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I really do not like to give books bad ratings I feel like an author puts a lot of energy into writing a book, and I should respect them for that But, there comes a time when I am forced to do what I don t care to do, rate a book poorly Such was the case with Prophecy of the Sisters I went into this book with an open mind, and I was curious to see what Ms Zink could do with the concept of sisters who are on the opposite side of an ancient battle between Heaven and Hell, if you will.What were my issues with this story First of all, I don t feel that much was actually accomplished here Mainly the situation was discussed, again and again with various people, and it was done in a rather vague fashion The writing didn t come to life for me The world building was too pallid, and I never felt engaged into this story The Victorian setting was not as vividly fleshed out as I would have liked there was a generic historical feel to the story, instead of getting a distinct sense of time and place I think that Ms Zink did establish a gothic tone, but not to the degree that the sense of unease that should have been evoked was a sustained one Honestly, for the serious nature of what these two sisters faced, it was very hard for me to actually care There were only a couple of moments where I felt a sense of urgency and dread I didn t feel that the characters were very well drawn either Lia seemed a little bit wishy washy to me I felt that she had made her choice and was committed, but I didn t see a real sense of urgency or purpose in her Alice, her sister, had chosen the opposite of Lia, she too seemed detached from the entire situation I feel that the author wanted the reader to get a sinister vibe from Alice, but she seemedpetulant and skulking than frightening.It s never a good sign when a reader has to force herself to keep reading, and constantly checks the page count That s exactly what happened to me here I was determined to finish this book because I needed it for my A to Z challenge, and not because I was compelled to find out what happened Sadly, one of the few parts that engaged me filled me with such a sense of rage, I had to restrain my intense desire to fling this book against the wall with all my might I don t think I could possibly have beenangry at something that occurs in this book, and Lia s lackluster reaction to it Certainly, I understand the value of picking one s battles, but the manner in which she dealt with her sister s highly heinous actions was inappropriately subdued I wanted to hate Lia for showing such passiveness and I certainly despised Alice for her cruel, selfish act that she tries to write off as not having had a choice in committing You always have a choice Certainly, one of the few redeeming parts of this book is that Lia didn t give in to what was suppposedly her fate, but made a choice to break the cycle, although I wish I sawaction from her from that standpoint.To sum up, I was highly disappointed in this book I don t like to say that a book is bad But, this was certainly not a book I enjoyed or was happy with the reading experience Instead, I am glad that I got it over with, and I am able to move onto other books which will engage me and enthrall me in the way that such an interesting concept like the one presented in Prophecy of the Sisters should have done, although it failed in the end in doing so It is my hope that the forthcoming books are able to compensate for this book s shortcomings for other readers As for myself, I have no desire to continue this series. Was an interesting read..But don t think it was what I wanted to read at the time Loved how my town was mentioned in it though Nothing happens in this book People take walks and talk Then they ride horses and talk Then they go into town and talk All the girls are dumb The only interesting one is Alice She was only interesting because she s evil This book is a rip off of A Great and Terrible Beauty Gemma Doyle is way better than this Definitely skip. A review in book covers.EXHIBIT A First published in hardback with this cover It s a mirror image of a statue symbolising the identical twins on opposing sides in the book It screams dark, gothic and mysterious.EXHIBIT B Now available in paperback with this cover Now this is an image of two very different girls with an airy fairy silver leaf design which is also present on every page.I wanted to read EXHIBIT A but when it came to reading the story I got EXHIBIT B I ll explain further When I read the description and saw the cover for A I was intrigued, believing it would be an edgy Victorian story Instead I got a deeply dull fluff piece where all the protagonist, 16 year old Lia, does is walk, talk and worry Step, blah, frown lines Step, blah, frown lines I didn t finish 160 352 pages read Frustration won I was defeated when I flipped through the rest and foundof the same Oh wait, one character dies but I felt nothing even though the author attempts to elicit sympathy for their plight It didn t work on me.I don t have any guilt at not finishing this There was nothing to keep me entertained No wit, no romance not really anyway except for an all ready established relationship with 19 year old James from whom Lia distances herself Alice, her twin becomesand well, evil It would ve been interesting to have seen things from her perspective Overall, a stupendous waste of time. A combination of depth, personality, and fun, Prophecy of the Sisters brings back all the joys of reading It is a story one can fully immerse themselves in, due to a detailed plot and in depth character analysis The combination of 19th century lifestyle, mythical creatures, and biblical background makes this one of the most interesting books I ve read Michelle Zink develops her characters early, propelling the plot forward into a story full of twists and turns One of the best written books I ve read. What a letdown After all of the awesome reviews on here, I expected Prophecy of the Sisters to be better The idea is interesting, as is the twist in the story Zink does a great job setting the scenes but that is the best I can say about this one Prophecy of the Sisters is a badly written mystery You know, the sort where each discovery is