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Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to the author Michelle Madow, who contacted me offering a review copy of Remembrance If it wasn t for that email, I would probably have never came across this amazing book Remembrance follows the story of high school girl Lizzie, just as the summer has come to and end and it s time to head back to school for a new term.As the story unfolds the reader meets Lizzie s boyfriend Jeremy who has recently been made co captain on the school football team, and seems to beinterested in his new football star friends and being popular than spending time with his girlfriend.There is also a mysterious new boy who has transferred to Lizzie s school, Drew.For some reason, Lizzie is sure she knows him from somewhere, or has met him before, but for some reason she just can t seen to place him no matter how hard she tries.Lizzie soon begins to realise than she might be attracted to Drew, which of course shouldn t be happening She has a boyfriend, Jeremy who has not been paying her much attention recently And to make matters worse, her best friend starts dating Drew and Lizzie has to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself There is no way she can jeopardize her relationship with her best friend, or her boyfriend But still something is eating away at her, and she still can t remember what is so familiar about Drew.That is until one single dance with Drew and the school dance, and a flash comes back to her, slowly Lizzie starts to remember why Drew is so familiar to her They met in the Regency Era of the 1800 s I loved this book and read it in one sitting I literally could not put it down The writing style in the book is straight forward, simple and easy to read Which I loved, especially since there was a lot of talk of Jane Austin and the Rengency Era You would think that all the history stuff could come off a little boring in a book Michelle Madow manages to create just the right mix of olden ideas and themes along with modern language.The story itself pulls the reader in from page one Personally I was so intrigued by the story that I didn t want to stop reading, I wanted to finish the book then and there in order to find out the full story.The characters are very well developed, especially the not so main characters, such as Lizzie s best friend, her boyfriend, the mean girls at school etc Though they did have a large part in the book, to me the main focus was on Lizzie and Drew.Overall I am so glad I got the chance to discover this book, it is truly a little gem Lizzie Davenport has been slowly pulling away from her boyfriend Jeremy for a while but hasn t decided just yet to end things since they have been together for so long When a new guy, Drew Carmichael, shows up in school though Lizzie finds herself strangely drawn to him Drew however seems to want nothing to do with Lizzie But Lizzie just can t shake the feeling that she knows him from somewhere and her when her friend shows interest Lizzie is a bit jealous but can t stop her since she is still with Jeremy As the two spendtime together Lizzie finds that Drew seems to be triggering memories from her past so Lizzie becomes determined to unravel mystery Remembrance is the first book in the Transcend Time series by Michelle Madow While I found this book a bit predictable I still completely enjoyed reading it I was familiar with Michelle Madow s books and always seem to enjoy each of them I would warn that this one probably wouldn t be for everyone though since you learn within the first few pages that there would be some kind of love triangle involved in the story But at least in this one there is what I think of as an acceptable excuse, the rather mystic connection of past lives and the current boyfriend being a complete jerk Overall, I enjoyed this one, a pretty quick read that started off a bit predictable in where it was going but has me rather curious as to where the story will go after this first book Forreviews please visit Since I m not going to review my own book, instead I ll share with you how I got the idea for Remembrance Remembrance was inspired by Taylor Swift s Love Story music video.The Love Story music video premiered in the fall of 2008 The first time I watched it, I was entranced Taylor sees a guy while walking through campus, and the moment their eyes connect, the scene flashes to the two of them dancing at a beautiful ball dressed in clothes that appear to be from around the year 1815 It s magical to watch, and the video is so amazing that it gave me chills I watched it over and over again, and a story started to piece together in my mind A story about a girl reincarnated from Regency Era, England, who doesn t realize it until her soul mate transfers into her school and triggers her memories to gradually return to her In that semester at school, I was taking a class called Intro to Creative Writing One of our first big assignments in class was to write anything we wanted and bring it in to share with everyone Since the characters and scenes that came to me while watching Love Story refused to leave my mind, I decided that for the project, I would write the first chapter of what I then called The Story Inspired by Love Story After completing the chapter, I stared at it for about an hour, worrying about what my classmates would think after reading it I assumed everyone else would write about normal topics not reincarnation and seeing your soulmate from the past for the first time What if they thought what I wrote was weird I nearly erased it