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▶ Alternative Cover Edition #1 The capital has fallenThe Darkling rules Ravka from his shadow throneNow the nation's fate rests with a broken Sun Summoner a disgraced tracker and the shattered remnants of a once great magical armyDeep in an ancient network of tunnels and caverns a weakened Alina must submit to the dubious protection of the Apparat and the zealots who worship her as a Saint Yet her plans lie elsewhere with the hunt for the elusive firebird and the hope that an outlaw prince still survivesAlina will have to forge new alliances and put aside old rivalries as she and Mal race to find the last of Morozova's amplifiers But as she begins to unravel the Darkling's secrets she reveals a past that will forever alter her understanding of the bond they share and the power she wields The firebird is the one thing that stands between Ravka and destruction—and claiming it could cost Alina the very future she’s fighting for

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    I AM SO PISSED I AM SO PISSEDPlease allow me the indulgence of using an extended metaphor to describe this seriesThe first book is the first stages of love It's not true love but infatuation You are ensnared by his looks enad by everything he does His uirks are adorable His faults are overlooked because it's a part of who he is It's part of what makes him special So what if he has a habit of scratching his ass in public? It's cuteThe second book is the settling in stage of the relationship You now see his faults and they're pretty annoying His habits of eating like a Neanderthal is now annoying less endearing You really wish that he'd stop checking out other girls You want to change him but you are still in love these are faults you can deal with because you're in this for the long run The disappointments are inevitable in every long term relationship aren't they? Over time surely things will take a turn for the betterOr so you think Until he dumps you without explanationAnd so we come to the third book It's 5 years since you guys broke up He crushed your heart left it in little pieces You still love him anyway despite what happened to end your relationship previously because there's just something about him Some inimitable uality that attracts you and keeps you hanging on no matter whatAnd now he wants to meet again You're excited It's been too long You've desperate with anticipation This might be it You guys might still have a chanceYou wait in a cafe in your best outfit breathless with anticipationAnd then he shows up Time has not been kind His hairline has receded by 2 inches He has a paunch and a double chin He's grown a mustache that could only be described as a douche stache You had anticipated this but it still comes as a shockStill you can't bring yourself to hate him You remember all the good times You feel the sense of familiarity that you get with no one else however much your physical attraction to him has changed There's history between the two of youand for now that's the only good that came out of this meeting You wish you had just left it there where hopes and dreams and the flights of your imagination could have brought you than this encounter ever couldThat is my feeling towards this book Grievously let downI'll be happy to discuss the book Please put spoilers in spoiler tags if you want to discuss in the comments

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    They had an ordinary life full of ordinary things if love can ever be called that345 stars Oh and Leigh Bardugo talked to me about the glorious glorious food of the Grisha trilogy here during this fairy tale lunch

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    la la la la la tis impossible for me to say anything coherent about the Grisha trilogy because I love it so much What a wonderful conclusion I'm so happy I finally continued with this series this year

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    That was an interesting conclusion to the trilogy I can't say I'm super satisfied with how things came together but it was still enjoyable My main gripe with this series is it's lack of plot I wanted from the story all three books feel like this build up to the ending but nothing happens during those build up moments obviously this is just my opinion you don't have to agree with me

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    Holy shit This was brilliant and terrible and I have so many feels I can't even begin to describeOk ok listen I know there are so many conflicting reviews on this book But as for me? I literally could not choose how I wanted it to end I know I might be a terrible person but I was totally OK with all three ending scenarios At the beginning of this book I was literally rooting for Alina to save the Darkling or turn dark herself Alina with Nikolai and Alina and Mal Ugh I need all three endings I need them I really really need themFirst of all I freaking adore Alina She was far from the perfect heroine and by golly I love her for it She grew up and had an amazing character arc yet still fought through so many weaknesses Her arc is one of the most satisfying ones I've read in YA literatureBut back to the ending I gotta say I think Leigh Bardugo did the right thing even though I so badly wanted to see the outcome of the other two I don't want to give away spoilers and I get why somewhere upset but I can't help but think that there was no other truly appropriate endgame here Though I am still