a person place thing which only provides a certain amount of information but always points the protagonist in this case, Lia in the right direction so she will easily find the next clue While Lia professes frustration at the seeming impossibility of accomplishing her task, the reader is fully aware thatanswers will be provided in the next chapter I also found Lia to be an unlikeable character Granted, this novel takes place in 1890, so it is not unexpected that Lia is presented as somewhat stoic But even her inner monolouge seems very proper and reserved Finally, the Spirits, Souls, Prophecies, etc are given very specific rules, histories and boundaries I m not sure how to articulate my exact meaning but when I read stories with paranormal aspects, there is always some mystery involved But In Zink s world, the right book, spritualist, note and clue always hold the correct and very exact information about the secret of the Prophecy Not a big deal on it s own but with Lia being very proper, the clues being in proper order and the secrets themselves being somewhat proper all of the fun has been taken out of what could have been a creepy and haunting story. An Ancient Prophecy Divides Two Sisters One GoodOne EvilWho Will Prevail Twin Sisters Lia And Alice Milthorpe Have Just Become Orphans They Have Also Become Enemies As They Discover Their Roles In A Prophecy That Has Turned Generations Of Sisters Against Each Other, The Girls Find Themselves Entangled In A Mystery That Involves A Tattoo Like Mark, Their Parents Deaths, A Boy, A Book, And A Lifetime Of Secrets Lia And Alice Don T Know Whom They Can TrustThey Just Know They Can T Trust Each Other MOTHERFUCKER, I GOT TROLLED TROLLED, I FUCKING TELL YOU I was about to read it because the one of the two protagonists shares my namesake of a different variation Lia Leah , plus her twin sister is called Alice see f list Until I fucking found out her love interest is called Dimitri, DIMITRI Y ALL don t even ask me why AWW HELL FUCKING NAW, I M AVOIDING THIS SHIT LIKE A PLAGUE OF RUSSIAN STDs Bitch, what the fuck I m sorry, if your name is Dimitri DON T EVEN THINK ABOUT COMING NEAR ME, EVEN IN PAPER FORM, BECAUSE IT S A TURN OFF.DO NOT TALK TO ME, I DON T WANT TO TALK TO YOUR LONG HAIRED ASS I ll be lead to think you have long hair, a socially inept twat who likes to dress up in a cowboy costume and most likely to ride a white van This shit ain t fucking funny clutches my pearls I had a fucking heart attack and a hemorrhage this fucking morning. I m not sure why I waited so long to read this book But for some reason I was apprehensive to do so I mean this book has been sitting on my bookshelf for ever Probably a year oops And I am kicking myself for not picking it up earlier It was a little slow for me at first there wasn t much happening, I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on But the beautiful writing and the richly descriptive details of the era kept me engaged Lia s story was so passionately told in the first person narrative, I couldn t help but contemplate and solve this mystery along with her Just wow characterization was just awesome Lia is what really drew me to the story, the mystery is probably what kept me reading, but Lia was the catalyst.The premise of the story was something completely unique to me at least I haven t read anything quite like it I ve read novels about prophecies before but nothing that tied two sisters together in this sort of situation It seems as though we still have a lot to learn about the Prophecy but the things we did discover are enough to hold the reader over until the next installment.This novel is just gorgeous The writing, the setting the characters It just works to well The plot might have been a little slow, but the other elements of the story far outweigh that I can t wait to read the next installment of this series And I won t have to wait long Guardian of the Gate hits shelves Aug 1 Lia and Alice Milthorpe are twin sisters that just became orphans Their father has died a mysterious death, just as their mother did many years earlier Following this tragic incident, Lia finds a tattoo like mark on her wrist, her first clue that she is entangled in a mysterious prophecy that has a history of turning sisters against each other Lia finds herself doubting whom to trust and what her role in the events shall be You know that quote the opposite of love is not hate it s indifference Well, that s how I feel about this book I just didn t care about it at all The book wasn t bad When a book is bad, it works up negative feelings for me, and I end up with a ranting review of several pages This book, however, was meh to the extreme.Everything was dry, lifeless as a limp noodle I could tell it wanted to be a gothic, A Great and Terrible Beauty like tale, but it wasn t Not in the least There was no drama or tone or action Lia had no personality and her narrtive consisted of telling rather than showing All the characters did was sit and talk, walk and talk, ride horses and talk Alice was supposed to be a big bad sister that Lia was once close to, but I didn t get that impression Alice and Lia were already distant by the beginning of the book, and perhaps if Zink had started out with them close, that would have createdtension There is also a love interest that doesn t even deserve mentioning And the Prophecy was all too easy to figure out I was ages ahead of the characters and felt like a girlfriend tapping her foot, waiting for her boyfriend to catch up with her at the mall There were several surprises , but I wasn t particularly surprised I rarely don t finish a book I believe in giving a book a chance Well, I got to page 250 of this novel, and I couldn t care less about the ending Huh You know a book is flat when I say couldn t care less I hate that expression There was this girl in middle school who said that about everything and I just wanted to punch her in the face AnywayThis book is a definite miss for me, which is kind of disappointing The premise seemed intriguing, but as I didn t even finish the book, I doubt I will be reading the sequel I am still astounded as to how people gave this book such good reviews How did I miss that spark Alas, my favorite thing about this book remains the cover.