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I can never get enough of this fabulous series by Laura Childs.I remember the first time I picked up one of these books, I was automatically hooked.I feel like I would know Theo and Drayton anywhere.The dynamic duo not only brew up an amazing cup of tea, but their unique way of solving mysteries are just as fun.While attending a private party, Theo watches a man drop to his death, she thinks surely it was an accident.When Theo runs to his aid, she makes a gruesome discovery which leads her and Drayton into a mysterious world of the rich, where answers are waiting to be discovered.The recipes always sound delicious and the mouthwatering tea will have you brewing up your own special blend in no time.Fans of this series will be delighted with Plum Tea Crazy.I voluntarily read an ARC of this book provided by the publisher and NetGalley. Laura Childs once again has a hit on her hands In book nineteen in the Tea Shop Mystery, Theodosia is shocked to find a murdered banker At first, people believed that the live canons had killed him and caused him to fall onto a fence below but Theodosia soon learns that he was first shot by an arrow before he fell to his death.This time, there are quite a lot of suspects that could have done this and Childs does a fantastic job of circling the characters and giving each one of them a solid motive What I love about Childs writing is that she doesn t waste any time in getting the story started Within the first few pages, the murder occurs, setting the quick pace for the rest of the book For me, it s the expert pacing that makes me devour these books so quickly I read this in one sitting, proving that this book is very easy to follow yet offers the intricacy of an expert mystery.For anyone who is curious about this series, this one does have a bit of an English touch to it This is expected since the series is about tea However, in this book, the Asian countries do get some recognition so I really liked that as well.Although this series is long running, you can definitely read this series out of order Just make sure you at least try Laura Childs if you re into Cozy Mysteries I honestly don t think there s another author as good as conjuring up mysteries as well as Childs does.Read my alternate review at Fresh Fiction Theodosia Browning Investigates A Charleston Steeped In Tradition And Treachery In The Latest Tea Shop Mystery From New York Times Bestselling Author Laura ChildsWhile Viewing The Harbor S Gaslights And Galleons Parade From The Widow S Walk Of Timothy Neville S Charleston Mansion, Local Banker Carson Lanier Seemingly Tumbles Over A Narrow Railing, Then Plunges Three Stories To His Death But A Tragic Accident Becomes Something Much Sinister When It S Discovered That The Victim Was First Shot With A Bolt From A CrossbowAt The Request Of The Mansion Owner, Theodosia Investigates The Tragedy And Is Soon Neck Deep In Suspects An Almost Ex Wife, A Coworker, A Real Estate Partner All Had Motives For Killing The Luckless Banker, But One Resorted To Murder To Settle AccountsCLUDES DELICIOUS RECIPES AND TEA TIME TIPS I m a huge fan of this series and wow 19 books This one just didn t hit the mark for me In the first two thirds of the book, Haley acts like a gossip columnist instead of the chef and third in charge Just didn t care for her snarky attitude but it changes once her cousin James arrives I know the cozy genre defies logic when the owner of the business has time to sleuth while the business continues to run successfully but when Theodosia rushes out an hour before the Plum Blossom Tea luncheon to see whether a suspect s car was parked somewhere That was just a bit too much for me I enjoyed the romance developing between Theodosia and Officer Riley hopefully, it will continue I am already looking forward to Book 20 Theodosia Theo Browning, along with her sidekick and employee, Drayton Connelly is enjoying the Gaslights and Galleons Parade at Timothy Neville s Charleston mansion Suddenly a body shockingly falls over the railing to his death The victim is Carson Lanier, a local banker and this is not looking like an accident at all Timothy pleads with Theo to use her investigative skills to find out who could have done such a thing.Theo and Drayton are immediately on the case They dig through Carson s life and begin to uncover his involvement in some mysterious things There s a soon to be ex wife who seems to have a lust for money, a secret business partner and a secret mistress There is no end to the suspect list, but Theo is determined she will uncover the true culprit.This is the 19th book in Laura Childs Tea Shop Mystery series I haven t read the previous ones and I was hesitant to jump in this late in the game, but I loved every minute of it I m a fan of Laura Childs Scrapbooking Mystery series and I ve been wanting to try her other cozy mystery series So, when I had an opportunity to read this one, I grabbed