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Dollycas s ThoughtsI am so glad we finally return to New Orleans and Zydeco Cakes The author set us up in Rebel Without A Cake for The Cakes of Monte Cristo and Rita and her staff are taking on their biggest job ever, the Belle Lune Ball They needed to bake 5 gorgeous dress form cakes complete with the accessories and they are catering the affair too When the Monte Cristo Hotel ballroom is flooded just days before the event Rita has to settle for a smaller venue, but at least it is still in the same hotel As if she doesn t have enough on her plate, Zydeco is short staffed because Edie is out on maternity leave and the temps to replace her have been nightmares Rita finally hires Estelle s niece, Zoey Rita vows to make it work even after a freak accident that destroys part of the beautiful old home that houses the business Especially when a very interesting discovery is made A discovery that leaves one woman dead and Rita extra cautious as she tries to piece together all the clues before she gets herself frosted.I love this series These characters are some of the best ones around They work together from early morning until sometimes late at night They go out for drinks together and have fun They are as close as family and genuinely care about each other Like family they have their little spats too They also bake the most amazing cakes The cover is nice but the picture I have in my head from the descriptions is nothing like on the cover Rita makes so many peacock like feathers out of fondant and paints them all to look so real The image is crystal clear in my mind along with all the other beautiful dress creations that were made Thank you Jacklyn for the amazing imagery brought forth from your words.The author not only paints us beautiful pictures with her words, she crafts quite a plot as well She gives us plenty of twists, surprises, and a few tense moments before we reach the end She introduces some new characters and one quickly got on Rita s nerves and mine too, well frankly everyone around her No, she wasn t killed but I would not have been surprised There is always the next book I do hope there is a next book, or two or three and we don t have to wait too long for a return Each of these characters slice of life has been delightful If you haven t taken a bite out of this series yet, start at the beginning and enjoy You can thank me later. In The Fresh New Piece Of Cake Mystery From The National Bestselling Author Of Rebel Without A Cake, A Pastry Chef Becomes Embroiled In A Suspicious Death As A Mysterious Curse Casts A Pall Over An Annual New Orleans Ball Rita Lucero, Co Owner Of New Orleans S Zydeco Cakes, Is Thrilled To Be Catering An Annual Ball Held At The Monte Cristo Hotel Designing The High End Desserts Is Her Priority Until She Stumbles Upon A Mystery Long Buried At Her Shop It S An Ornate Ruby Necklace, Hidden Underneath Her Staircase And Rud To Be Cursed After The Gem S Appraiser Suddenly Drops Dead And Rita Herself Is Targeted By A Menacing Stranger, She S No Longer Laughing At Local Superstition Now With Five Cakes On Order And An Investigation Into The Necklace S Past Revealing Layers Of Unsettling Clues, Rita Has Reason To Keep Looking Over Her Shoulder While She S Frosting Because Any Way You Slice It, The Next Victim Of The Legendary Curse Could Be Her You won t find another decadent or scrumptious mystery as The Cakes of Monte Cristo I love getting lost in the A Piece of Cake Mysteries and in Zydeco Cakes Shop, a shop that is co owned by Rita Lucero and owned by her mother in law whom she calls Miss Frankie Zydeco Cakes is making delicious cakes designed in the shape of elegant dresses for the Belle Lune Ball and the Vintage Clothing Society Also for the first time catering this event and everyone at Zydeco has all hands on deck baking,decorating and cooking and preparing for the event to take place at a local hotel in New Orleans After hiring a new temp at Zydeco, Zoey, her and Rita stumble upon a long lost hidden treasure under the stairs at Zydeco Cakes It s a opulent ruby necklace that has a long and heartbreaking history of love and betrayal and has a supposed curse that if any one is in possession of it bad luck and death will soon follow Rita takes the necklace to a appraiser, soon after there s a robbery at the appraisers vintage shop and she drops dead of a sudden heart attack and it is discovered she was scared to death by the robber and it s considered murder After getting the necklace back from the police after the robbery investigation goes sour Rita becomes a target of someone who wants the necklace really badly Bad things keep happening to Rita and she soon fears for her life The cure may be responsible and Rita may be the next to die Saying I love this series would be an understatement And it s only the second book I have read in this series but I do hope to catch up soon A very engaging and entertaining trip to New Orleans in the A Piece of Cake Mysteries that is just sweet perfection The Cakes of Monte Cristo kept me guessing and in suspense until the end The best part was the mystery of the ruby necklace and how it was all connected to certain characters, it was the best part of the story FTC Disclosure Thank you to the publisher and or author for providing us with a copy of this book for review.This did not influence our thoughts in any way All the opinions of the book and review are honest and our own. THE CAKES OF MONTE CRISTO is a delicious recipe of mystery, mayhem, and murder.Six books into this series and author Jacklyn Brady still knows what it takes to keep her readers engaged and happy THE CAKES OF MONTE CRISTO is for certain the icing on the cake of this series The intricate plot of this story captured me Each chapter being better than the last, I found myself reading far later into the night than I should have But it was worth it to see how this wonderfully written book turned out.The characters in the Piece Of Cake Mystery series, old and new, are all so multi layered There are times I related to protagonist, Rita Lucero, and other times when I didn t see eye to eye with her But that s a good thing It added to the realism of her character.There is no doubt about it author Brady has another hit on her hands I m sure you ll agree when you re slicing through the pages of this mystery.Make sure to check out the back of the book for some tasty recipes 3.5 but I rounded up. I always enjoy this series and this one was no exception The story of the necklace was interesting and made for a good tale Good characters, great setting and a good storyyou can t go wrong Recommend Mystery with a history Rita and