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BEYOND THE LEGENDARY GAME THE LEGEND ITSELFLong Ago In Persia, There Lived A Prince A Man Of Honor, Of Valor, And Full Of Strength A Man For His People, Who Lived With Them And Took On Their Trials And Hardships And He Was LovedHis Name Is No Longer Remembered When People Speak Of Him, They Call Him Merely, The Prince Of Persia, As If There Have Been No Others, And His Descendants Are Enjoined To Live Like Him, To Be Like Him, To The Ends Of Their DaysLong Ago In Persia, There Were Many Princes, One Following Another, Sometimes Quick, Sometimes Slow, Sometimes Fat, Clever, Joyous, And All Or Less Honorable And In Some Of Those Princes There Shone The Spirit Of The Prince Of Persia, For In Persia Time Spins Like A Wheel, And What Is To Come Has Already Happened, And Then Happens Again, Year In And Year Out This Is The Story Of Two Of Those Princes, And Of The Destiny That Threads Their Lives Together Created By Jordan Mechner, The Prince Of Persia Graphic Novel Is Beautifully Written By Poet AB Sina And Opulently Illustrated By LeUyen Pham And Alex Puvilland

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    This graphic novel had both a great story and art going for it but I just couldn t ignore the poor production values on this book The paper quality may be of heavy stock but the cover sure can t handle a light touch handling it The cover just fell apart on me.

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    Though I have mixed feelings about the game series, I found this graphic novel adaptation stunning First off, the title on the cover sparkles with stars which instantly calls out to the girl in me LOL What really got me though was the stunning color details in the panels The color here was done by Hilary Syca and I gotta say, super talent there From the jewel tones throughout, to the details in the clothes to the Persian rug style borders on some of the pages, this is true art.The story itself was pretty good but if I m being 100% honest, it was a little confusing at times, what with the flashback sequences, the dream sequences, the multiple storylines It was sometimes hard to keep track of what time I was in or if it was wasn t a dream sequence A little muddled for me there but I really liked that there was an afterword included written by Jordan Mechner, the creator of the original Prince of Persia game, who also contributed to this graphic novel as well as writing the screenplay to the movie adaptation with Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince In the afterword, Mechner explains that there are, in fact, two different, parallel storylines 4 centuries apart within this graphic novel, which helped clear up some of my confusion with the plot Speaking of the plot, it s definitely not written for a gentle reader, if that term works, as in someone who prefers to avoid graphic images violence in their reading choices This book has vivid panels depicting a fair amount of vigilante justice, animal sacrifices, lots of beheadings and one suicide There is also one panel that shows the Prince being attacked by a boar, which he beheads with his sword in self defense, but then realizes the boar s head still hangs from the prince s leg because the boar teeth are stuck in his leg muscle The Prince actually carves out a section of his leg to remove the boar head and then understandably blacks out As far as the animal sacrifices, they are not used for just senseless shock value entertainment The sacrifies are used to depict an element of the culture at the time, and the story also shows that sacrificed animals were then cooked to feed the people of the village I was amused and surprised to find that my favorite character was an old man who only has three tiny squares in the whole book but he cracked me up because he s just so happy mutters echoes of whatever people say around him, reminding me of Brick from the Anchorman movies This is just a minor thing, but this is the third book I ve read from First Second Publishing and all three, I ve had to re glue the binding in brand new purchased books They seem to be falling apart straight off the shelf almost Which is strange that the artwork can be really good but the actual binding be such crap Anyone else notice this or have issues with this

