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Duties And Ponderings Have Occasionally Stirred The Author To Prepare Drafts Of Sermons Which, For One Reason Or Another, Were Not Spoken Or Perhaps Only Small Portions Were Extracted And Used Other Times, A Talk Has Been Prepared For Which There Was Neither Occasion Nor AudienceWhether The Author Simply Needed The Spiritual Calisthenics Which Go With Such Added Preparation, It Now Matters Not These Sermons Not Spoken Are Here Printed For Audiences Unseen, But With No Less Desire That Somehow, For Them, They Will Prove HelpfulAs Always, It Should Be Said That This Is Not An Official Church Publication The Views Expressed Herein Are Those For Which The Author Alone Is Solely ResponsibleGenuine Appreciation Is Expressed To Daniel H Ludlow And Roy W Doxey For Their Review Of And Suggestions Concerning This Manuscript And To Susan Jackson For Processing, So Patiently, The Flow Of Words Neal A Maxwell was a genius I really enjoyed his talks and this is a great book. Really deep, but was really good. A magical way with words. So inspiring I marvel at how applicable his counsel is even 20 years later I found this very comforting in a time of sadness and trial I love Elder Maxwell Good material and thoughtful prose, but definitely not his best work Some sermons shouldn t be spoken until they are tidied up a bit.