the gang at Zydeco Cakes bakery are in full swing with the busiest season coming up That s right its time for the annual Belle Lune Ball, New Orleans biggest fashion event This time Rita is determined to make her cakes as rich as rubies she has discovered hidden beneath the antebellum beautiful staircase at the bakery Will Rita discover the rich history behind the mystery to the beautiful necklace in time before the ball or will it tarnish her own reputation As usual Rita and the gang at Zydeco have made me laugh, cry and kept me anxiously on my toes I gotta say, I did NOT see THIS ending coming this time I m so sad to let this series go I honestly wish it could go on longer I ve had so much fun reading the Piece of Cake Mystery series by Jacklyn Brady, they by far some of my most favorite cozies If you want a GREAT cozy to get started on this is IT These books will not disappoint I will definitely miss not having new stories but, I have no doubt I will pick up this series again to re read from time to time With a feeling of going back to New Orleans and the family and friends at Zydeco like it s coming home Jacklyn Brady you couldn t have wrote a better ending to this series Supposedly a murder mystery, this tale of cake making in New Orleans is about the characters than the murder In this one it s actually an accidental death and incidental to the plot which revolves around a ruby necklace found in the stairwell at Zydeco I have no idea why I like these silly mysteries Maybe because I enjoyed watching Charm City Cakes build amazing cakes I do love Rita s mother in law and just melt when she calls her sugar So NOLA, The history of her building, the story of a wife and mistress fighting over a necklace, even the ins and outs of catering a big fund raiser, are lightly covered.They are fun but honestly, the titles are the most clever part of the books. Kindle Cakes of Monte CristoA Piece of Cake Mystery, Book 6By Jacklyn BradyISBN 9780425258266Author s website www.jacklynbrady.comBrought to you by OBS Reviewer JeanieSynopsis Rita Lucero, co owner of New Orleans s Zydeco Cakes, is thrilled to be catering an annual ball held at the Monte Cristo Hotel Designing the high end desserts is her priority until she stumbles upon a mystery long buried at her shop It s an ornate ruby necklace, hidden underneath her staircase and rud to be cursed.After the gem s appraiser suddenly drops dead and Rita herself is targeted by a menacing stranger, she s no longer laughing at local superstition Now with five cakes on order and an investigation into the necklace s past revealing layers of unsettling clues, Rita has reason to keep looking over her shoulder while she s frosting Because any way you slice it, the next victim of the legendary curse could be her.Review The Cakes of Monte Cristo is a wild romp through New Orleans as Rita tries to keep one step ahead of a killer or a curse, depending on one s perspective Rita is part owner and manager of Zydeco Cakes her mother in law, Miss Frankie, is also part owner as Rita s husband died unexpectedly when she was filing for divorce Miss Frankie is a sweet, proper Southern lady who looked at Rita as if her daughter, high praise from this southern lady Rita s best friend, Simone, is the daughter of Evangeline Delahunt mother and daughter could not be different Zydeco Cakes has the honor of gaining the contract to cater and provide elaborate cakes masterpieces for the annual ball for the Vintage Clothing Society at the Monte Cristo Hotel that Evangeline coordinated They were elbow deep in planning and working on the cakes a midst their usual orders when they had to hire yet another receptionist Edie, the queen of the office, was due to return soon from maternity leave but they needed interim help Long time employee Estelle offered to have her niece Zoey interview for the temporary position On the young woman s first day at work, while accidentally losing hold of boxes from the 2nd to the 1st floor of the business, found a hidden treasure, literally, in the steps.Miss Frankie wanted nothing to do with this treasure She recognized the very expensive settings and gems to be lost since the late 1800 s The heritage and lore behind the jewels indicated that a curse had been placed on them, as people seemed to die while the gems were in their possession Pooh poohing the idea of a curse, Rita took the jewelry to an appraiser That night the appraiser died it appeared that during a break in at her shop, she had a heart attack and died clutching the necklace.One would think New Orleans to be a very small town the way the rumors began to fly about the jewelry Of course, Zoey wanted to be in the local newspaper article as one of the finders of the treasure of mixed value Rita wanted to find the family who truly would own the jewelry and return it to the heirs of the original owner and of course, one of the prominent ladies in the Society claimed to be the rightful owner Oh, how to get five cakes complete with both cake and decorating surrounding the tall dress form atop each cake to look like elegant couture of earlier generations, plus keep the staff focused, keep the jewelry hunters away and oh, try to avoid being killed by someone who was stalking her Piece of I won t say it.It is easy to warm up to Rita and Miss Frankie, the best of the best in the mystery, to me Edie, the new mom, definitely had my sympathy Rita was among the best defined characters, as well as Simone The rest, including much of her staff, were enigmas, yet each was unique in their talents and are seen primarily through their actions and conversations Miss Frankie was somewhat discreet, and Ox was definitely tight lipped, someone that I don t know if I could have trusted Some of the society ladies seemed to be simply shells with too much money and not enough motivation to help others become better.The Cakes of Monte Cristo is the sixth offering in the A Piece of Cake Mystery series it can be enjoyed as a stand alone or as part of the series I would enjoy reading the earlier cozies to feel familiar with Rita, her potential suitors, and Edie, and watch them grow the business To me, there was often a much serious air than in many other cozy mysteries, and realistic in the respect of concern for the bills, the staff, or not offending potential clients The mystery was very well designed and perfectly executed, with red herrings and plot twists that keeps the reader on their toes I highly recommend The Cakes of Monte Cristo Foodies will appreciate the challenges faced by Rita and her staff and those who like well written mysteries or enjoyed earlier books in the series OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review