sad about the othersSo here it goes my little rants SPOILERS AHEADFirst and foremost if you want a thread to sum up my Grisha feels here it ishttpstwittercomglitzandshadowsstatus1084075636786896896MALPoor Mal He gets shit from everyone Dude messed up I agree Maybe he isn't as alluring or entertaining as the other gents in this book true But the guy gave up his life for Alina in the end Give him some credit And no for the record I don't agree with those who claim he's abusive He was jealous in SS and a bit of a poo head at times and it got the best of him but in the end he did e v e r y t h i n g in his power to help her whether that meant finding the stag to make her powerful or fighting to make sure she ends up a ueen he always fought for her Always Regardless of his feelings And ya'll he ended up dying for her The Darkling's endingYES OK I'm grieving and I'll never get over him Never BUT Guys he was a mass murderer and kinda deserved his end Does that mean he is any less appealing? Lord save me but nope I love him Best villain I've ever met He'll always be one of my favorite characters but I refuse to rate this book just based off of those last few pages even though I shipped the hell out of him and Alina I still doIn simple terms he so badly wanted for her to be the one he could relate to but before that he wanted her for her power Yes they had so much chemistry which totally altered his feelings if you ask me but it doesn't change what he did to achieve his goals Also sign me up for any cat and mouse book because it's like my favorite trope Alina losing her powersYeah I'm super sad about this too but I think it was the only way for Leigh to write her a happy ending Do I wish it had been different? Totally But from the beginning Alina never wanted her powers She was seduced by them later on sure but if you pay close attention to her narrative she didn't want this burden But she became a badass either wayNikolaiI literally cannot fit my feelings about Nikolai in a single review Thank goodness he's getting his own series after me begging for it since 2014 Also I read King of Scars And I am dead byeAnyway I still can't rave enough about this series as a whole All Time FavoriteMy Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy

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    June 2019 updateeverybody stop liking this review i keep getting messages from ppl telling me why i thot this way like girl??? 😂 enough let it rest already lol im tiredUPDATE Jan 2019i swear the years pass the embarrassing this review gets lmaoaugust 2018 updateI have to admit while Acomaf beat this ^ trash book in regards to storytelling Acowar Acotar #3 kinda sucked a lot so like tread carefully and if anything enjoy Acomaf only because I see that book as a standalone anywayAlso fuck this book the author lmfaoUPDATEOkay so for those of you like myself who were disappointed with this ^ piece of trash GO READA COURT OF MIST AND FURY in particular I should say as the book really sets the stage and it beats this in every way and is everything rr could have been but miserably failed to be All the past angst and bitterness is beyond this spoiler tagview spoilerHEY LOOK WHATS UP MORE ANGSTI was talking to one of my tumblr friends a few days ago about some old wounds regarding this certain character who is like the other half of my dark heart and bad stuff that happened and then just this morning I was having a chat wa GR friend about something related but it involved the angst over poorly written female protagonists and the boiling rage in the pit of my stomach over the lost potential of these certain protagonists I was thinking this over in my head and I felt the need to apply a scenario to this one particular characters and notp that I and a lot of my fellow friends feel strongly negative aboutI was thinking of how Mal would be a meninist in the real world and he would be the kind of boyfriend that would be living in his girlfriend’s house and one night he’d just look at his amazing successful girlfriend Alina and be like “Hey babe I just want you to know that I feel super uncomfortable by the fact that you make a lot money than I do And I also think that taking this route and that recent promotion you got it’s just it’s a bad idea Maybe you should reconsider another job or just stay at home because I think that that power would corrupt you”When I apply this scenario with respect to the books it goes like thisAlina then suddenly feels terrible about how her boyfriend’s feelings are hurt and in turn she says “Hey I totally understand how you feel I mean I wouldn’t want to ever feel worthless at all like remember how I use to feel so shitty all those years ago before I got the job at this multimillion company and before you ever noticed me and became my boyfriend? I know what you’re going through and I wouldn’t want you to ever feel bad by something that makes me feel amazing So you know what? I’m going to sell my house and we can go live in that rundown apartment that my aunt who used to hate me lived in before she died At least we’ll be together and we can be eual and not have to worry about other things that might help us prosper in life”So now lets apply this scenario to a way I prefer and think makes a LOT of sense and just sounds rightAfter Mal gives his little bullshit speech Alina runs off to get her wallet She pulls out a hundred dollar bill from her wallet reaches for a pen writes a few words on the bill They read “You’re a piece of sexist garbage shit and not worth