex with a man? Why is it seen as embarrassing to talk about sex with your friends? If you can't talk about sex with them if you can't tell the person you love that you want to have sex with them then who can you tell? Crown of Embers isn't all about sex but considering this is one of the ONLY novels I've come across that incorporates this aspect of growing up so seamlessly into its text it stood out to me Needless to say Rae Carson really does cover every aspect of Elisa's growth as a woman as a monarch and as a person Stunning Nevertheless what makes Crown of Embers a novel that really does not have a cliffhanger ending is the fact that the entire book is a whirlwind journey of emotion Rae Carson you have thoroughly messed my heart For the first half of this novel I was uite literally dying of anticipation because the sexual tension in this book is notched up like nothing else is It is sweet slow to burn and oh so genuine It is actual tender caring love but mixed into that is an immense amount of longing that simmers in your heart Well if you thought the sexual tension is bad wait until the romantic couple in this novel Hector and Eliza finally kiss because then the million reasons why they can't be together pops up For once this isn't simply an issue that exists for the sake of drama Instead it is a very real problem You see a romance isn't built upon power it is built upon mutual understanding love and respect If you are in love with a ueen though power is nearly always at play I admire Carson for bringing up such a prevalent issue with her love story because power imbalances exist in relationships even today and even in nations that aren't ruled by a monarch Further though Hector is just such a swoon worthy hero We know he'd give up his life to save Elisa but as we learn he's given up so much than that too Moreover he understands Elisa like a best friend knows her at her strongest and weakest times and appreciates her for who she is inside not the position of power she holds Finally though Rae Carson ends this book perfectly We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel the way for our romantic couple to finally be together and granted they are separated at the end but we finish this novel knowing that they will find a way to be together that Elisa has finally become the ueen she was meant to be and that this is going to go down in history as one of the best trilogies ever Unless of course Carson kills of Hector which would make her lose all her fans and everyone would hate her So you know she won't do that Or if she does she'll write an alternate ending novella where Hector and Elisa will make out all day in the sand If you haven't already picked up this series then please don't wait It's amazing It has rich world building incredible characters astounding growth simmering romance and truly makes you think and uestion everything you know about faith inner belief and self growth Rae Carson just write an amazing third novel okay? We'll be best friends after that I promiseYou can read this review and on my blog Ivy Book Bindings

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    Holy cheeseballs covered in roly polies I can't form a coherent thought after finishing this book this morning I will say that I was distracted ALL DAY at school because of the feelings pulsing through me after gobbling this book up I just I can't I don't AAAAHHHHHHH BRAIN IS IMPLODING There were so many times I wanted to smack all the characters But thank GOD Elisa does what she does at the end even if she does a certain other thing before then that makes her do the certain thing that she does It's just so maddening I will admit though that the only thing wrong with this and it wasn't even bad because I was celebrating once I figured it out was that I knew what was going to happen with Hector as soon as I found out he was heir to his father's southern holdings I'm just I can't AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

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    DNFi simply do not care enough to continue

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    On sale 399 51316 HereOn my second read this book held up very well the struggles Elisa faced and the Hector of it Don't mind me while I swoon for Hector all over againOriginal ReviewPardon me while I pick my heart up off the floor This was such a great follow up to Girl of Fire and Thorns The book starts off shortly after GoFaT ended Elisa is trying to run the country but it has been difficult she has been met with riots new attacks on her life and threats from both inside and out She has to build her country again and to do that she needs to find a husband to be allied with to help build support She is having trouble being strong or seeming strong She hasn’t uite grown into the role she is meant to play She uestions her decisions constantly which got a little tiresome at times but it was truthful no one becomes a great leader overnight Hector is now the head of her ueens Guard best friend and strongest supporter After a failed attempt on Elisa’s life she finds out about the Zafira and constructs a reason to go south to search for itOn her journey is the Elisa we love the strong confident brilliant one back in her element she comes to life again While she is so sure in some area’s it was refreshing that even as a powerful woman she was so unsure of herself and love Elisa wants to be loved for herself not her kingdom or the godstone I love love love swoon over the romance built between Hector and Elisa It is by far one of my most loved romances in any novel The speech that Hector gave to Elisa on the log after they kissed I fell in love with him too The ending was so beautifully brought to fruition It was eual parts heartbreak and hope view spoilerHector gives himself up to save Elisa not realizing that she truly loves him and will come for him no matter the cost hide spoiler

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    I've now read THE CROWN OF EMBERS twice If I could give it another five stars I would Being on my books I love beyond reason shelf will have to suffice Because I do love it beyond reason

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    Ok So the whole time I'm reading this series and they talk about this girl with a gem in her bellybutton this is all I can see Anybody? Ok Moving on Giving this one a 45 as it didn't really pull me in as hard as the first book However this may be as a whole my new favorite YA fantasy series I love the balance between politics romance and the magical elements of this story I don't feel like I'm being smothered in cliche romance the magical stuff is really interesting and the politics are just what you want them to be shady as shit