in favor of turning something else in, but then I remembered something Taylor had said If you re lucky enough to be different from everyone else, don t change I listened to her advice Yes, what I wrote was going to be way different from what everyone else in class wrote, but I was okay with that And after I read the chapter aloud to the class, I was amazed to find out that everyone in my class, including my teacher, loved it Actually, theythan loved it they wanted to readBut I had never written a novel before, and the idea of making the plunge and going for it intimidated me What if I failed and couldn t finish it That worried me, but again, I remembered something Taylor had said To me, fearless isn t not having fears it s not that you re not afraid of anything I think that being fearless is having a lot of fears, but you jump anyway So I jumped And now, three years after I saw the Love Story music video for the first time, my debut novel Remembrance is finally available for everyone to read I m so happy to be able to share it with you I can only hope that if you choose to read it, you end up enjoying it as much as I loved writing it Thank you for taking the time to read my story about how Love Story and Taylor Swift helped me get to where I am today Remembrance was a nice debut from a new author, I liked the plot and the main idea s behind the book, I think the characters could have been improved they were a bit one dimensional, not that believable , but other than that, a good book I read it all in one sitting, so yeah it was interesting, it had just the right amount of twists and turns I look forward tobooks by this author. I am deeply sorry to give a bad rating to this book that most of my friends loved also because the author seems really nice , but at this point I am really looking for something new to read, not necessarily to blow my mind but still to keep me interested and if possible in love with the story Otherwise I d read one of my favorite books again and get over with it.So, maybe a while back quite some years back, to be honest I would have found this bookcompelling See, this the problem when you read too much you start to get bored if you read the same story twice ortimes.And before you start to complain about my statements yes, there must have been some originality here and there, but some clich scenes appeared with a big red flag in my mind screaming Not again, not again 1 Sparks of electricity at touching I ve seen this in too many books to count.Let s make a confession This happens to me all the time on cold weather Because of the clothing, from time to time, I touch my husband or my car door for that matter and poof sparks of electricity are sent through my finger Lucky me, I must be so in love Truth being told they are unpleasant, they hurt a bit, and I am not sure what can I make of those scenes afterwards, when I read about them in these books 2 The shouldn t be friends clich I am getting tired of this Let s make it clear, if you have any doubts about what this could possibly mean If a guy tells you this, he really doesn t like you No matter what this is supposed to be in a book, in real life this is a kind ish way to tell you to just go to hell 3 Sitting together at school, but not talking at all Forgive me, but this is called disrespect People, please teach your brats some manners We are social creatures, we like to interact, at least say hello or go to hell It s unnatural to sit next to a person and not say a word How is this even possible except for the case when someone is too shy to interact, for example Where did this idea come from And what can we learn from this, that if someone doesn t care enough to interact with you, does it mean that he she likes you God help us all if you believe in one.Do you see my eyes rolling 4 This requires a quote Girl I m not dropping this Boy He took a step forward there is nothing to drop Girl I don t believe you I am really trying not to compare books here, but at this point it s becoming such a difficult task 5 Another quote needed for emphasis Stay away from me Nothing good can come from this I m with Chelsea not you Just give up already There is the real world where the girl would know to back off, get a life and be happy And there is this scenario where the girl thinks that even after saying those things the boy is deeply in love with her, so she keeps obsessing about him.Why am I even reading these books I sense a deep headache coming 6 More clich s the boy wearing dark jeans, leather jacket and having constant changes of attitude 7 The last quote from the book Sorry, Elizabeth, but you are not my type My eyes are doing a 360 around my head You know why, because this girl still doesn t get it sigh We assume that girls are smart and can see that these things are all wrong, but let s not take too many risks.Yes, this is fiction, this is a don t do that at home kind of book, but it sets the wrong example nevertheless and I can t keep this thought for myself.We cant pretend that young girls won t take this book as an example and won t start chasing after uninterested boys They might think that when a boy says things like this, it s somehow romantic They might think that a girl crying over a boy that made it clear he doesn t like her is a cool thing that might end with a happily ever after, when in fact they should just decide to move on and go for a better guy, one that likes them back 8 There were many other things that bothered me in the interactions between Elizabeth and other characters that treated her quite badly, but my rambling is getting too long and we are only halfway through the story We have a history that partly repeats once , even though the characters tried so hard to change the course of things there are bad decisions there areeye rolling scenes and I think that as young as I am I am getting too old for this kind of stories.I should probably say a few words about the plot and the characters Plot predictable, repetitive, lacking freshness and even originality.Characters dull, childish, obsessive, naive if not insolent.Other than this, if you can live with the above, then you are safe to read the book and maybe even enjoy it crossing fingers for you Happy midnight readingThis review can also be found at Rating 1.5 stars, because I keep the 1 star rating for the books I don t get to finish.Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO Remembrance is VERY avarage YA book about love and reincarnation It s about Elizabeth, a very normal girl who lives a calm and peaceful life until the day she meets Drew She falls for him almost instantly, but it s not that simple She has a boyfriend, and Drew starts to date Chelsea, her best friend.What can I say about this book The writting is good, but the pace is too slow Nothing ever happens I put it away many times, and I just rushed to finish it because I wanted to be done with it.Also, the characters didn t really crave into me They are too shallow and I just couldn t understand their attitudes most of the times So I m not even gonna bother to write a longer review And no, I m not gonna read the next book, I m done with the series RATING Story Pace Characters OVERALL Oh my gosh, if a book contains a constant droning of rehashed, uncreative sentences like You know I ll always be here for you, right , Always and forever , I ve never been so sure about anything in my life , You re everything to me you always have been, and you always will be and It would be like losing a part of who I am , OMG, I think I would rather scroll through the list of Goodreads quotes to while away my time, and I can even getdecent and original quotes there Of course if the storyline of the book sucks, then why even bother reading the book First, I like to mention the revered literary masterpiece Pride and Prejudice The book stands out because the female protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, is the one of the earliest and truest embodiment of a heroine with a brain and guts, and is the ideal role model for all young girls to stand up for themselves on their own two feet without the need to cling onto a man Hence, any reference to Elizabeth Bennet, especially to compare her to a modern day female protagonist should be done with caution and respect Elizabeth She is the narrator and the female protagonist of Remembrance Yeah can you imagine, her name is Elizabeth, what a copycat to Jane s Austen s Elizabeth Bennet practically chants I am Elizabeth Bennet I am Elizabeth Bennet I am Elizabeth Bennet throughout the whole 314 pages of the book My my my, dear Ms Lizzie Davenport, do you know actions speak louder than words Did you stand up for yourself when you were insulted by a guy Drew for no reason No, you wept buckets and moped for days, hoping that he would chivalrously come around and apologize Are you tough Have you ever went through any form of hardship or emotional turmoil, such as losing a sister through a scandalous elopement No, the guilt from dating your best friend s boyfriend doesn t count, and neither does the suspense of waiting for your secret crush to cheat on his girlfriend Are you witty and clever in banter Do you have a spine Can you independently make it through your life single Can you appear cool without the guy Can you become all that you can be without needing the support of a man To all the above questions, the answers are yes only for Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice Unfortunately, for Lizzie Davenport of Remembrance No Even to the question Should readers read Pride and Prejudice Yes definitely Remembrance No.There is no chemistry between Drew and Lizzie Their love can transcend time My ass Their past life is the only reason why they are together Other than that, I can see no reason why they are attracted to each other Oh, it pisses me off to call Lizzie Elizabeth, when her very imagined existence is an insult to Elizabeth Bennet She shall be henceforth known as Lydia, and Drew Mr Collins Lizzie Lydia is horribly two dimensional and shallow The only thing that she is concerned about is Drew Mr Collins There are books where the female and male protagonists are fated to be together due to some reason at the genetic level or conjured up by fate Even then, the authors of those books artfully built up the chemistry and attraction between the girl and guy such that even if they were different as night and day, readers would still root for them to be together Remembrance, sadly, is not one of those books.Remembrance fails to pull off a romance based on two elements, fate and redemption For readers looking for books containing the above themes, I highly recommend Starcrossed, Everneath, Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix over Remembrance any day For readers searching for a strong willed, powerful female character, you know which book to look for. The moment my eyes met his, the other students in the room blurred into the background My heart felt like it was pumping at a faster than normal rate, and my lips parted slightly as I took in the sight of the boy who looked so familiar, even though I couldn t remember where we d met beforeIf overly cheesy lines