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    Not being a game player myself, I was naturally at a disadvantage when it came to the plot of this graphic novel adaptation of one of the most popular and longest running video games Which, going on close to two decades now, makes realize that the early 90s really were about the big hair of the 80s, and less the tech boom of the late 90s The narrative of Prince of Persia is a bifurcated one that carries on in the tradition of The Arabian Knights the story within a story motif and even Ovid s Metamorphosis the visual morphing of one scene into another A bit disorienting at first, but by the middle it becomes crystal clear that two story lines separated by four centuries are really two sides of the same coin Not unlike the many reincarnations of the popular video game, I would think And let s not forget the stunning art of Pham and Puvilland, the husband and wife team, whose book illustration and Dreamworks Animation experiences between them are given ample play in a well crafted visual narrative that reads as a thumbnail breakdown of an animated feature An amazing work not only worthy of the European bandes dessinees tradition the ninth art, according to the French , but also of the high quality paper on which it is printed.Narrative and art aside, the afterward by Mechener reads like a trip down memory lane for those of us who came of age during the close of this last century or specifically, those of us of the nerdish persuasion When I was twelve, I spent most of my free time drawing comics I dreamed of a future with Bainbridge boards, T squares, and ink pen nibs Then the Apple II was invented A great thing about drawing comics is the intimacy of it Hours vanish as you sit at your drawing board, absorbed in the characters and worlds you re creating Comics were a perfect occupation for a kid inclined to daydreaming and solitude So were computer games in the 1980s Bainbridge boards and Apple II may have been foreign to me at that same time, but I m in complete agreement with Mechner as I spent countless hours at drawing board penning and illustrating the fictitious exploits of various super hero and sci fi adventures And a truly beautiful thing that was indeed ____________________ I had a drawing board perched atop the desk my dad and I build, but I have no idea what brand it was The name Bainbridge is new to me.

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    For years I ve heard of Prince of Persia as a video game, but as I don t play games I didn t know much about it When I was given the chance to review the new graphic novel inspired by the video, I knew I wanted to take a look Graphic novels in general are something relatively new for me I think of them as like picture books for older readers So many times when my daughters were young we would read a picture book over and over again, and each time we would see something we missed in the illustrations when we read it before Or, we would look for some of our favorite scenes.As with picture books, illustrations carry the story in graphic novels too There s often not much back story that can t be found out through dialogue and pictures Which means graphic novels, while they can be read quickly, are enjoyable when they are read slowly This is definitely the case with Prince of Persia The action takes place in the kingdom of Marv during two centuries, the 9th and the 13th The two story lines are similar in some ways a restless population, both good and corrupt rulers, the people looking for a savior If you race through it all, it can be confusing, even though the different time periods are depicted in different tones As I read I found myself going back a few times to clarify what was happening in one place or another That s when I realized I needed to slow down While Prince of Persia readers may definitely call to mind scenes from The Arabian Nights and Disney s Aladdin, this isn t a book for very young children violence includes quite a few severed heads and tongues But the story, once you grasp it, has a few twists that make it enjoyable It could be fun for mother daughter book clubs to read this graphic novel, go together as a group to see the movie, The Prince of Persia Sands of Time, then gather to talk about both The movie is rated PG 13 for violence, so consider that when deciding to take on both adaptations.

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    Graphic novel based on the gameif you like the game I think you will like this book.

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    This plot makes no sense I have no idea who anyone is or what happened The story is told by jumping between two or three timelines, so there are all these different sets of characters, most of whom look alike, and it s impossible to keep track of them all There s also a prophecy and a magic peacock dude that confused me even Then there came the giant sand babies I m not sure if they were real or imagined Was that part of a giant sand baby nightmare Did someone dream that whole thing, or were the babies really there IDK.I m confused if the Prince was reincarnated as the other crazy dude in the ruins, or was that his long lost son or something And why did the girl have one blue eye and one brown eye exactly like the lion cub Is she a mystical lion baby How is that connected What is happening here This makes NO sense at all And why was the guy being drowned at the beginning seeing visions or something At first I thought maybe he time traveled through the water to the other timeline and he became the crazy guy in the ruins uuummmmm. but I guess not They just looked alike.Why did that one woman keep threatening to kill herself if she didn t get her way What was her problem These are questions for which I shall perhaps never know the answers I m okay with that This was a waste of time and energy, and my poor brain hurts trying to piece all this nonsense together Why can t you just tell a straightforward and CLEAR story It would kill you to explain something in the narrative every once in a while

