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You are the true princess We will protect you We will keep you safe until the evil ones are vanquished and the truth can be revealed Palace of Mirrors, pg 1 This is the secret that Cecilia has had to keep all of her life and in the book Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix On a mission to protect herself when danger to her strikes in her own villae, she along with the help of her best friend Harper must take a dangerous and risky journey to protect herself and maybe Cecilia will take her true place as princess.On this journey Cecilia s beliefs, hopes, dreams and what she thought was true is put to the test on this journey Ever since Cecilia was an infant she has lived with her grandmother and has been told a secret that she can t tell anyone, not even her best friend in the world, Harper Cecilia has been told by her protector, Sir Stephen, that she was a princess and that she needs to be keep this a secret no matter what because that is the only way to keep her safe Desmia, the current princess of the land, is a fake and a cover up for Cecilia In an attempt to keep her safe, the royal guard is making Cecilia live in a small remote village as a peasant girl Since she was a little child Sir Stephen would come over and teach her everything that you needed to know to be a princess such as math, foreign relations, geography, politics, history, proper literature and the correct way to talk, walk and behave in front of important people As Cecilia grows older she becomes restless and when in her village danger strikes she must make a mission to the palace to keep herself and Desmia safe She and Harper go on a mission to reach the capital city, but it was not as easy as they thought that it would be They face many dangers on their way to the capital city, in the capital city and the challenge of convincing Desmia that Cecilia is the real princess.But what happens to Cecilia that once she meets Desmia and finds out the real truth of her life s story Everything that she has grown up knowing, belieiving and wishing is questioned in this journey I really like this book The general types of books that I enjoy reading involve romance, adventure, and royalty Palace of Mirrors is a good combination of all of those components that I enjoy in a book We see the budding romance between Cecilia and Harper which grows and developes throughout the book Adventure is portrayed when Harper and Cecilia take the journey to the capital city so that Cecilia can take back her rightful place as queen Royalty and the royal family plays into this book because Cecilia is told that she is a princess and is trying to take back her spot from Desmia.Palace of Mirrors is told in a way that almost anyone can understand It is a good adventure story and at the end of the book there is a twist that almost nobody who is reading this book would expect Overall I really did enjoy this book I would recommend this book to many people The target audience that Margaret Peterson Haddix is trying to reach would be teenage girls The combination of adventure and romance appeals to the category of young women Although this book may be appealing to other types of readers, Palace of Mirrors mainly is attracted to young women who enjoy a good story of adventure and romance Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a good story of love, adventure and could be considered a coming of age story for Cecilia, Harper and in some ways Desmia Cecilia went on this journey with the help of her best friend Harper and the protection of her grandmother and Sir Stephen that changed her life and who she was as a person What would you do if everything that you know, believe and hope was questioned Some people would sit around and wait for something to happen while others go out and find what they are looking for and test themselves Cecilia is one of the people who goes out and find herself This adventure transformed Cecilia into a strong, indpendent, love struck young women. What would you do if you always grew up as a princess in hiding Then, what would you do if suddenly, there is a twist to it that nobody expected How would react if everything you were told was only partially right In The Palace of Mirrors by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Cecilia has grown up always believing she was the one true princess Her parents, the king and queen, were killed in a betrayal The queen lived long enough to send her baby daughter into hiding, until the murderers were brought to justice In the mean time, there was a fake princess, a decoy, placed on the throne, whose name was Desmia Cecelia was sent to live in a very small town as a poor, orphaned girl She lived with her nanny and did all the chores of a normal girl, so that no one would suspect anything Every night, her teacher and personal knight, Sir Stephen, would come and give her books to study On one unsuspicious afternoon, Cecilia and her best friend, Harper were going down to the little pond like they did every day