and unbelievably awkward insta loves are your kind of thing, then by any means, don t let my rant review to stop you from reading this soap opera of a novel, maybe I am just not the right audience I should ve known that Remembrance isn t for me I really should ve seen that coming, seeing that it was talking about soul mate on the blurb and everything. But. Reincarnation dude You probably don t understand, but I ve always been fascinated with the idea of reincarnation The insta love, cringe worthy cheesy lines and the main story isn t the main reason why this book got a 1 star rating from me which I almost never give if I can help itIt was the fuck n MC.To say that I was surprised is an understatement, not in a good way, but I was shocked Because Lizzie, the main character in this book, is a bitch Sorry, but there is no better word to describe her She s the kind of person I would definitely hate being friends with in highschool or even forever She s selfish.She broke up with her long time boyfriend after she met Drew, the new transfer in high school I mean, seriously I m not angry over the fact that she met somebody else, they re still young after all, and let s face the bitter truth, this thing happens I was angry because she was blaming her boyfriend now ex boyfriend for the reason why they broke upHe barely talks to me any, and when he does, it s either to brag about soccer or to criticize something I did We couldn t stay togetherEXCUSES There is no way in fucking hell you d let a 3 yr old relationship go just like that without even making an effort to make it work, because I believe that if she really, really, wants to make the relationship work, she ll make a way, else, she d make an excuse just like she did I mean, her boyfriend was a jerk too, so I would ve understand her for falling out of love for him, but really, she should ve done it earlier, why wait for someone like Drew to show up She s self centered and jealousI tried to focus on trigonometry for the entire fifty five minutes, but it was impossible to shake the image of Chelsea and Drew working together in chemistry At least she would be stuck wearing those huge goggles that left strange marks on people s skin afterwardsSeriously How pathetic is that She was referring to what she call as her BESTFRIEND FOREVER, just because she was upset that Chelsea, her bestfriend, has set her eyes on the transfer student, which she liked too the very first time she set her eyes on him She s a cheat.She was cheating on her boyfriend I mean, you didn t have to kiss, have sex with someone to say that you re cheating on your boyfriend girlfriend, I believe that if you re entertaining the feelings you had with someone and if you are keeping unreasonable secrets with your partner then you re already cheating Sorry, but cheating is a very sensitive topic for me I ve seen people loose confidence because of a simple cheating back in highschool days So no fucking hell I m just going to keep a blind eye and believe that what Lizzie and Drew did was acceptable.I didn t particularly like how Jeremy, Lizzie s ex boyfriend, was portrayed as a jerk It was like deliberate to make the readers sympathize with Lizzie, and gradually root for her and Drew together Which may work on others, but not to me sorry I love Taylor Swift s Love Story, which this story was inspired on, based from the author I must say that it s pretty creative but the Cheating, unrelatable characters and messed up attempt on love triangle messed everything up for meThere had to be somethingsignificant in my life than meeting Drew, but I knew that the moment we first saw each other was a huge turning point in my lifeNo shit. Whatever exists between us is powerful enough to transcend time, but instead you ignore it, date my best friend, and act like it doesn t even matterThis was a YA contemporary romance, with a past life twist.Lizzie was an okay character, although how she put up with Jeremy for 3 years I don t know I was pleased when she finally came to her senses though, even if lusting after her best friend s boyfriend tarnished her reputation slightly.The storyline in this was about Lizzie recognising a new boy at school Drew, and slowly coming to the realisation that she had met him in a previous life Unfortunately though Drew started dating her best friend, and then both knew that being together would just hurt other people It took a long time to get to this point though, and this just allowed the betrayal to feel even worse for Lizzie s best friend Chelsea.The ending to this was pretty good, and I ll be reading the next books in the series to find out what happens to Lizzie and Drew 7 out of 10 Lizzie Can T Understand Her Deep Attraction To Mysterious Transfer Student Drew Are They Connected By Their Past Lives This Enthralling Tale Of Love And Fate Has OverFive Star Reviews On Lizzie Davenport Has Been Reincarnated From , England But She Doesn T Realize It Until She Meets Her Soul Mate From The Past And He Triggers Her Memories To Gradually ReturnWhen Drew Carmichael Transfers Into Lizzie S High School, She Feels A Connection To Him, Like She Knows Him But He Wants Nothing To Do With Her Reaching Drew Is Difficult Because She Has A Boyfriend, Jeremy, Who Has Become Full Of Himself After Being Elected Co Captain Of The Varsity Soccer Team, And Her Flirtatious Best Friend Chelsea Starts Dating Drew Soon After His Arrival So Why Can T She Get Him Out Of Her Mind Lizzie Knows She Should Let Go Of Her Fascination With Drew, But Fighting Fate Isn T Easy, And She S Determined To Unravel The Mysteries Of The Past