my time” Then she throws the hundred dollar bill in Mal’s apparently flabbergasted face and tells him to get the fuck out of her houseThen later that night as she’s lounging she calls up her assistant Nikolai and tells him to connect her with CEO Morozova so she can accept his offer of promotionJust wanted to throw in all that angst Sorry it sounds like such a badly written fic lmao But hopefully my point is made EDIT 17112014Look Me and a friend wrote a mini post RR fic thing a while back on tumblr because we were depressed as hell It's a little embarrassing sorry bear with meMe Aleks is sitting peacefully in a garden full of blooming flowers trying to have a peace of his mind when the distinct bunch of white orchids catch his attention and he is forced to burden himself with the thought of a little white haired stubborn girl living her life out someplace without him accompanied by a useless tracker who’s sudden thought makes Aleks contemplate ripping someones spleen out and he wonders if the new king would aid him in doing so since they were both cast aside by the summoner and he promises himself that throughout planning he would also get some flirting tips from the king and maybe even take his new flying vessel for a spin and perhaps crash it right on top of Keramzin and shout at the top of his lungs “SURPRISE BITCHES” and once thats done maybe even take over the world lmao byEDani ORPHANS RUN SCREAMING FROM ALL EXITS AND ALINA EXITS KERAMZIN BRANDISHING A BUTTER KNIFE AND A PASTRY CAKE GONE AWRY THAT IS TOUGH ENOUGH TO KNOCK A LESSER MAN OUTI KILLED YOU SHE CRIES ALEKSANDER GAZES DOWN AT HER HANDS ON HIS HIPS AS HE SMIRKSI BET YOU THOUGHT YOU’D SEEN THE LAST OF ME while subtly checking her out because he is a lonely soulMe Alina’s hand tightens around the butter knife still slick with the saints know what since she was actually never a doozy in the kitchen probably would’ve been better at the summoner job but that went down the drain “I’ve taken you down once don’t think I won’t be able to again” she saysAleks suints at the pastry in her hand “Not with that I hope Looks deadly” He mock smilesAlina frowns “With the amount of sugar I put in it? Yeah probably”Aleks shrugs “I have a sweet tooth”Alina’s eyes widen “Oh I didn’t know You never told me”Aleks eyes almost threaten to bulge out of his sockets and he brandishes a hand at her in a taunting manner loosing anger with every word “Really Alina? REALLY? Because last time I remember I tried talking to you ok yeah I was pissed u turned me down for the sex BUT even wheneva I tried talking to you you FLEED OUTTA THE LIL PALACE LIKE THERE WAS SOME GODDAMN SALE AT IKEA SDFGHJASDASKJDKDSFFDSKJ ”GUYS I CAN'T FUCKING GET OVER THIS SHIT AHJAHSJKKALJSLKSADKLSDKSJDLSJKDL I HATE EVERYTHINGexcept AleksEDIT 20072014yo fuck this book bro lmfaoEDIT 06172014Im not going to lie man Im heartbroken oofDon't open this if you havent read RRview spoiler you deserved better Aleksander hide spoiler

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    2 StarsOverview Then he cupped my cheek his thumb tracing my lipYou are all I've ever wanted he said You are the whole of my heart” ^My face right now Let me preface this roast by stating my problem isn’t the love triangle If you can even call it that I’m not upset things didn’t turn out like I wanted I’m frustrated the conclusion was a hot mess of nonexistent plot and unwinding character development Though I do obviously hate one of the love interests with all of my soulIn my review of Siege and Storm I theorized there were two possible outcomes for this trilogy—One where Alina embraces the Grisha society and uses her powers and another where she rejects them and reverts to a ‘simple’ girl I was kinda right? Mostly wrongMy main problem is how weak a character Alina becomes She had a fantastic amount of development in the first book when she discovered her powers and started to believe in herself The second book introduced a theme of greed and hinted the way she used her powers would inevitably corrupt her It’s probably the driving conflict of this whole book But it just flip flopped back and forth before reaching a cop out solution? It all works out spectacularly and everything is great we can forget the past three books even happened????Seriously there was even the introduction of a third love interest so everything is even complicated and Alina has to choose between three entirely different lives But somehow she hardly makes any decisions the whole book Pros Genya and David were beautiful Baghara as Alina’s uasi yoda was also a nice touch Nikolia’s humor and bravado was fantastic as always and he was truly a bright spot in this depressing book Bardugo’s writing is still very enjoyable I flew through this as the narrative flows easily and seems much improved from the first book The Darkling is super fascinating Learning about his backstory was one of the absolute highlights of this book and his commanding presence made the pages he appeared 20x interesting He’s incredibly manipulative and cunning and there’s something so striking about his confidence in his actions I’m not discrediting his awful and abusive nature and I do NOT support that romance but he works brilliantly as an antagonist Cons Mal was better I guess? I still hate him with the passion of a thousand suns He’s still outrageously ‘perfect’ and always says something mushy or has a completely selfless reaction to everything He just doesn’t feel real to me Even though he never noticed Alina before he’s going to act