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A revision of the Fall 2005 BookSense pick and bestseller this edition features a new light recipe chapter than 1500 color photos heavy duty paper and binding over 2 dozen new recipes and handy new cooking charts This instant classic belongs on the shelf of every home cook Publisher's Weekly called it a foolproof go to resource for everyday cooking The new edition is bound on five rings shrink wrapped and durably packaged

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    After this book saved my Thanksgiving I felt it deserved a review from me My husband's family has commented many times on what a good cook I amand 999% of the reason goes to this book I mean I am not one of those cooks who can throw a little of this and a little of that into a pot and it turns out marvelous I am black and white when it comes to cooking I follow the instructions to the letter If the recipe calls for white pepper I go buy WHITE pepperblack pepper isn't even considered If it says to use parchment paper tin foil goes out the door I haven't made all of the recipes but every one I've tackled has turned out great and everyone has loved them The roast turkey was a overwhelming success this Thanksgiving my first turkey ever by the way the potato salad is a favorite on the 4th of July the chewy chocolate chip cookies are always reuested the corn chowder was wonderful and the maple scones for Christmas Breakfast are now a tradition Now this is not a low fat cookbook so I really only use it for special occasion cooking I love this book I'm also a big fan of their PBS series I set aside a half hour every saturday to watch it If you want to fool everyone into thinking you are a master chef and you can follow a recipe then get this bookyou won't regret it

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    I read a whole lot of cookbooks collect masses of recipes and do an awful lot of cooking and baking This is far and away the absolute best cookbook I've seen out there and I was raised on both Betty Crocker AND Better Homes Gardens cookbooks They take a very scientific approach to developing recipes and testing ingredientscookware This allows them to figure out how things could go wrong and use somewhat nontraditional approaches that make food better Plus I appreciate that their cookware suggestions take price into account; they'll tell you when something is not worth the price and often suggest a cheaper alternative This is the only cookbook I've used where EVERY SINGLE RECIPE I've tried came out beautifully and even looking like the pictures This cookbook can truly change your techniue in the kitchen

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    I love this cookbook and don't think I can say enough good things about it It's great for basics and has many recipes that I come back to again and again Most are great for weeknight cooking and the directions are very easy to follow many with photographed step by step instructions This is a great book for beginning cooks as well as advanced cooks who are looking to add some variety to the rotation of weeknight dinners I also like the binderloose leaf page format You can rearrange the pages putting your favorites in a group in front or messy chefs can remove the pages and put them in plastic sleeves while cooking It also sits nice and flat on my counter while in use Highly recommended

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    If I were to own just one cookbook it would be this one It contains a staggering number of recipes like any good cookbook should but the best part is the multitude of helpful culinary hints How should I store lettuce? What is an acceptable substitute for buttermilk? How can I tell if my bread dough is adeuately proofed? What the hell does it mean to proof bread dough anyway? At 700 pages it commands a sizable portion of the shelf but the ring binding is perfect for laying open on the bar without risk of flopping shut halfway through cooking I would have to say its only major flaw is its scope There's no way one book can be the end all be all of food preparation But this one comes uite close

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    My stepchildren who are deathly afraid of any food that looks different ie didn't come from a box will eat everything I've made from this cookbook The orange chicken green beans is great but too much soy sauce chili paste for me We have it every Thursday night DH makes the peanut butter cookies on a regular basis and they rarely last than a day

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    I picked this book up at a Costco of all places because it was cheap and I'd tried and liked some recipes from the Cook's Illustrated magazine I didn't expect it to be by far my favorite cookbookI'd consider myself of a foodie than a cook which is why I love this book The recipes are simple directions easy to follow and for most recipes there are pictures of the end result Most importantly the recipes without fail turn out delicious Even my foodie friends that I've turned on to this book or invited over for dinner seem to love them I can't think of a recipe in this book that I've tried that hasn't turned out well There have been some like lo mein that I personally wasn't a big fan of but not because of the flavor or the recipe itself I'm just not a fan of lo mein And of course for some like say the spaghetti sauce I prefer to add herbs than the recipe calls for but the adjustments I make are usually simple because again I'm not much of a cookI assume the reason the recipes all work so well is because they're tested by the Test Kitchen If you're not familiar with Cook's Illustrated and the Test Kitchen they test recipes every possible way it has been done or can be done to come up with the simplest and best way to prepare a mealI used to subscribe to the magazine but found many of the recipes fairly complicated for a newbie cook like myself The recipes culled together in this book are for the most part very simple to understand and do even if you don't know cooking jargon Like the magazine there are tips throughout on best brands for certain recipes and basic cooking techniues and how to choose the right cut of meatThe emphasis here is on using real unprocessed full fat food though not necessarily fried and unhealthy They do have some light versions of recipes that I've also found to be tasty The recipes cover all the bases in American cooking from appetizers like salsa and guacamole to main courses ranging from lasagna to steaks to dessert While simple American food can seem well simple don't let that scare you away if you're looking for a good all around cookbook They even make meat loaf taste good