to fish As Cecelia and Harper are strolling down the beaten down path, Cecilia notices a shadow following them Sir Stephen had always taught her to be on the lookout, to be cautious, because if anything happened to her, the kingdom would crumble, for the fact that the only princess living in the castle, was a fake She was not the true ruler As Cecilia gets very suspicious of the following shadow, as it could be someone after her Then the unexpected happens, and instead of what she was expecting, a maniac wielding a knife, a huge dog gets thrown at her, knocking her down That night, the leather lock on their door, was sliced by a knife while they weren t looking Nanny just claims that it was worn through, but Cecilia knows what really happened For fear of her life, she runs to Harper s house in the middle of the night to recruit him to travel to the palace and warn Desmia As she tells him that she is the one true princess, instead of being his comical self about it, he is unusually serious about it He agrees to go with her, and to have a cover to get into the palace, he brings his unloved harp that his mother has made him play so that he wouldn t have to go to war like his father The strange thing is, he has always wanted to be a soldier like his dad Anyway, as they split off to collect supplies, Nanny calls for Cecilia Cecilia finds out that a group of men on horseback surrounded the house, looking for her Nanny encourages her to go to the kingdom, and gives her some rations to last until they get there As they try to get to the palace, they have a long hard journey, including thorns and stubborn guards As they reach the palace and complete their portion of the music contest, Cecilia quickly passes by Desmia and tells her, I am the true princess I am here to relieve you of your dangerous duty Nobody expects what happens next Desmia gets extremely angry and locks her in a tower If you really want to find out why she locked her up when Cecilia was trying to relieve her of getting potentially killed, read The Palace of Mirrors , by Margaret Peterson Haddix If you really want a sneak peek at why she throws her in a tower, I will give you one line that Desmia says like sneers You are not the true princess I am Somewhere In The World I Have A Tiara In A Little Box It Is Not Safe For Me To Wear It It Is Not Safe For Me Even To Tell Anyone Who I Really Am But I Know I Have Always KnownCecilia Knows That She Is Not Just Another Peasant Girl She Is Actually The True Princess, In Hiding Until The Evil Forces That Killed Her Parents Are Vanquished A Commoner Named Desmia Is On The Throne As A Decoy As She Gets Older, Cecilia Finds It Harder To Study Statesmanship And Palace Protocol Secretly At Night And Then Pretend That She Has Nothing On Her Mind Other Than Scrubbing The Gruel Stains Out Of Her Best Apron By Day Cecilia Knows That It Is Time To Take Charge Along With Her Best Friend, Harper, She Flees To The Capital City, Determined To Reclaim Her Throne And Face The Danger Head On When Harper And Cecilia Reach The Famed Palace Of Mirrors, They Discover Complications Princess Desmia Believes An Entirely Different Version Of The Story Acclaimed Author Margaret Peterson Haddix Returns To The Charmed World Of Just Ella, Where A Princess In Hiding And A Pretender To The Throne Discover That Nothing Is As It Appears The plot had me guessing until the very end and it was such a sweet and devastating end So happy I read this I especially love how authentically our MC s thoughts sounded like a 14 year old I loved reading from her perspective Such a fun story I put off reading this book for a long time because I didn t really like Just Ella, but I shouldn t have It was really good Though Harper s name threw me, as it s the name of the little girl who lives next door to me and this Harper is a 14 year old boy Love this book Also, Cecilia and Harper kind of reminded me of Miri and Peder, which is awesome I m not used to reading fantasy from Haddix, so I almost forgot I wasn t reading Shannon Hale at times Except Hale is a Mormon and Haddix is a Presbyterian, and it makes a distinct difference. Picked this up at a BN while waiting for others to finish shopping I only finished a little over 50 pages but by then I was into the story, so I put a hold on it at the library Going back to the world of Just Ella was nice and she even pops up in this story as well It reminded me of when I was still a new reader and that was nice Cecilia can be a bit self important but then again she is the true princess She is good if flawed but I didn t dislike her at all Cecilia does learn and grow a good deal by the end of the book She and her friend or maybe something are both ideal for the journey and scheme they have to undertake The best part I would have to say is the surprises and how it was predictably a happy ending but not the way I expected it to be Now that I ve said this I feel a tad guilty because those who read it in the future will now not be as surprised as I was just because I said they would be In any case it s