like he’s always loved her and that his every action revolves around keeping her safe There’s something really icky about the fact that he can’t accept her with her powers Why did Alina keep making herself smaller for this guy?? It was like we were supposed to swoon over all the ‘sacrifices’ Mal made for her though he spent the past three books whining about how much stronger she was than him?What even was Nikolai the second half of this book and was it necessary? The pacing here was just off So much of this was filler or the characters standing in a circle talking about their course of action I enjoyed the team dynamic to an extent but it cut a lot of tension out of things in my opinion Everything barely moved along interlaced with a few dramatic scenes before reaching a very rushed ending A very rushed ending that magically solves almost everything undoes almost all the character development and was just really lackluster? In Conclusion At least I can finally read Six of Crows now

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    ”They will starve for you lay down their lives and their children’s lives for you They will make war without fear and die rejoicing There is no greater power than faith and there will be no greater army than one driven by it” Three books and I still hate the Apparat lol Guess that says enough about him and his despicable character XD Despite everything he unfortunately has a point though Now that Alina has become Sankta Alina for so many people they think that she’s the answer to all their prayers and hopes and to say this is uite a burden for a girl that considers herself to be ordinary isn’t even getting close to the truth There’s a lot of pressure on our young heroine and even though she’s coping with it way better than she did in the past this still doesn’t mean that she’s ready to do what is necessary Mainly to destroy the fold and to dethrone the Darkling To be entirely honest I can’t even blame her for it The Darkling and her have some special connection and no matter how misguided he’s become our favourite villain still has a good heart It’s hidden than just well in this final and last instalment but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t there sighs deeplyAlso am I crazy for still loving all those boys? lol Because no matter how much I think about it I still like Mal I still adore Nikolai and I still want of the Darkling XD And this after reading all three books ARGH Leigh why do you have to write such good characters? lol It’s just not fair Well anyway I’ll head to my characters section now because there is a lot I need to get off my chest and I don’t want to spoil you already ; PThe Characters ”None of them were easy or soft or simple They were like me nursing hurts and hidden wounds all broken in different ways We didn’t uite fit together We had edges so jagged we cut each other sometimes but as I curled up on my side the warmth of the fire at my back I felt a rush of gratitude so sweet it made my throat ache” You are entering the Fold If you don’t want to be spoiled or eaten by the volcra which truth be told might be pretty likely you better leave now Don’t say I didn’t warn you You’re entering at your own risk volcra howls in the distance ; P Alina ”You are on your knees” I said “We are not negotiating” His lips thinned but after a moment he dipped his chin in assentOkay I admit it Alina was pretty cool in this book lol I loved how she decided to take her fate into her own hands and no longer aimed for compromises It was all or nothing for her and I really really liked this For once she was no longer a chess piece in the game but turned into one of the leaders instead AND I enjoyed it XD It was about time she got her own voice and I’m glad she finally realized that it’s up to her to change things Plus if we’re entirely honest to run away never really worked out for her anyway The Darkling would have never left her alone and it was about time she fought back ; ”Maybe love was superstition a prayer we said to keep the truth of loneliness at bay” ”This was what Ravka did It made orphans It made misery No land no life just a uniform and a gun Nikolai had believed in something better”Mal ”For all my talk of vows and honor what I really want is to put you up against that wall and kiss you until you forget you ever knew another man’s name So tell me to go Alina Because I can’t give you a title or an army or any of the things you need”Three books and I still don’t get all the Mal hate I mean seriously why do so many people hate him so much? I think he’s a really nice and down to earth guy and I could understand each and every single one of his actions Yes he turned Alina away; he only did it because he knew she needed than just a soldier who had nothing to offer though In my opinion he was only realistic and let’s face it if Alina wouldn’t have lost all her powers in the end she would have never been happy and content in a relationship with him AND Mal was ready to sacrifice himself in order to save their world so I really really don’t get why anyone wouldn’t like him? I never had the feeling that he’s annoying uite the contrary so yeah #IStillLikeMalAndI’mNotSorryNikolai ”Saints Alina I hope you weren’t looking to me to be the voice of reason I keep to a strict diet of ill advised enthusiasm and heartfelt regret” OMG If that is even possible I actually loved him even than I loved him in book 2 Nikolai is the BEST and he deserves the world and so much 333 I just admire and adore him and I really