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BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE   For Jessie Shimmer everything changed when she went to hell and back to save her lover Cooper Marron After tangling with supernatural forces and killing an untouchable spirit lord Jessie finds herself gifted—or perhaps cursed—with dark powers And when she and Cooper make love her pleasure throes light the whole house on fire What is a sorceress to do? Jessie is about to find out The circumstances of her birth the mystery of a father she never knew and the help of a cuddly ferret turned fearsome monster have made Jessie not just an outlaw from mundane society but an accidental revolutionary in the magic realm Encountering portals stitched into thin air and a fiercely sexy soul harvester Jessie rushes headlong among enemies horrors wonders and lovers into a place of self discovery—or destruction

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    Book 2 picked up where book 1 ended with our heroes recovering from book 1’s shitstorm I liked that it took a while before book 2’s shitstorm erupted because our heroes deserved their rest And they deserved to have some of their issues resolvedIt would have broken my heart if Cooper’s kid brothers had to go through another tragedy One satanic affair is one too many and I hate it when kids are embroiled So I was very glad to see things were improving for Cooper’s family I was also very glad that the conflict with the local Governing Circle resolved peacefully and unexpectedly neatly Huzzah Finally a government leader who knows what’s what and has an ethical backbone However the Virtii inviolable elemental spirits of judgement were still on Jessie’s ass But two out of three ain’t badThat said I was disappointed how the conflict with the Virtii was completely sidelined While our heroes had immediate concerns once they got trapped in Texas it didn’t excuse them from making the Virtii one of their priorities All they did was run and hide Instead it should have been run hide and at some point in downtime brainstorm some ideas on how to deal with the Virtii for the long term Our heroes were very lucky the Virtii didn’t intrude again in Texas to make sure our heroes would meet their ends instead of gambling on Miko to do it for them the romanceJessie and Cooper’s sexytimes caught me by surprise because it’s uncommon for urban fantasies to be this explicit but I didn’t mind I thought it was good that Jessie and Cooper had a healthy sexual relationship and wow did Jessie have a libido It was refreshing to see a woman as the pursuer and not someone paranormal who needed sex for sustenanceThe scenes allowed me to learn about their relationship which left me concerned because our horny duo were damaged characters The series held a great chance for a wheelbarrow full of romance drama For the most part the romance drama didn’t happen Key word for the most part There was a misunderstanding towards the end but to be fair our characters were being played by the villain my least favorite partMy least favorite part of the book was when Miko book 2’s villain of the week kicked our heroes’ ass The demigoddess of death could mind control people and liked to wield sex as a weapon To remind our heroes were damaged characters so it was easy to predict how things were going to go This series really knew how to put out effective villains To my relief our heroes were capable and were not greatly injured as my pessimistic side feared but the rape scenes were than I could bareWhat was egregious was the ending The conflict with Miko was left hanging The ending wasn’t an ending of a book; it was an ending of a chapter my favorite partMy favorite part of the book was when Jessie practiced her newfound abilities from book 1 She was uick to recognize the side effects uick to determine she had a little demonic possession going on and uick to put her abilities to battle despite those obstacles Most importantly she didn’t refuse help when it mattered For instance she asked her familiar Palimpsest to watch over her when she spiritually visited her hellementI also liked how Jessie adapted to the new development of her blood family I was worried the issue would fester because the lack of family is what caused her to be damaged There were too many issues that could have sent the heroine deep into emo land but thankfully the heroine kept her feet on the ground ConclusionI rate Shotgun Sorceress 3 stars for I liked it Alas I do not recommend the series I finished book 3 the final book of the series and it was not goodReview of book 3 Switchblade Goddess