still a great read Perfect for pre teens. Celia is the true princess.But she can t tell anyone At least she s not supposed to She has been raised in secrecy in hopes of thwarting the assassins who killed the late king and queen.However, TOTAL secrecy is a bit unfair And unrealistic I mean, really What is Cecilia supposed to do when her best friend, Harper, ditches her on a fishing expedition, then stops speaking to her due to a misunderstanding Clearly, she has no choice but to sneak out of her cottage in the middle of the night and travel through the forest in the middle of the night and wake him up in the middle of the night to tell him the whole story And when Harper Celia return to the cottage, to learn that it has been vandalized by the enemy, what choice do they both have but to head straight for the capital, in order to rescue the poor decoy princess who must naturally need rescuing Clearly there is no other choice Now if only Harper and Celia can acquire some shoes So that the guards will allow the true princess through the gate.An entertaining romp through a kingdom, a series of flawed choices, than one surprise, and some seriously bad harp music Palace of Mirrors is the companion novel to Just Ella. Both stories are set in different kingdoms with different heroines but I would recommend reading them in order as Ella plays a role in both novels.If you enjoy this, I d also highly recommend Goose Chase by Patrice Kindl and The Princess Tales series by Gail Carson Levine. Duh It s a fantastic read and our heroine has MY NAME Wow Well my favorite part was Harper, to be honest I ll get to him in a second.Writing style 4 5 Really good Every now and then I got a little distracted because Cecilia would discuss something to the reader for a couple pages and I would get bored But I was still very impressed.Age choice 2 5 Cecilia was fourteen Fourteen Seriously Just the way she acted and thought, the stuff that happened to her, it all spoke sixteen to me She was one of the most ME characters I ve ever read, not sure what that says about me, and I guess I m only fourteen too So hmmmmEnding 2 5 While I hadn t contrived the exact ending, I knew it would be something a little too easy And it was I had at least a dozen reasons of why the solution wouldn t work Couldn t come up with a better alternative, however Cecilia and Harper s ending was great though Dialogue 5 5 No complaints whatsoever, which was great, actually kind of impressed Conversations felt normal and non contrived, with the ease of real life friends I am jealous Character developement 3 5 Conflicted here I didn t really feel like I knew the characters well enough to predict actions for anyone except Harper and Cecilia, but for an MC she was pretty average, with the exception of her high values Relatable, but not exactly remarkable My type of person in real life, not so much in a book.But then, personality was not relevant to the plot, and it was made up for in story Not sure where to go with this BUT Cecilia set it up beautifully for Harper My huge highlight of the story.Harper Harper and Cecilia relationship 7 5 here I am, rating a character all over again He just made me happy I like a guy that can be comfortable around girls, that can hold himself back, that has high moral standards, and kisses the girl at the end but NOT BEFORE Maybe I m very anti kissing or something, but it made me so totally happy that they didn t kiss until they knew they were in love YES Recommended for anyone who likes a princess story, a happy ending, a girl main character that actually acts like a girl , an easy read, or no action but some excitement. Well, this is disappointing She s 14, and I m younger, but even I could have done better.HONESTLY.She was supposed to be educated for God s sakes Not a complete moron.Did she honestly think that Desmia would just step down from the throne and say, Oh, you re the real princess, and I m fake Well, now you re here, I guess I ll go now and abandon all the riches and food and starve to death outside the castle wide smile NO, BITCH, JUST NO.Her good friend, Harper, decides to help her to get her throne.And what does she do to thank him She CONSTANTLY complains about everything and anything.She is SO FULL OF HERSELF.Just because you re born royal, or that s what she believes, does not mean you re smart and right about everything.And the ending, Haddix obviously tried to make it a happy ending.13 girls, that all have a different strength and if they work together, they will be perfect But it has no reality, not even an ounce.Sure, all 13 princesses are educated and all that.But the court people or whatever will NEVER let them rule the throne.You know why Because people are greedy, and they are not going to let 13 orphans rule the country Nu uh Not over their dead body.In reality, they will throw out the all the girls and rule over the country themselves or kill each other and see who gets the throne.I only gave it 2 stars because of Harper As far as I m concerned, Cecilia does not deserve him Not over my dead body.