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    What a difference the introduction makes I'll admit that the first time around I abandoned this book because I could not get past the beginning Ok Elisa almost dies several times her country is in chaos but they are the most boring murder attemptscivil unrest possible I don't think it's the writing it's just tossing events after events at us with little character development that made the beginning intolerable for me however action packed it wasHowever past page 90 is where the book picked up We see some actual meaningful character interactions The beauty of these books is that Elisa grows She is so weak as Book 2 starts and I'd venture to say that whatever self confidence she has gained in book 1 has been lost I can't blame her Her husband died her country is in turmoil everyone is out to kill her it seems and she is afraid of making the wrong move and of seeming like a weak and ineffective ruler when that is the last thing her country needs right now She finally grows a backbone sets aside her heartbreak one of many poor girl and goes in search of the key that might save her countryI loved the adventure as her band of followers set off to their destination The danger the intrigue all written very well And oh my Hector Their relationship slow and simmering the sexual tension is just bursting off the page or rather my Nook Her feelings and her confusion between what is best for Elisa the girl versus Elisa the ueen are so well depicted Duty is the word of the day and she tries her best to follow it however heartrending the choice isMy only regret for giving this book a second chance is that now I'm bursting at the seams waiting for the third book

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    Warning This is not a review for the book because I didn't reach further than 7% Hector did shave his moustache though so woot #LittleVictory This is only an extended status because I ramble too much for those the space there is ridiculously short right? Who thought 420 characters were enough I wonder You guessed right I don't do twitter To the point is not my friend Anyway Stop rambling Anna damn it All of that is to say that I'm taking a little time off Goodreads so I apologize in advance if I don't answer your comments right away I am not ignoring you Truth is I love reading and reviewing books as much as I love obsessing over characters talking to you fellow readers but lately it's been and difficult for me to balance my schedule and well I'm just so fucking tired Coupled with the semi slump that I've been dragging for months now don't be fooled by my 5 stars ratings I have to start almost 10 books every fucking time before finding a book I actually like enough to finish tons of work to do and millions hours of sleep to catch up to I need to start following my time zone and stop thinking that time is extensible for real 3 hours of sleep is not a night Anna is my new mantra and here I am flirting with burn out Oh my Gosh I do whine like a pro don't I?ashamed face To sum up Happy reading everyone and see you for The Raven King 3 or sooner I have no idea actually SEE? No one can tell me that I don't listen to my friendsIndeed I read The Girl of Fire and Thorns recently and ehhh there's no nice way to put it so I hated it Too much religion flat characters uninteresting plot nonsensical world building BUT I have too many friends who told me that well IT GETS WAY BETTER in The Crown of Embers and that a certain guy loses his moustache hehe so here we go Also I'm craving for fantasy for some reason and I cannot read any of the new releases because they're all from series I never read or you know SANITY soI trust you on this guys Pressure much I know P

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    Females Young adult females And males too I suppose drop what you're reading and check this series out Or finish what you're reading and then check it out as Rae Carson has come into her own with The Crown of Embers Similar to the Mortal Instruments trilogy the first book in the Fire and Thorns trilogy The Girl of Fire and Thorns didn't win me over but its seuel did Boy it didIn The Crown of Embers Elisa continues her uest to fulfill the duty given to her by her Godstone As ueen of her kingdom one might expect this to be easy but it is anything other than that Riots begin to break out as some are dissatisfied with her rule enemies emerge from inside and outside of her palace and her confidence wavers as even her allies seem to conspire against her After a failed attempt on her life Elisa decides to embark on a journey to redeem herself and revitalize her country before it is too lateElisa has earned her spot amongst my favorite female protagonists She's not a Mary Sue reincarnate but she's not an unrealistically kick butt heroine either She learns from her mistakes and possesses a patriotism alongside her personal compassion that pushes her forward As a seventeen year old Elisa manages to act her age and exceed what's expected of her as wellThe plot entranced me enough to keep me reading for three hours straight instead of doing my government homework The Crown of Embers blends political intrigue palace politics and good old high fantasy action and adventure to create a winning combination Everything worked effectively and the cliffhanger made me internally scream in frustrationI give the romance in this book 65 stars I ship Hector and Elisa so hard Finally a young adult romance that's not okay we just met twenty pages ago but I am already irrevocably in love with you Elisa and Hector's relationship is built on respect trust and companionship They didn't rush their feelings which made it much rewarding because every time they acted on their emotions I suealed The cliffhanger only exacerbated my affection for them and I am almost dying to see whether they will make it or notOverall I cannot wait for The Bitter Kingdom This series has become an unexpected and unappreciated favorite I hope people decide to pick it up because it is definitely worth itcross posted on my blog the uiet voice