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In The Aftermath Of Sophie S Ordeal, Weston Will Make Some Uncharacteristic Decisions To Distance Himself From The Past In An Attempt To Change The Future But, While Venturing Into The Improbable, The Present Sneaks Up In A Chilling Way That Will Lead To Wes Unexpected Submission Suddenly, Sophie Will Find Herself Watching As Both His Immortal Secret And His Own Existence Are Threatened Continuously Intriguing, The Broken Lake Takes Readers To A Place Where Eternal Bonds Confront A Division That Is Sure To Leave Everyone Wondering Whom They Can Trust

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    Fans of The Pace by Shelena Shorts will not be disappointed with the next installment of this series The Broken Lake picks up right where the first book left off and offers a healthy dose of intrigue, romance and suspense.In this book, Wes and Sophie attempt to put a chilling event behind them and build a life together As they plan their future, they know fate is waiting to deal a destructive blow to their dreams of being together, but what they don t anticipate is that fate is not the only thing threatening to keep them apart Secrets and greed work against them as Wes faces a group of people trying to uncover the mysteries behind his laboratory experiments.I enjoyed this second installment as I got see Wes and Sophie s relationship develop They are such a likeable couple, and I couldn t help but root them on as they attempt to find happiness despite what their past proves will be next to impossible to achieve I liked the secondary characters in this novel, including Sophie s mom, her co workers Danny and Dawn, and even the evil Chase and they helped moved the plot along at a steady pace Fun read that ends in a signature cliffhanger and leaves me eager for the next installment.

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    To read my full reviewBRILLIANCE I tell you, it s tough to find a series where, you love the 2nd book as much as the first, and it s nearly impossible to love the 2nd book than the first And though I am not sure I loved The Broken Lake , I loved it at least equally, it s breathtakingly written, just like The Pace.Shelena has a way with characters that draw you in like a drugI found myself holding my breath, at times, literally, I know it seems crazy, but I wassome scenes are so emotionally charged that, to breath would have taken something from them Also, The Broken Lake is funnier than The Pace, at one point they are talking about swiper from Dora the Explorer, it had me ROLLING off the bed This one will be REALLY hard to review, I can t talk to much about the characters with out giving away, stuff I can t because that would ruin it for youBut, I will say, my full review it to come, and this one is RIGHT up there with The Pace, in terms of character development, and the beautiful world that Shelena has created AMAZING

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    The Broken Lake continues right after the incident of The Pace, where Sophie is recovering from her turmoil with Andy Picking up the pieces and getting back to way things were and most importantly, back to Wes, things were beginning to be okay again, only peace and happiness doesn t ever really follow these two and after one crazy is gone another takes it s place Will Sophie and Wes ever find a way to beat destiny and finally find there happily ever after Man I ve missed these characters Wes and Sophie have the sweetest relationship, it s like a warm blanket that you just want to wrap around yourself at all times.I loved this book just as much as I loved the first, there was so many melts like butter moments in this one, that left a perma smile on my face the whole time I was reading This was exactly what I needed.I still believe what I wrote in my review of The Pace, this really is such a unique love story and The Broken Lake celebrates that love Other books seem to always have something bigger then the actual relationship at hand and maybe that s what I find so refreshing in these books, Wes and Sophie are the main focus This is there book, there journey to find that detour around fate, escape from the past and create a present that will pave a way to a future they can finally hold on to with both arms.Now, only if these pesky obstacles would just stay away I really enjoyed getting deeper into Weston s history The concept is still so fascinating and intriguing The Pace was the first book I ve ever read that dealt with immortality and reincarnation and while I ve read many books since then, these books are the reason why I love this element in my escape.While the the storyline does focus mainly on the relationship which I adore we still get some complications into the mix, letting us know that these lovebirds can t find there clarity just yet, leaving us a cliffhanger that left my mind spinning with possibilities.Gorgeous written Entertaining plot and Amazing characters.Shelena Shorts has done it again, giving us a wonderful story filled with cherished romance and and ending that will have you begging for the thrid.Bring on The Iron Quill Shelena I Need More

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    2.5 stars.The Broken Lake was okay, but there was a lot missing for me Nothing really happens in the book There is a lot of perfect romance stuff with the perfect guy that I m really tired of Characters in books are much interesting when they have flaws The best part of the book was when we found out there was something Wes actually wasn t good at That was the snow skiing, I really did have a good chuckle picturing Mr Perfect wobbling around in a puffy jacket on skis There was a lot of Sophie trying to see how far she could push Wes to have sex with her in this one too, but of course he doesn t, because in most of the YA romance novels I ve been reading the guys are always unbelievably able to keep saying no over and over, no matter what compromising positions they are put in, or put themselves in There s a lot about fate, and soul mates, and how no one else is meant for each other the same way these two are, and no one else could possibly feel so strongly about each other For me, maybe because I m not a teen, it comes off as really blind and immature There are other books that I ve read that had these same elements in them, but other things happened in those stories to make them interesting and balance out the mushy gushy stuff Finally at the end of this book, something actually happens and we get cut off awkwardly in the middle of it I don t mind cliff hangers, but when nothing really happens through a whole book and then you cut it off in the middle of something finally happeningthat doesn t inspire me to want to read the next one It just aggravates me because I feel manipulated into buying three books that could have just been one, or maybe and that s a big maybe two I doubt I will be buying the third one.