don’t get how Alina was able to resist his charms I would have accepted his proposal in a heartbeat lol But then again I’m not Alina who is obviously besotted with Mal XD It made me kind of sad that we didn’t get all too much of him in this final book but I see the logic behind it AND I’ll never forgive the Darkling for what he did to my precious baby I didn’t expect him to turn him into a monster and when it happened I was gripping my book so hard and yelling at the pages that I was very thankful I read it at home lol Just imagine I would have read it in the train XD I can’t wait to hold “King of Scars” in my greedy and grabby hands and I NEED to know what happens next ”Nikolai had made a fool of the Darkling and now the Darkling had taken my polished brilliant noble prince and made him into a monster Death would have been too kind” ”He’d mobilized all the remaining units of the army to secure the borders sent messages to the coast to rally Sturmhond’s fleet and had apparently managed it all on no sleep and two fractured ribs No one else would have had the ability let alone the nerve – certainly not a younger son and rumoured bastard But Nikolai had been training for this his entire life and I knew he had a gift for the impossible”The Darkling ”I have lived a long life rich in grief My tears are long since spent If I still felt as you do if I ached as you do I could not have borne this eternity”I might never forgive him for what he did to Nikolai but I still love him? lol The Darkling is just one of those amazing villains I love to hate and despite everything he’s done there is still something good in him His power and age made him ruthless and caused him to be detached from the world around him but deep down in his heart he isn’t really bad I guess you might say he is doing the wrong things for the right reasons All he ever wanted was a united Ravka in which Grisha could live peacefully and together as one and for a while he even managed to give his country some sort of stability He had a wonderful dream but he never realized that he became the one thing that stood in its way The Darkling was a very complex villain and I’m so glad I read this series because villains like that are so rare to find XD For that alone I’ll always cherish him But that moment when he asked Alina to say his true name? TT I am deceased ”Once ” he said “Speak my name once ”He was ancient I knew that But in this moment he was just a boy – brilliant blessed with too much power burdened by eternity“Aleksander”Genya ”Na razrusha’ya E’ya razrushost” I am not ruined I am ruinationBoy did I adore Genya for her guts 333 She stood up for herself and faced the king head on and she didn’t just give him a piece of her mind but also accepted the conseuences the truth might entail THAT WAS SO DAMN BRAVE for so many different reasons I always knew why Genya is my ueen XD I love that despite her scars she’s comfortable in her own skin and I’m so happy that she finally got the love she deserves 33 After everything she went through she deserves a man who treats her right and David seems to be the perfect man to give her everything she needs ; ”Beauty was your armor Fragile stuff all show But what’s inside you? That’s steel It’s brave and unbreakable And it doesn’t need fixing” He drew in a deep breath then awkwardly stepped forward He took her face in his hands and kissed her The relationships shipsAlina Mal ”We’re going to be travelling together for who knows how long Eventually you’re going to have to talk to me”“I’m talking to you right now”“See? Is this so terrible?”“It wouldn’t be” he said gazing at me steadily “if all I wanted to do was talk”I know at least 50% of the people who read this series will be all like “NOOOO” now but I SHIP IT Yes you read right I’m happy with the ending and them being together I mean Leigh made it pretty clear that Mal is Alina’s one true love and I’m so on board of the “The childhood friend gets the girl” train lol Because this NEVER EVER happens in YA And I’m grateful Leigh actually made it happen for once XD It might sound ridiculous but this is something new and I’m always there for new things in a genre I already know so well Plus Mal and Alina had a great chemistry and I loved that they were always able to joke about their situation They knew each other inside out and for me it was logical that they could be together I mean it’s basically like in real life I know so many couples that started out as friends some even best friends and then became a couple because they realized they love each other So there’s that I ship it and I’m content with the ending Enough said ; P ”All at once the pain in my chest was so bad it nearly bent me double Because this was what Mal had been coming to show me Because that look – that open eager happy look – had been for me Because I would always be the first person he turned to when he saw something lovely and I would do the same Whether I was a Saint or a ueen or the most powerful Grisha who ever lived I would always turn to him” ”He watches her the way Harshaw watches fire Like he’ll never have enough of her Like he’s trying to capture what he can before she’s gone” ”I wanted for you” he said “A white veil in your hair Vows we could keep”“A proper wedding night? Just tell me this isn’t goodbye That’s the only vow I need” ”They had an ordinary life full of ordinary things – if love can ever be called that”Alina Nikolai ”First vomit then tears” Nikolai said coming up beside me “Don’t tell me I’ve lost my touch”“I’m just happy you’re