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    Rating 3Genre Urban FantasyReviewShotgun Sorceress is the second installment in the Jessie Shimmer series It has been a full week since the aftermath of Spellbent when Jessie and her familiar a ferret named Palimpsest went into hell to rescue not only her lover Cooper Marron but his brothers as well Now Jessie and crew are waiting a final verdict for their actions that caused than a few problems including the fact that Jessie singlehandedly destroyed the mind of the former leader of the Governing Council who was ready and willing to allow Cooper to suffer for eternity in hell and basically ruined Jessie's life and her reputation in the process Jessie lost not her left eye but her right arm as well during Spellbent and has now come into some seriously powerful magical abilities Her left arm is now infected or cursed with fire and she is trying to find a so called cure so that she can get her arm back Her left eye is basically a marble or magical seeing device And she is still on the run from the Virtii who want her dead without exception killing one of their own Jessie's own emotions namely getting herself horny and having sex with Cooper make things interesting Talk about coitus interruptusJessie Cooper Warlock Pal and Mother Karen actions are called into uestion by the new leader of the Governing Circle Riviera Jordan Although it appears that a resolution was put into place Jessie and crew don't have time to relax and think about what happened before they are once again fighting for their very lives from a demon goddess named Miko Here is where things get interesting First it appears as though Miko has put the entire city of Cuchillo Texas under a magical null shield and nobody can escape the town Second it appears that Jessie has a brother she knew nothing about and appears to have been lured into a trap by Miko You can thank her father Magus Ian Shimmer who yes is alive and well and has been hiding from the Virtii for his actions when she was just a child This book in a way is much bloodier and has action than Spellbent There are literally thousands of meat puppets aka zombies that have had their souls ripped from their bodies by Miko and her followers Naturally Jessie is the center of everything since Miko wants her as not only her partner in crime but her lover as well Unfortunately this story does not end the Miko storyline and it appears to be continued in the next installment Switchblade Goddess which releases 12272011 There also needs to be than a few uestions on how accepting Jessie seems to have become over her father’s sudden appearance in her life or how all of a sudden Jessie has an older brother named Randall who she never knew We also have the very unfortunate unanswered uestions about Cooper and the Warlocks brothers who were supposed to be put into separate foster homes to be raised as normal as possible Last but not least the whole thing with the Virtii and how they appeared to have chased Jessie and crew into a vortex which took them to Texas and the confrontation with Miko needs to be answered Was this all planned? Are the Virtii still hunting for Jessie wanting her immediate destruction? Overall I actually enjoyed this book My one head slap was Jessie's self enjoyment during one point in the story when they are in Texas and the fact that she appears to have slept with almost everyone boy in grade school for self enjoyment

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    This is the second book in the Spellbent series by Snyder The third book Switchblade Goddess is due out sometime in 2011 I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think if you liked the first book Spellbent then you will also like this oneThe book is split into two parts The first part of the book starts right after Spellbent ends Jessie is under house arrest with Cooper Pal and friends She finds out that she can't control her new fiery hand when her emotions get out of control and ends up going into Fairy with Cooper to strike a deal with the Fairy about his brothers and their renegade situation The second part of the book Jessie Cooper and the Warlock are stranded in a rural Texas town where a very bad devil has them trapped and is playing with them Well the devil finds out that picking on Jessie is a bad thingThe book was non stop action and I devoured it I also laughed out loud a number of times and made ew gross faces a few times Like the first book this one isn't for the faint of heart There isn't a ton of tenderness here and the descriptions are gory grisly and gritty Even the sex scenes which there are of in this book than the first are pretty hard fast and furious The book is darkly funny though and I enjoyed actually getting to see of Cooper in this book It was great to learn about both Pal and Jessie's new powers Some of the scenarios that Snyder comes up with are so strange that I have no idea how she thinks up this stuff; I am glad she does though because it always keeps me guessingThis book reminds me a lot of the Sandman Slim books in tone but with a female lead I really enjoyed it I enjoyed the situations the awesome powers Jessie is wielding I really enjoyed all of the characters they are all tough and gritty and fun to read about The pacing was amazing and I was never ever bored The book is pretty darn funny at parts too but in a dark wayOverall an absolutely fabulous addition to this series If you loved the first one you will love this one If the first one was too gory and graphic for youwell this one will be too If you have read the Sandman Slim books by Richard Kadrey and enjoyed those I think you would really enjoy this series too Loved it and I can't wait for the third book to come out

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    I think I may have marked this novel down a bit than a normal person would have because I enjoyed the first book so much and am very disappointed in this one The novel begins cleaning up the loose ends that the first novel presented It felt like a chore to me like I had to take out the trash and I would rather be playing video games I assume it's necessary but I wanted to get to the actual plot Instead of building up to a great story the characters are thrown into a portal and fall headfirst into the main plot about halfway through the novel If this plot would have been set up in a logical chain of events I may have cared about what was going on but instead the characters stumbled upon it They instantly cared about saving some random strangers instead of just escaping and I didn't feel the same way I thought it was just another bump in the road on the trip to the real plot Everything in this book felt thrown together with no sense of order The characters are interesting the world is interesting but this book was just messy and this plot was simply uninteresting to me I know there is potential here and this is one of the few UF series where the main character already has a boyfriend and is faithful mostly except in times of demon possession to them That is refreshing and different but adds the relationship drama to the table that tends to grate on my nerves However I can handle all of that and I would love to read another book in this series that progresses in a fashion that makes sense Hopefully this is just a bump in the road and the next book is enjoyable to me

