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Over 50000 copies downloadedAvailable only at comSPOON Soup Chowder Stew Recipes SpringSummer offers 25 delicious recipes that are easy to prepare healthy meals that are also full flavoured and delicious With their seasonal approach Maria Herb and Dana Hay provide you with recipes featuring fresh local ingredients Maria’s and Dana’s company SPOON sold soups at the local farmers' markets using ingredients from the farmers there Customers returned weekly to stock up on fresh soups chowders and stews This SPOON cookbook collection contains favourites from the market as well as many new recipes Cooking with foods that are in season helps to keep your grocery bill down and you can take advantage of the selection at your local farmers’ market Most of the recipes in this book can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and will leave you enough to freeze the extra for another timeThis book is a collection of delicious healthy and easy to prepare SPOON recipes for spring and summerRecipesMixed Spring Greens Soup with Goat CheeseNewfoundland Golden Seafood ChowderFresh Pea Soup with Crispy ProsciuttoHedgehog Mushroom Stew with HazelnutsCoconut Carrot SoupChicken Blanuette with White Button Mushrooms and ArugulaAnts on a Log Celery SoupGreek Minted Lamb StewWhite Asparagus ConsomméNorth African Chicken and Apricot StewSpring Onion Soup with Emmenthaler GratinThai Spring Chicken SoupSoupe au PistouCreamy Artichoke SoupLentil and Rhubarb Stew with Indian SpicesVelvety Asparagus SoupPortuguese Clam StewHedgehog Mushroom Sauce with PastaGarlic Scape SoupJapanese Prawn and Noodle SoupHearty Asparagus Vegetable SoupChinese Egg Drop SoupMinted Pea Soup with SpinachBlood Orange SabayonStrawberry Rhubarb Soup with BasilIn addition to the recipes Spoon Soup Chowder Stew Recipes SpringSummer containsRecipes for Homemade Stock Vegetable Chicken Beef and FishSoup making Basics5 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Pesticides Other ToxinsCharts of Seasonal ProduceGlossary of Cooking TermsConversion Tables

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    I liked that this book was born of a love for working with seasonal ingredients and inspired by shopping at farmer's markets I intend to try several of the recipes and am looking forward to making Hedgehog Mushroom Sauce with Gnocchi I particularly liked the suggestions for making homemade stocks and freezing surpluses for future use I wish the book would have had consistent serving size suggestions; sometimes the volume of soup was the only information provided I also prefer cookbooks that have calorie and nutritional information already calculated so the lack of such in this book was regrettably missed

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    I love soups becuase they are usually easy to prepare and full of veggies low on fats This is a wonderful guide for cooking soup in season The tips of when to purchase organic and not the cleaning of the veggies and how to prepare broth from scratch This is a game changing book for soup lovers

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    A freebie Kindle book I may upgrade this to 5 stars it is just that I have not tried any of the recipes yet but I like and apprecaite the useful information that is provided throughout the book as well as uotes from famous people and I love soup so this is proabably what attracted me to this book but it even has dessert soups

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    The recipes are delicious I used to buy soup from Dana and Maria at the farmers' market and now I can make them at home