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Skulduggery and Valkyrie are facing a new enemy Baron Vengeous who is determined to bring back the terrifying Faceless Ones and is crafting an army of evil to help him Added to that Vengeous is about to enlist a new ally if he can raise it from the dead the horrible Grotesuery a very unlikable monster of legendOnce Vengeous is on the loose dead bodies and vampires start showing up all over Ireland Now pretty much everybody is out to kill Valkyrie and the daring detective duo faces its biggest challenge yetBut what if the greatest threat to Valkyrie is just a little closer to home?Look for Scepter of the Ancients

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    What a thrilling funny yet dark plot I loved every page there never seems to be a dull moment in these books on to book 3

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    this one shows a bit of landy's very desturbing amaginationi love all the skulduggery pleasant books so much i can read them anytime

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    Woah This series I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT OKAY? I may flailbut I will attempt logicalness Because I am kind like that I listened to this on audio and I can't recommend it enough It's narrated by a dude with an Irish accent andcan I say BEST ACCENT IN THE WORLD? It was wonderful to listen too and the voices for different characters were perfection It also went really fast I listened to it all in just a few days These books are downright hilarious If I can only ask for two things in booksI want awesome characters and fabulous humour I HAVE BOTH I love the banter between Skulduggery and Valkyrie I also love their relationship Skulduggery is like a supportive uncle but he doesn't cushion her even though he does protect her I LOVE THEM They are family I also love how Valkyrie doesn't just dismiss her parents and she feels guilty that she's not a good daughter to them even though they don't know because she has her reflection pretending to be her For me this was definitely better than book 1 The stakes were a little higher and the enemies a little undefeated able We meet about 4 new villains Actuallythere are a lot of characters I loved the variety like Spring Heeled Jack was awful and slimy and freaky moster But the American agh I can't remember his name was really smooth and funny and despicable The main villain was completely cliche but ah I'll forgive him And the Grotesuory sorry I listened to it on audio so I have noooo idea how to spell anything was awful and unbeatable My biggest MEH moment is how much action scenes there were Don't get me wrong action is awesome But there was so many fighting scenes it got tiresome Plus I also felt that the author didn't seem to make multiple people be fighting at once It really felt like two people battled while everyone else watched I was kind of miffed at that Also there was the awfully cliche thing of secondary characters can be killed with one backhand while main characters get up every time Frustrating Humour? Wit? Epic magical plot? EVIL TO BE FOUGHT? A skeleton? I love this series so much GIVE ME BOOK THREE IMMEDIATELY runs to the library See this gif? ^^ That line was in the book Skulduggery lost his arm at one point he's just a skeleton so no biggie but HE USED THAT LINE Valkyrie was having none of it I absolutely love her

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    Star Rating — 5 StarsHOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS SERIES SOONER??? Get used to me saying this because when it comes to Skullduggery Pleasant it will likely be the first thing I say in each and every one of the reviews for these books😂Absolutely fantastic This series I truly would put just about up there with HP and I am so grateful to the fact that I hadn’t known about it until now because that means PRESENTLY I GET TO READ THE BOOKS FOR THE FIRST TIMEEE Past me can suck it bc this series is so ridiculously good I totally never knew just how badly I needed a series like this at this particular moment in time God bless the Irish their brand of humor 💚The wit sarcasm humor in general of this book are all seriously top notchIt actually reminds me SO MUCH of my dad I and our back forth that we always had Well I’m an eighth or a uarter Irish or something I believe and even if that part of my family lives in England now that has to count for something right?😂MAYBE we’ll see how my plate is lookin’ in a little while lol RTCHonestly READ THIS This series is just so fun carefree and makes my lifeeeee10 out of 10 recommend

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    Every time I read these books I get this warm and fuzzy feeling suddenly my crops are flourishing my skin is clear my depression and anxiety are cured ah how I love Skulduggery Pleasant

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    This is a crazy book series but I like that about it A lead character who is a sorcerer whose body is skeletal A thirteen year old girl who stays out all night fighting evil creatures and sends her reflection to school as a stand in Heinous and I do mean heinous villains who don't mind exploding people along with psychopathic assassins with Southern accents who can dig through the ground and who have a favorite straight razor Yup That's what this book is about I think that this one is a lot dark violent and disturbing than the first book so I'd definitely warn a parent to read it first before letting a kid younger than twelve read this The narrator was great I loved his accents and how he makes these very strange characters stand out I like his intonation for Skulduggery rather sarcastic and one of those people who really don't panic If he does then you're in trouble I enjoy his relationship with ValkyrieStephanie She talks to him kind of disrespectfully but it doesn't bother him He treats her as an eual There were loose ends tied up from the first book that really needed tying Even a cameo of sorts from Valkyrie's deceased uncle who left her his house and fortune The sorcerer world grows bigger and complicated in this book and Valkyrie has cause to think about the life she's chosen as the descendant of Ancients who has decided to fight the good fight She realizes how much time she's missing out with her familyThis book is just plain weird If you don't like weird pass it by If you have strong opinions on what young people should read and that list includes violent books with sorcery monsters and psychopathic characters who have no ualms about harming a 13 year old girl then you won't care for this But if you like fun weirdly humorous uirky sometimes scary and sometimes creepy crawly books with not a small degree of wish fulfillment for tweens and messages about empowerment for young girls then you might like this

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    I don't know what they are but there are dozens of them relatively small moving as a packThey might be kittens she said hopefullyThey're stalking usThey might be shyI don't think it's kittens ValkyriePuppies then? I love Skulduggery and Valkyrie I'm so glad I decided to reread this in English this time and I can't wait until I can get my hands on MidnightThis book is extremely funny with a great sense of humor Skulduggery and Valkyrie bickering is the best but dark at the same time full of action and suspense to keep you glued to the pages This series belongs to favorites and this reread has proven to me once again that Derek Landy deserves his place amongst my favorite authors

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    If books were food Skulduggery Pleasant would be a chocolate covered gummy bearAllow me to elaborate At first the idea of a chocolate covered gummy bear is weird and a little gross but once you taste it you discover how delightful it is Is it junk food? Maybe But sometimes it's great to chow down on junk food Chocolate covered gummy bears are not for everyone of course but I find them addictiveMy only real complaint is that it has a few too many murders for a kid's book

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    An endless night made me finish the book Or rather it kept me awake If you say its a young adult you are perhaps lowing its caliber It doesn't shy on hardcore action brutality violent killings It has a rich storyline continues action fun and miracle After Harry Potter and Dresden Files I am enjoying a series so much Three cheers for Derek Landy You Rock

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    Honestly it's great What else can I say? It was enjoyable it was fast it was hilarious It's basically everything I want in a story with no unnecessary romance I'll still write a full review for book one but I doubt I will for every book in this series