alive” I said hastily blinking my eyes clear “Though I’m sure you can talk me out of it” Their friendship was so amazing I always knew they wouldn’t end up together but I loved that they developed such a great friendship in the end They are proof that a friendship between a man and a woman can work just fine and their easy banter was so entertaining to read If they would have married it would have merely been an alliance though and they both deserved better than that I’m glad Alina can be with Mal now because I know Nikolai’s story isn’t over yet and I’m sooo curious to find out who’s going to be his love interest XD A lot of people think it might be Zoya but I never saw chemistry between those two so there would have to be a lot of build up in order to make that happen Maybe Nikolai will even have a coming out as being bi? I swear it could be possible Well that certainly would be something I’d love to read lol Whatever happens and no matter if it will turn out to be a straight romance or a gay one I’m so ready for “King of Scars” 333 ”I owe you Alina Ravka owes you This and Do good works or commission an opera house or just take it out and gaze at it longingly when you think of the handsome prince you might have made your own For the record I favour the latter option preferably paired with copious tears and the recitation of bad poetry”I laughedHe took my hand and pressed the ring into it “Take it and build something new”Alina The Darkling ”If only I’d known you’d prove such an apt pupil” His voice was genuinely admiring almost surprisedOhhh I lived and breathed for their scenes Their cat and mouse game was just too intriguing to read They gave each other a run for their money and none of them yielded an inch lol ARGH Their relationship was so twisted and dark but damn was it awesome to witness XD I think in a perverted way they both loved each other but it just wasn’t enough to save the Darkling It broke my heart that he had to die but the way Leigh wrote it I was okay with it Not like in “War Storm” when I was so damn disappointed about how it all ended The Darkling died with dignity and he died being loved by his opponent It was a coherent ending and it was the ending he deserved 3 ”It’s true” I said softly “You are stronger wiser infinite in experience” I leaned forward and whispered my lips brushing the shell of his ear “But I am an apt pupil”His eyes flew open I caught the briefest glimpse of rage in his gray gaze before I severed the connection ”There will be nothing left” I whispered“No” he said gently as he folded me in his arms He pressed a kiss to the top of my hair “I will strip away all that you know all that you love until you have no shelter but me” Conclusion“Ruin and Rising” was a good and solid ending for a rather unconventional YA series It kept me entertained and always caused me to wish for By the end of this book I got really attached to some of the characters and considering how many YA books I already read that’s certainly no easy feat ; So if you’re looking for a typical YA series that’s still able to surprise you every once in a while “The Grisha Trilogy” is what you’re looking for XD Happy Reading

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    5 “you might make me a better man” stars “I will strip away all that you know all that you love until you have no shelter but mine” Agony Pain Tears Heartbreak Acceptance This is the way the Grisha trilogy endsA masterpiece A gem Leigh Bardugo gave everything she had in this grand finale I'm numb and empty inside I want to sit in silence and contemplate what happened and figure out the reasons why I came to the conclusion that things were meant to end this way from the start A battle of wills a battle between Light and Darkness self preservation and sacrifice greed and kindness brain and heart “I wanted to believe anything so that I wouldn’t have to face the future alone The problem with wanting is that it makes us weak” After I finished Ruin and Rising I faced the uestion how do I want to remember the Darkling He was a twisted brutal tyrant I could not possibly deny it and he proved it time and time again each crime worst than the previous But he was I choose to remember the brilliant dark haired boy blessed with too much power burdened by eternity feared by his own kind facing the entire world alone and wishing to change things to create a place for the Grisha and himself He was misguided controlled by his greed and desires but this boy still existed buried under layers of darkness I forgive him “In the end maybe love just meant longing for something impossibly bright and forever out of reach” There are so many other characters I want to talk about but first I have to grudgingly admit that Mal finally won my respect even though he's still my least favorite character He understood his mistakes and what was at stake and it gave him a new perspective I loved Zoya so so much and David and Genya and Harshaw and I'm so proud of Nikolai the arrogant all too clever fox who brought hope and laughter even in the most desperate times “Na razrusha'ya I am not ruined E'ya razrushost I am ruination” It was a fitting ending Suitable I dare say even though I hoped that some things would turn out differently So many plot twists and deaths that created a knot in your chest desparation that threatened to drown you mythical creatures fanatic monks flying ships Saints and Demons and in the center of the world changing events two orphans from Keramzin Who said that otkazat’sya aren't important?

