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In This Rousing Sequel To Nobody S Princess, Young Helen Of Sparta Is Not About To Be Left Behind When Her Older Brothers Head Off To Join The Quest For The Golden Fleece Accompanied By Her Friend Milo, And Disguised As A Boy Herself, Helen Sets Out To Join The Crew Of Heroes Aboard The Massive Ship Known As The Argo Helen Quickly Faces All Sorts Of Danger There Are Battles To Be Fought, As Well As An Encounter With A Terrifying Murderous Princess With Her Beauty Blossoming, Helen S Journey Takes Her Beyond The Mythology Of The Golden Fleece To Athens, Where Her Very Future As Queen Of Sparta Is Threatened

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    While a satisfying conclusion to Nobody s Princess , I was highly disappointed in this book Nobody s Princess was something that I would let my second graders read and was still something enjoyable for me This sequel, however, was too crude When Helen was dressed like a boy, there were pages of jokes and comments on homosexuality When she was dressed like a girl there were jokes and comments on sexuality in general Instead of writing a powerful novel, the author took the easy way out.

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    As far as sequels go Nobody s Prize was average It didn t wow me or make me go, oh my gosh that was amazing Actually, it made me mad The author completely and one hundred percent sets up the ending for a third book yet chances are very slim that there will be one Nobody s Prize continued where Nobody s Princess left off Helen and Milo travel from Delphi, following the trail of Helen s brothers and the other warriors set to join the quest for the golden fleece On the way they run into a few obstacles but nothing major Once on the quest there are of course many adventures The problem I had with section of the book was the whole emphasis on Herkales and his issues The book is supposed to be about Helen, not some overweight truth twisting hero The author portrays almost all of the heroes on the quest as being very arrogant and self centered Even when we re supposed to be supporting certain characters, because of previous backgrounds on the characters you can t really love them as much as you fee like you ought too Another issue I had was the authors overall perspective on Helen She establishes her as character that can defend herself perfectly well, is smart if not brilliant, and becoming and attractive but it constantly finding herself in dangerous situations Is it because Helen is smart or stupid That was a major question that plagued me as I read this sequel With all the negative said, the book is very good It s interesting to the point of where I was reading it in my Art History class under the tables bad, I know I didn t want to put it down, which is always a very enjoyable experience I loved certain plot twists that allowed Helen to grow and expand as a character Ultimately, i m stuck again on the possibility of another sequel In the first two books the author focuses on what Helen s life would have been life when she was growing up, as opposed to the famous story we all know The problem is that Nobody s Prize is absolutely begging for a sequel It wants it so bad it makes poor innocent readers such as me almost distraught wondering how the author would have portrayed a well know story of Helen, when she s a bit older, wiser, and has a face that launched a thousand ships I can only hope that the author will decide to expand Helen s story and satisfy readers curiosity Overall, 4 stars for being entertaining despite a few flaws

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    I didn t like the first book so I should ve known better to waste my time on the second book, but I read the word love on the back of the second book and couldn t help but look at it I was sorely disappointed I wouldn t recommend either of these books to anyone.

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    I read the first book, Nobody s Princess , and wasn t too impressed However, it was okay, and it seemed to be one long introduction, so I had hopes that this book would be where the payoff occurred No such luck Honestly, I ll give the author credit it takes a LOT of skill to be able to make the story of Jason and the Argonauts boring, but she succeeded This book has all the problems of the first one lots of potential that never goes anywhere A lot of it comes down to the lack of any emotion coming across Oh, we re told that emotions are occurring, but we don t feel anything A character falls off a freaking cliff to his death and we re TOLD that our heroine is upset, while she manages to convey approximately the amount of distress that you would feel if you found a hair in your soup And that avoiding the climaxes thing that we saw from the first book is putting in overtime work here The author does actually try some foreshadowing this time around though she seems to only remember this periodically Ooops, better chuck in a quick foreshadow here and appears to have a full fledged plot shaping up We sail to a strange land where the royal ladies belong to a treacherous cult, accompanied by an estranged prince who is doomed to die if he comes home Jason plots to steal the golden fleece a crazed princess tries to kill our heroine with poison and kills the doomed prince instead the tension is building and our heroine GETS IN A SHIP AND SAILS AWAY.That entire plotline is dropped dead What Seriously The remaining third of the book is spent on some completely unrelated abduction and forced marriage plot surrounding our heroine when she arrives back home, but the author had totally lost me at that point anyway The one good thing about the book at this point was that it was a really quick read, so at least I d only wasted one day on it.I just feel so sad when I see potential like this fall on its face so badly Such a pity.

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    I d be queen of Sparta one day I d marry because it would be my duty to have children and provide the land with its next ruler If I was lucky, I d choose my husband wisely and we d love one another But between You must do this because you re a princess and You must never do that because you re a girl, there was no time left for Do what you like,because you re Helen This quest,this adventure might be my only chance to see what it meant to be myself.In the sequel to Nobody s Princess , Helen of Sparta masquerades as a male servant in order to join her brothers and others as they sail with Jason who s trying to obtain the Golden Fleece Now, many readers felt let down by the sequel, but I would argue it is definitely the superior of the first book In the beginning, Helen is still as equally stubborn and impulsive as she was in the last book,but as the above quote which comes about 44% into the book implies Helen is beginning to really understand what her future holds Helen is a female in a time where women remained inside the palace and the men went to war Helen s brothers can do as they please and they do so by continuing on without a care in the world Helen is like the college graduate the last weekend before the first real job, like the single girl the day before her wedding, or the first time mother in the months before the baby s arrival Quests and adventures will not be of her future but a mere memory of her past.We see this again as Helen makes realizations about love between two people and begins to realize what she does and doesn t want in her future When held unwillingly by Theseus and his mother, Helen meticulously plans her escape with the help of new alliances instead of blindly thinking only of herself.Friesner s Helen of Sparta leaves readers confident about her role as ruler Much than what we felt in book one.

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    In the exciting adventure of Nobody s Prize by Esther Friesner, Lady Helen of Sparta travels in disguise alongside her brothers, friends, and strangers to help Prince Jason acquire the Golden Fleece Lady Helen, the brave, enthusiastic, and fearless person she is, she sneaks aboard the Argo with her noble, shy, and obedient friend, Milo Traveling by boat, around their world, they encounter friends, fatal battles, family reunions, and new brotherhoods This book showed a less glamorous side of royalty It might have been the fact that I never imagined royalty everyday life, or the way that Lady Helen was able to leave home without her parents noticing Either way, this book was intriguing, and I couldn t take my eyes off the page

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    I didn t really like this book I didn t like Helen, and I especially didn t like how Esther Friesner changed the myths There was a section in the back of the book titled She can t do that to the myths where I thought it would answer some of my questions about why she took the magic out of the myths No, it was about how she changed them a little to fit her story She can change the myths, and I have no issues with that, but when she takes all the wonder out of them, I do This book was like historical fiction than historical fantasy.

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    hmmm no better than the first one, really plot and characters are decent, but not really anything special writing style is a bit annoying, w all the random italics when i want to catch up on my greek mythology i ll just read percy jackson though, thank you very much XD

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    Some off references to gay relationships between teen boys and grown men and a story that was lackluster.

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    Mostly I read this just to finish the series It wasn t as good as I was hoping.