it My only complaint is that I didn t start this series sooner.I had no problem getting to know the characters right from the start I didn t feel as if I was coming into the middle of a movie I felt a part of the story rght away The mystery begins and ends with this book There isn t a cliffhanger or any kind of mystery which needs to be read in order At least I didn t feel as if there were any.There s a romance brewing for Theo with the local detective I d be interested to see where that leads.The storyline moved at a fast pace and kept me guessing almost to the end It s very well written I can see me getting involved in this series from book 1 The characters and the tea shop setting are perfect for a cozy mystery The word charming fits this series perfectly I had a very enjoyable visit to Charleston, South Carolina and I plan to visit often FTC Disclosure I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher I was not required to write a positive review All opinions expressed are my own. It has been awhile since I read a Laura Child s book I am pleased to see that the book was not full of various teas but focus on the plot It started with excitement and moved fast with turmoil throughout the book Theodosia was not the victim but close friends were hurt Many of the regulars are present and her affair with a homicide detective Riley continues.Theo is attending a party given by a close friend, Timothy Neville and Carson Lanier, a banker is shot and fell to his death from the balcony Theo begins to explore what happened on behalf of a friend There are few parties in the background that adds interest to the tale She finds plenty of suspects, his estranged, his lover, a co worker who wants his job, and his business partner The ending will surprise I recommend this book and series.Recipes from the Indigo Tea Shop and tea tips are included.Disclosure Many thanks to Berkley Publishing Group for my copy for review The opinions are my own. First, thank you to the publisher s for providing a free electronic preview copy via NetGalley.I have been aware of this series for many years, and always intended to pick up a volume Starting with volume 19 may not have been the best initiation point, for I was frankly disappointed 4 star reviews, gorgeous covers, and my love of tea may have resulted in unrealistic expectations.The pacing seemed erratic The protagonist bungee d back and forth between almost every possible suspect I had the murderer figured out within a couple of chapters by virtue of the fact they were the only character outside of the series staples that the protagonist liked The police were portrayed as incompetent caricatures Throw in a hundred or so cliches and about a dozen random facts and voila, you have enough pages to fill out a book just not enough for a satisfactory mystery or conclusion in my opinion.If you love this series, please don t let my review dissuade you Certainly it has been proven to have an audience Read it for the descriptions of tea, Charleston, good food, and some fashion However, if you love the works of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle, or mysteries where the plot develops slowly through careful observations, involved interviews, and character development rather than hasty accusations, strident confrontations, and repartee, you might want to give it a pass. I requested an advanced reading copy from Penguin s First to Read program because I have read the other volumes in this series I had high hopes that Theodosia would become developed as a character Instead, I found that the author used a formula that has been present in the last few books in the series There is a murder at a society event early in the book and then Theodosia locks in on a suspect She s surprised when there are personal attacks on her but she continues to investigate and thumb her nose at the police I found it hard to believe that Detective Riley would continue to be in a relationship with her It was easy to guess the killer based upon what had happened in earlier books In the beginning of this series, the tea shop was a charming background to the murder mystery, but now it seems that Theodosia s business is an afterthought I m not sure if I ll continue to read this series. I was delighted to be selected to read Laura Childs new cozy, Plum Tea Crazy This is the newest book in the series and is book 19 This one comes out on March 6th I love the idea of this series, the cover and Drayton The dog Earl Grey is also a particular favorite In this mystery like so many in this series there is a lot going on, so much so that it is easy to miss motives and reasoning This book is a heavily layered who dun it with a wonderful tea menu and recipes as well. I always enjoy these mysteries as much for the tea, recipes, Charleston and its environs as the actual mystery This one seemed to have a lot going on that kept me from sinking into it as much as usual Theodosia and her crew are always entertaining.