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    445 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“Na razrusha'ya I am not ruined E'ya razrushost I am ruination”Look I ain't gonna lie I finished this book two weeks ago but hadn't had the time to write a good review about it fuck you work so I left it till this moment And since then because I'm a fucking goldfish I don't remember shit I delve into so many new stories each week whether they may be tv shows movies and books obvs that my mind is at its full capacity My mind is 1tb and the fucking info is 587838tbs Fuck off mind you're not a fucking hard drive have space Anyway let's start with the summary of the plot first I hope I can remember something reading it The capital has fallenThe Darkling rules Ravka from his shadow throneNow the nation's fate rests with a broken Sun Summoner a disgraced tracker and the shattered remnants of a once great magical armyDeep in an ancient network of tunnels and caverns a weakened Alina must submit to the dubious protection of the Apparat and the zealots who worship her as a Saint Yet her plans lie elsewhere with the hunt for the elusive firebird and the hope that an outlaw prince still survivesAlina will have to forge new alliances and put aside old rivalries as she and Mal race to find the last of Morozova's amplifiers But as she begins to unravel the Darkling's secrets she reveals a past that will forever alter her understanding of the bond they share and the power she wields The firebird is the one thing that stands between Ravka and destruction—and claiming it could cost Alina the very future she’s fighting forI remember myself being satisfied with this book hence the rating I didn't give the rating right now I just remember after having finished the book this was the rating that was stuck in my mind Not uite a 5 star but than the previous ones Which seems to me like something positiveI remember yes I'm gonna start every fucking paragraph with a shitty I remember now such a good reviewer I am that the first part of the book and the middle were my least favorite All the extreme and fanatic religious shit from the beginning left me wanting to leave the book down for a moment I was also confused about the whole situation cause it seemed so different from the previous books Thank God it changed after thatI remember that I uite enjoyed the character development in this book Alina Nikolai Mal and the Darkling got major points for me after this book Even Mal Yes Mal I think Mal kind of redeemed himself in this book corrected his mistakes and was less arrogant and selfish He's still my least favorite character but I saw growth in him that I didn't think I would Good on you Mal Also the Darkling I first wrote the Darling oh my God made me forgive him in this book After everything he's just a lost boy who was mislead and took the wrong path Alexander I forgive youI need to talk about Nikolai BECAUSE I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE There was so much less of him in this book I WANTED MORE When that thing happened to him my soul was aching for him I'm so happy for how everything turned out for his character if I remember everything correctly And I'm so glad it's not the end for this character just the beginningI will tell you the truth I don't really remember why I saw character development in Alina But I did and that's important I hated the fact though that at the end Mal got what he wanted Alina with no powers and him in a position of power I wanted Alina to keep her powers no matter who she would be with I would prefer Alina having her powers and ending up alone That's the 100% fucking amazing ending for me But I guess this is an old book shit was like this back thenOh Leigh your world is still fantastic and so uniue I'm so happy I get to explore this world again in many different books that for it to have stayed within this trilogy I so can't wait to delve into the Six of Crows duology And then the King of Scars duology And the fucking NETFLIX SHOW Oh Leigh such a gem you have createdI have one major complain about this book it still didn't make me truly care about the secondary characters There were so many of them and they weren't as developed as much as I would have wanted them to I think the story would be much richer with a few lovable and memorable characters Just my humble little opinionOverall this was a than adeuate and fulfilling finale My review wasn't as detailed as it should have been I remember I wanted to say so many things but everything in my mind is fuzzy now and I wouldn't want to write something incorrect I also read most of this book on the train while I was going to visit a friend and it was soooo busy and noisy that many things flew over my head Anyway till the next one K BYE