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Ein junges Mädchen wird am Mittsommerabend überfallen und vergewaltigt Fünfzehn Jahre später stirbt ein Mann bei einem Unfall mit Fahrerflucht doch niemand scheint ihn zu vermissen Zeitgleich begehen ein Pfarrer und seine Frau Selbstmord Oder hat es nur den Anschein?Das Ermittlerteam um Alex Recht und Fredrika Bergman wird auf die Fälle angesetzt Die augenscheinlichen Einzeltaten entpuppen sich als ein Geflecht der Abhängigkeiten in dessen Zentrum eine Kirchengemeinde steht

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    Silenced is a perceptively written captivating crime thriller by Swedish author Kristina Ohlsson On Midsummer’s Eve in 1993 a teenage girl is violently assaulted in the garden of her family home in Sweden Fifteen years later a man is killed in a hit and run and a well respected couple is found dead in a suspected murder suicide The two daughters of the dead couple are MIA and Alex Recht’s federal investigation unit are trying to piece together how these two crimes are related and track down the missing women Johanna and KarolinaSilenced is the second book in Fredrika Bergman detective series following on from Unwanted which I am yet to read It can easily be read as a standalone novel though I’m sure it would have helped to know a little of the background information on the members of the investigation unitFredrika Bergman is a female detective who has recently toned down her feisty attitude since she became pregnant despite sparking curiosity among her colleagues about her personal life Fredrika is the “other woman” she’s been in a decade long relationship with a married man who has agreed to father her child while remaining committed to his marriagePeder Rydh is the only permanent employee on the team but the security this brings him is soon shaken up when he is commanded to meet with the HR department regarding his inappropriate behaviour in the workplace followed by compulsory therapy Peder is not a likeable guy he is sexist rude and selfish but I did find him fascinating I’m glad he developed some insight as the story evolvedJoar Sahlin is a mysterious character and probably the least developed but as a controlled polite guy he contrasted nicely against Peder’s brashness Alex the leader of the team was uite a likeable character he’s got some family issues happening and out of fear of receiving bad news he avoids dealing with it head on I sympathised with him at times he was somewhat isolated in his role despite the long hours he spent with his colleagues What Ohlsson does remarkably well is create a team of investigators who are just as interesting as suspects and victims they are scrutinising The crime plot unfolds bit by bit revealing a huge international human trafficking scandal which explores issues associated with immigration and the difficulties faced by refugees arriving in a foreign country I had absolutely no idea until near the very end who was responsible for what Ohlsson left me guessing the entire time and it was this along with the fascinating characters that made me fall in love with the book I highly recommend Silenced

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    “Silenced” by Kristina Ohlsson Narrated by Justine Eyre a Dreamscape Audiobook Ohlsson has written another entertaining novel in the series featuring Alex Recht and Fredrika Bergman of the special crimes division of the Swedish police This time there is an apparent murder suicide Only it turns out there are some loose ends that don’t support the initial conclusion The police make errors taking evidence at face value versus digging into the details and asking the right uestions about signs that don’t support the investigation This seeming incompetence highlights the skills of the lead investigators as they broaden scope and uncover new players and facts that lead them to the proper analysis The author’s use of this uncertainty in the plot keeps my nose in the book I really appreciate the publisher’s use of the same narrator Justine Eyre throughout the series She has a pleasant voice and gives the characters distinctive male and female inflection so at once I know which character is speaking as scenes change Audiobooks are great ways to stay calm in awful traffic commuting 😱Excellent series highly recommended

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    There are a lot of mysteries cozy thriller police procedural law and For a reader like me who want an interesting and intricate plot characters that are believable and good writing it's always fun to find an author who is able to do all this so well Kristina Ohlsson is one of those authors that I've added to my growing follow list This is the second of her books that has been translated and published in the USA In Unwanted we are introduced to the special team that has been set up to investigate murders It includes Fredericka a civilian analyst whose first love is music After a serious accident she is unable to use her arm for any long length of time She is still coming to terms with the fact that a career in music is no longer feasible In addition the police team views the new position of civilian analyst with suspicion and her insights are at best ignored and sometimes even ridiculed However now Fredericka has proven herself to her colleagues She is also pregnant and working fewer hours as her due date approaches The team is asked to investigate a murder and what appears to be a murdersuicide What seems to be two very different cases turn out to be connected There are so many twists turns and red herrings in this book leading to a shocking ending One warning be prepared to stay up late because when you get towards the end you will soon find that you've reached the fabled point of no return

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    What a disappointing ending after being strung along for 300 pages It's a non ending really after so many of the chapters vaguely referencing characters with no names Parts of the book were suspenseful but the story was diminished by the fact that too many facts were with held There's mystery and then there's vague messiness This one was messy and disjointed And parts were unbelievable particularly the woman stranded in Bangkok No one has that power and reach to mess with that much technology and that many witnesses

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    Kristina Ohlsson is a new to me Swedish author though her books have been available in the US since 2009 This is the second book in her Fredrika Bergman series set in Stockholm The mystery is complex and I had to concentrate to follow it with so many threads in the past and present and freuent changes of point of view but it was well worth the effort It's beautifully written and translated and the characterization is outstanding There are three in this series currently available and fortunately my local library has them all If you enjoy Scandinavian crime fiction Ohlsson is an author who should not be missed

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    The only reason I gave this book even one star is that I did finish reading it The characters are unbelievable the plot and the many poor subplots are unbelievable the writing is amateurish and disjointed

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    You need all your wits about you to keep up with the convoluted and complicated plot in this book It starts with the gunshot death of refugee activist and his wife was it murdersuicide or just murder? And it goes on from there with multiple interpretations of every situation Some of these situations are easier to guess at than others but it is all very clever Ms Ohlsson also spends time fleshing out the detectives' lives and characters by interspersing details of their personal situation with the investigation I felt this was uite a long read and whilst it was interesting I didn't find it gripping as it was easy to put it down to go and do something else which I don't understand as I think it is an amazing book in breadth and depth

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    35 Stars

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    I liked this book much better than Unwanted because it was actually hard to figure out what was going on The plot seemed to go in one direction but the twists were actually surprising The interactions between characters are also lighter now even if a new member of the team creates tension with Peder who is still as much of a hothead as he was in the previous installment Fredrika is now softer even if pregnancy hasn’t made her lose her edge Alex is still a great team leader who thinks outside the box Their unorthodox personal lives are also a big part of the plot and it makes for good background on the characters I will be reading books in the series

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    25 stars ☆☆