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    Wow This cookbook is amazing Everything is so well thought out and well done This is THE way to make everything When I want to make something that I know will be excellent although possibly a lot of work I go to this cookbook The great thing about this cookbook is that the authors have tested so many different ways to make the same dish and they present the easiest best tasting wayBecause the authors are so precise the timing of these recipes is not for those living at 8500 feet like me For most of these recipes I have had to adapt the cooking time so than with other cook booksMy favorite recipe for meatloaf is in here All Anerican Meatloaf It's fantastic There is also a great recipe for Weeknight Skillet FajitasOther good ones Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes they seemed to go over well for a family Thanksgiving dinner Sauteed Summer Suash Poached Eggs Hollandaise Sauce Fast and Crunchy Baked Cod several different chicken recipes I've only made a fraction of these recipes but I've been pleased with the ones I have made

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    So far all the recipes have come out very tasty Some of the recipes are a little fussy and a few seemed like they created way too many dirty dishes I'm going to be trying of them I haven't found one I wouldn't make again yetHighlights The tomato sauce that accompanies the lasagna recipe is fantastic and really easyThe meatloaf is the best I've eaten

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    The book just arrived in the mail this morning so I haven't had time to actually try any recipes but coming from America's Test Kitchen the recipes tend to work every time I've had ONE recipe fail from the American Classics cookbook Here's what I've noticed so far it's big it's heavy but because it has a ring binding designed to stay open flat where you want it you won't care The book is divided up into chapters on appetizers salads meats breads desserts etc but the first chapter is the most helpful to a beginning or novice cook Cookware 101 Cookware 101 gives color pictures and good descriptions of the cookware one needs or wants to be successful in the kitchen complete with an explanation as to why one wants the particular knife or pan There are also handy tricks and cleaning suggestions along with a buying guide for finding the euipment that will work the best along with being the best buy they could find Myself I think some of their choices are a bit expensive but if one can afford to buy what they recommend she'll never be disappointed The buying guide is also color coded yellow for what they consider necessary; white for optional but nice to have Some of what they consider necessary I don'tOnce into the recipes there are many places where a base recipe is given for example muffins and uite a few variations are given for that recipe; for example lemon blueberry muffins or cranberry orange muffins A lot of the recipes have color photos of what the finished product should look like and the method with each recipe often includes not just what to do but why to do it Some of the things the Test Kitchen does go a bit extreme to my thinking because they've been known to toast spices or nuts before adding them just to give an extra bloom of flavor If that floats yer boat follow their directions to the word but for myself some of their persnickety steps can be omitted with no discernible effect on the finished product They tend to take their recipes to the High FoodieGourmand level Someone with particularly fine tuned taste buds will love what you make by following every step in any of the recipesIf one is new to the kitchen and wants to expand beyond following directions on boxes this cookbook is a good place to start It won't take the place of my old and well loved Joy of Cooking which has never failed me but this is an excellent addition to the kitchen

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    i am so excited to have found the joy of cookingbetty crocker cookbook of the 21st century you can't really beat the nerd chef's appeal of this cookbook the test kitchen TESTS ALL THE RECIPES and then tells you how to do it just right with fabulous little hinty bits about techniues AND they also test products and give recommendations about the best things to buy now as one that doesn't necessarily appreciate product placement this part was a little weird and it definitely dates the book as time passes but all the same it does influence me as i think the america's test kitchen really is an authority source i am sway able