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  At the end of My Life in Pink Green Lucy Desberg had just won the grant that would save her family’s pharmacy—and turn it into a modern eco spa Now it’s summer and the work has begun in earnest Lucy figures that with the spa opening and her sister Claudia home she’ll have a great summer But her sister brings a new boyfriend and their investor brings his extremely irritating daughter Bevin Plus there’s a new spa coordinator in charge of the plans and so Lucy finds herself at loose ends What’s a girl to do? A makeover of course But this time Lucy’s makeover skills might not smooth over the cracks in her happy family Praise for My Summer of Pink Green Through Lucy’s perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit Greenwald reminds readers that dreams are worth pursuing — Kirkus Reviews Lucy charms readers once again with her positive attitude and dedication to beauty make up and environmental well being — School Library Journal My Summer of Pink and Green is a relaxing uick paced read Young girls will enjoy this story filled with a strong protagonist likeable characters and themes of friendship — VOYA Magazine Award Spring 2013 Kids' Indie Next List

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    A disappointment after the first book What happened to the smart funny and confident protagonist from My Life in Pink Green? The only characteristic that remains is the confident part and now she's a bit TOO confident Sure she came up with these great ideas to expand her family's business but she can't expect to be put in charge of the whole spa project She's in 8th grade for God's sake Some things have to be left to the adults I don't see this character do much than whine about everyone around her and stick her nose into places it doesn't belong

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    Book ReviewMy Summer of Pink and Green By Lisa Greenwald “My Summer of Pink and Green” is about a girl named Lucy Desberg who won a grant to help turn their pharmacy into a modern eco spa The construction will take the whole summer and she’s excited for it to be done and also that her sister is coming home from college and it should be a great summer However her sister brings home her boyfriend Bean and the spa construction is harder than they thought It isn’t exactly how Lucy planned and hoped for The Desberg’s investor Gary brought his daughter Bevin who’s the same age as Lucy but not as mature and they’re staying for the summer for construction and they are staying in the pharmacies upstairs apartment Lucy finds her annoying and Lucy also keeps having other issues with other people to like her best friend Sunny her sister and her boyfriend her friends and everyone else treating her like a baby when it comes to spa work and the responsibilities My favorite part of the book is in the very beginning when all the characters get introduced and Lucy Sunny her brother Yamir and their friend Evan are all sitting outside on the front porch waiting for Lucy’s sister Claudia to come home I could picture the scene all of them happy schools out and they are drinking mint tea and having a good time I loved this book I could really relate to the book a lot especially Lucy’s feelings and the events that happened throughout the story I recommend this to anyone who feels like they are the only ones who have problems and if they read this they can see that Lucy has a lot of problems just as well; ones just like anyone would in the real world This book kept me wanting to read and every page and always kept me interestedStephanie D Period 2

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    Remember Jane Austin's EMMA ? This is an EMMA story only the time is changed to now and the place is changed to small East coast town and the girl with the projects is LucyLucy has BFF trauma wanna'boyfriend trauma family trauma and this isn't happening to me I don't want this friend trauma not being taken seriously trauma and eco issues trauma all bundled up into opening a family business for which she won grant fundingWow is that a lot for one girl's summer? Each chapter begins with a tip from Lucy which may or may not be fleshed out in that chapter She's just thirteen years old which begs the uestion what reading audience is this aimed at? There are a few terms the average 13 yr old might miss such as naan an Indian bread and pariah Overall there is humor frustration and perhaps all the pieces resolve a bit too simplistically I'm not sure the average 13 yr old would relate to a family owned drug store cum spa I think that if the author had added five years to her protagonist and her sister and friends it would have been a better fit for the plot and setting

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    I liked this book a lot I forgot how I felt about the first I know I liked that too but I can’t remember enough to compare This one I enjoyed watching he progress of the spa and the different characters Lucy was involved with but it frustrated me how she couldn’t seem to communicate her feelings appropriately to all the people around her and she ended up having to apologize to everyone in the end but no one had to apologize to her Thought that was a little BS lol Interested to see how this all ends in the third book

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    This book was great I had to read the first book in the series for English class and I enjoyed it so much that I really wanted to read the second one This book was awesome I really recommend this book

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    YA book; 2nd in serious Good uick read Lucy strikes again

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    Lucy Desberg is a problem solver She's perfected every makeup crisis in town Plus her best friend has nabbed her first boyfriend thanks to Lucy's love advice Best of all she won a grant that has enabled her to transform the family's pharmacy into an eco friendly spa Life couldn't be better for this budding entrepreneur Unfortunately for Lucy because she's still a kid nobody grown ups included takes her seriously Even with all the changes her family's going through nobody seems to want her around except a family friend's annoying daughter Bevin

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    My Summer of Pink Green was a pretty good book I really enjoyed the plot of this novel I would definitely recommend this My favorite character was by far Lucy I liked how much I could relate to her she definitely seemed like a real person Lisa Greenwald described everything in such great detail that I could actually envision the scenes and the setting they took place in My favorite scene would have to be when their ground breaking of the spa was taking place Lucy seemed so excited that her idea was becoming a reality This was when she was actually a part of everything There were some things that I didn't like as much One example being how the plot got really boring the I got to the end It made me not want to read it as much as I did before At the beginning it did keep me guessing about what her future with the spa looks like Later in the book things became kind of predictable You could tell what was going to happen next or something that has no point is included Overall I enjoyed it than I disliked it The beginning was the best part of the novel by far I would definitely recommend this novel for a younger audience because of the characters The story is coming from a child

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    I think the book ended and left me uestioning what happens next I guess It ended nicely with Lucy eventually starting to date Yamir but it doesn't have an epilogue which I prefer at the end of a book if it ends the way this one did The book kind f wrapped everything up which was nice i guess but it did it very uickly and it felt like the author was just trying to end the book already This was kind of disappointing considering this was the seuel to My Life In Pink And Green I thought that book ended nicely and though it did end on a cliffhanger it was okay because i knew there was a seuel This book was different because it ended the same way as the first one but another book doesn't come after this one so it kind of leaves me to wonder what's happened and that makes me uncomfortable

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    My Summer of Pink and Green is a great book about a young 12yr old girl in the seventh grade surviving a summer with her older sisters new boyfriend to get used to crushes and difficultly with friends but doesn't mean it's not a great book it's just girl things It's very girly and fun and if your a girly girl that is in seventh or eighth grade that doesn't like a lot of science fiction or horror or mystery but age appropriate GIRLY books this is a great book for you I totally recommend it I recommend it especially for the summer time too You might enjoy it a little