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    I picked Prince of Persia up as a fan of the games and of the general adventure genre of the Arabian Nights style The story was intriguing and thoughtful It s presented as two stories set 400 years apart with the first story creating and influencing the legend action of the second story The stories are presented side by side allowing the plot points to expose themselves gradually which leads to a feeling of mystery and intrigue The female characters felt stronger to me than the male characters both in terms of their strength of mind and their initiative and drive to get things done The art was clean and simple while still detailed enough to really draw me in The tone created by the art changed based on plot points but was generally fairly light after having recently read Watchmen, the art here felt almost airy Some of the depictions of violence were fairly graphicit wasn t spewing blood, but the violent imagery was pushing PG 13 at times The art and the plot were fast paced and kept me scanning from panel to panel and page to page quickly I think I flew through the book in about 40 minutes Which was my main complaint I wanted The depth there was good and the story flowed well I just felt like it was over too quickly There was a little deus ex machina that sped things up a little bit, but the story itself flowed well I think mostly I would have loved to have seen the book double in size, stretch a few segments out, and add scenes before ending.The book also came with a very cool afterward by the developer designer responsible for the first Prince of Persia game and involved in creation of the subsequent titles Having worked in video games, I was really interested by his description of the creation of the initial games and of how the process changed for the later titles I also really liked his insight into the adventure stories and histories that helped inspire the games and the book I d been looking to read Arabian Nights and he recommends the translation I ll likely use 3.5 stars out of 5

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    I had several issues with this graphic novel it was all over the place VERY strange it dragged onHowever, I did like the art style the characters the royalty aspectThis graphics novel was just. Alright.

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    Oh wow, they turned the video game into a graphic novel And it s a pretty good story for the most part I love the setting and the characters The art style is really interesting and there s certainly a lot of interesting imagery some of which is disturbing Unfortunately, some of the decisions made in the way the story is told hamper my ability to enjoy the world For one thing, there are two stories being told, several hundred years apart But they re also told concurrently and maybe not chronologically Maybe because of this, or maybe because the art just doesn t put enough distinguishing features between the characters, but I kept confusing the three male leads with each other This is somewhat helped by the fact they tend to be color coordinated like the power rangers, but I couldn t guarantee that I knew where I was in the narrative from moment to moment I mean, in the end I enjoyed the book, but before you start your story and show me characters and do time jumps within 5 pages of your story, introduce your freaking characters so I know who I m following.Another unfortunate thing is I have to criticize the use of the parallel stories Normally, when two stories are presented in parallel, there s aspects to both stories that reflect or comment on each other I couldn t really tell you why I read two stories at the same time, other than feeling frustrated that the narrative would jump back and forth by hundreds of years Honestly, the story would have been stronger if it had been two short stories told separately, in my opinion.But get past the friction points and you re treated to a story of adventure in an exotic place There s gross stuff like someone gets offed on the crapper, eyes and tongues getting cut out There s a real metal scene where a guy finds a well made of human skeletons do Persians practice sky burial I even liked the smart talking bird once I figured out it has a speech affect and wasn t saying someone s name.And at the end, there s an interview with Jordan Mechner, a man that I really admire He talks about the Prince of Persia series over the years and it s just great to hear what he thinks about everything since I think he s a smart man It seems like he smartly washes his hands of the PoP movie and bad Sand of Time sequels which he didn t work on, haha.Doesn t really have much to do with the games besides the settings, but that s fine Mechner acknowledges that the Prince is an amorphous thing that changes depending on the setting and creator, and so I have no problem with the tenuous connection I just wish the experience wasn t marred by the problem points I mentioned above.

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    The focus on the characters seemed out of place and confusing Illustration is amazing the colors and details.It felt like I was reading the 1001 Nights and Shahnameh at the same time, which are my favorites thing to read about I played a little bit of the game when I was younger so this was out of nostalgia for me.