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    The Original Review Here With its two main topics Science and Spirituality, The Broken Lake brings a love story that flows harmoniously thanks to the combination of romance, suspense and some humoristic touches The Broken Lake narrates the story of Sophie and Weston picking up just where The Pace ended In this release by Shorts we will have our main characters battling to conquer the clock and the way each one fights internally and externally with their own issues This book is surrounded by an invisible X element that s waiting to surface to complicate the lives of our main characters I have really liked the main character developing in this sequel and the inclusion of secondary and tertiary characters Certainly you can see a different Sophie who will not give up without fighting hard in the process I have really liked seeing her self concentrated, in her love for Weston and slowly leaving behind the girl she used to be Weston is adorable and the characteristics I liked about him in The Pace are still shining The tenderness his love for Sophie evokes is certainly deep and at the same time the weakness any enemy could use against him Sophie and Weston s relationship in the Broken Lake is addictive, the reader has the pleasure to see their love flourish and regardless their history , they keep writing new pages without attempting to lose anything My favorite moment occurs during the narration on pages 236 243 ARC and let me tell you page 241 ARC took my breath away I ve read a lot of YA books already and something that really turns me off are those relationships where I saw you, you saw me, you re the love of my life, I ll die for you even though I don t know anything about you , and this is where the difference lies within this book series Sophie and Weston have history rounding a century and those who have read The Pace know this factor Their way of thinking is we loved once, twice and now again, let s fight destiny, re write our story and conquer it This sequel possesses a huge heart among The Pace series and will set bases for the journey remaining to our characters, I just wish to see them get where I m hoping The Broken Lake, where destiny and love meet again in a battle to defeat the pace of time.

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    This second book in the Pace series has all the elements from the first, but it feels somewhat an incomplete story If all the kisses and cuddles are left out, the story itself is very slim, not that it s a bad thing, but I think this whole book could have been a few chapters of exposition in the concluding book I didn t learn anything new about Sophie or Wes, there really isn t much about who what Weston is other than the press conference and reference to what happened at the end of book one As a reader, though, I did enjoy seeing the growth of Sophie and Wes relationship, although since they ve known each other through Sophie s previous lifetimes, their relationship is already fairly well established But, they do try to make changes, choose new paths in the hope that they can alter Sophie s fate Knowing her fate, there is a sense of foreboding to the book which does make it of a read you can t put down, you ll want to know if they can change or outsmart the future.This book, like the first one, also ends in a cliffhanger and I simply don t like that because the book felt unfinished Again, that s just my opinion Still, it s a very enjoyable read and not one to be missed.Also, I just have to say that they make waterproof casts and or that going swimming while trying to hold a cast out of the water is near impossible Sophie has her arms all over Wes who is wet which would damage her cast Being a swimmer, I found all the scenes with her swimming showering without covering her cast to keep it dry were hard for me personally to suspend my disbelief and took me out of the story while I considered how she would be doing these things Maybe a removable cast would have made sense, even I did like all the various threads and not being sure how they were all intertwined until the end of the book, but only the last few chapters really felt like they moved the story along I still really enjoy the characters of Wes and Sophie and hope there is a solution to the problems they face I m curious to know how the author is going to fix them and can t wait for the next book.I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this courtesy of Windowpane Memoirs Book Tours Thank you to Michelle.

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    This review is also posted on my blog, In The Good Books.The Broken Lake picks up shortly after where The Pace left us.The plot in the second installment to the series is better, in that several events throughout the middle of the book are important to the conflict, but otherwise, a lot of it felt pointless If there were dramatic tension, I could handle the build up, but what s dramatic about Sophie and Wes hanging out on a lake, or having fun unchaperoned at a Ski Chalet I still couldn t really find myself feeling for any of the characters I just found myself not caring about them or their ordeals.The cliffhanger ending to this book didn t feel all that dramatic, and it didn t leave me aching to read the next book like they usually do.I give this series 2 out of 5 and maintain that just because this review is less than favorable does not mean that you won t enjoy it either If you liked Twilight, you might like this series.

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    I re read the 1st book before reading this 2nd one and so I was able to get the story and characters back in my head I continued to enjoy this silly teen romance The story is interesting enough and the depth of their relationship is backed up by the story Although I don t understand how parents are so un involved with their kids It seems to be a theme in these books that the parents have no idea that their daughters have boys in their room every night I appreciate that the authors make the boys, as part of their bigger than life characters, have perfectly chaste self control But, it s a slippery slope Just like all boys aren t movie star beautiful with perfect abs, they also don t usually have that sort of superhuman restraint Best to keep in mind that it s fiction kids.This does have a cliff hanger ending, so, if you haven t started the series yet, you might as well just wait for the 3rd one before reading it.

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    Not much happens in this book at all The entire 3 4 of the book falls back and forth in Sophie and Wes s undying love for each other I get it already Give me something, anything, that moves this story forward Yeah you get it right at the end of the book so that you are forced into buying the following book to find out what happens and where the second book s plot ends up I still find this book to be a fan fiction adjusted version of Twilight The characters are basically the same and fighting over the same things The only thing missing in The Broken Lake that would have been in New Moon was a best friend after the boyfriend left Maybe we ll get that in book 3 as the plot actually starts to happen Oh didn t I say that already Right, I did because nothing else can be said about this story.

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    In slow motion, the next flower left the hands of Mr Mary s loves one and disappeared into the deep hole where her body would lie forever I was very sure at that moment that this hole resembled the ones where Amelia and Lenny lay A hole similar to where Wes may have dropped a flower for Lenny A hole that Wes would surely never want to see again And unfourtunantly one that I wasn t so sure I could avoid.Great book