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    I'd rate it a bit better than average I like the realism of Jessie's rough language and sex drive but don't read this if some crudeness will put you off There is a lot of action not just the sex kind but it ends very anticlimactically I still like her former familiar Pal a lot I'm not entirely sure about her boyfriend Cooper yet; he still hasn't been show to his advantage But I'm looking forward to seeing what developes in the next book with that as well as with Jessie's family So far they seem pretty suspect as well I hope they don't end up breaking her heart Overall I like the creativity it isn't just like every other series And I really like the cover It isn't uite as stunning as the cover of the first book but once again it totally showcases the book and the characters From Jessie's magical eye and hand scratches burns and opera glove to Pal's big scary legs it's uniue original art and I really appreciate that the publisher went to the effort

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    This is the second book in series following 'Spellbent' which I enjoyed very much This one not so much as I felt the storyline was not as filled out stimulating enough as far as a layered plot was concerned Don't get me wrong it was 'ok' but nothing special the majority of the book is chasing down a soul sucking demon who has a her eyes on Jessie She finds out about her family her spidery familiar who is one of the best characters I would of liked to have seen Jessies relationship with 'Blue' developed her problems with the guardian spirits explored also it annoyingly ends on a cliffhanger but not enough of one that I will bother to buy the next book in the series Disappointed

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    I gave this book a chance because I thought there was a chance the author had improved between the first book and this one but I was dissapointed I wasn't satisfied with any part of this story really and I have no intention of reading any installments

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    Fantastic Very eagerly awaiting the next one now I will be reviewing both Spellbent and Shotgun Sorceress on my blog for those interested

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    More of the same A uick fluffy read Somewhere between urban fantasy and upbeat horror ghastly monsters that our protagonist smashes her way through without leaving the reader too disturbed Smuttier than the usual for the genre but definitely not in a romance novel sort of wayThis will make no sense if you haven't read the previous one in the series I read that one a year or so ago and had some disorientation reminding myself who was who and where we were

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    You may also read my review here the hell literally that Jessie went through to save her loveCoopershe’s ready to take it easy for a bit and adjust to her new powers We’re talking about Jessie Shimmer hereso you can bet that’s probably not going to happenHer familiarPalhas changed from his cutelittlefurryferret self into a giant creature somewhere between a ferreta bearand a spiderand Jessie is setting things on fire with her flaming hand yesliterallymakes gettin’ some lovin’ kinda tough Alsoportals are opening up willy nilly in midairand her long lost father who she’s long thought dead is trying to get in touch with her After meeting with Riviera Jordon of the powers that beto discuss the recent events that resulted in brain damage for her diabolical brotherJessicaCooperWarlockand Pal are sucked into a portal while being chased by the Virtii wickedwisewinged things After landing rather painfully in a huge pile of haythey soon discover they’re in the tiny town of CuchilloTXand something is veryvery wrongAn irresistibly sexy Japanese demon and soul stealer named Miko has taken over the tiny Texas townturning people into zombies with nasty diseasesno less and blocking magic so any Talents in the town can’t use their powers Howevera group of townspeople have banded together and with Jessiethey prepare to make a stand against Miko There are a few issuesthough Jessie just might be inhabited by a devil no biggierightthat turns her into a berserker killing machine think River when she fights the Reavers in Serenityand you get the pictureher flame hand is acting up to say the leastand the lady that heads the resistance might be a teeny bit loony the place is swarming with magic cats of her making Yesyou read that right Magic cats that enable the townspeople to use what powers they might havein spite of Miko’s magic block And they’re super cute too Alsodon’t forget the sexual powers that Miko wields on men and women alike Jessie’s been to hell and back Surely she can defeat Mikoright?Ms Snyder brings the crazy with Shotgun Sorceressand like Spellbentit’s all kinds of awesome There are lots of horror elements woven into this one tooand the author’s talent to bring the creep is showcased to great effect The town of Cuchillo reminded me of something out of Stephen Kingand did I mention hordes of meat puppets? Pretty scary stuff The action is nonstop and the author’s imagination seems to know no bounds If you haven’t yet discovered this seriesyou’re in for a treat Switchblade Goddess comes out in Decemberand I plan on dropping everything to read it Fans of UF and horror can’t go wrong with this excitingscaryand highly imaginative series