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Nineteen contemporary holiday hotties just waiting to be unwrapped from your favorite NY Times USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Authors This anthology won't last long Grab it while it's HOT Kristin Miller The Bad Boy Meets his MatchWhen lingerie store owner Cora Brennan plans a getaway at a uaint mountain retreat she never expects to reunite with the playboy she spent a memorable night with in college Can they finally admit their true feelings for each other before love is lost to them again? Claudy Conn Collide BurnCharlie knows when she first sees Wade Devon that he istrouble Wade likes to win It is what he does and he wants herno strings attached She has to ask herself should she or shouldn't she Melanie James Snowflakes Exes and OhsWith two men vying for her affection Abbie's heart is torn between the two One has always been there for her no matter what The other left when she needed him the most Mindy Klasky Fly Me to the MoonLexi thinks she's recovered from the fire that burned her years ago But when she falls for PTSD ridden army veteran Finn she learns how deep some scars can be Holly S Roberts RuckVan one of the best players in rugby and the hottest player between the sheets is looking for a holiday miracle His brother won the girl and Van's heart is broken Could the gift of a lifetime be his for the taking or will this bad boy ruck it up again? Stephanie Rowe Wrapped Up In You Can the Christmas magic of a coastal Maine island heal two broken souls when a winter storm strands them together? Diane Rinella It's A Marshmallow WorldOne Christmas Darla was given a mystical gift along with an ominous message Years later meeting Chris puts her head in a spin Could it be that gift from long ago holds the key to their happiness? Kate Angell Snow One Like YouA Vermont Christmas Eve blizzard forces Allie to close Hartley's General Store Her best friend Rhys arrives by snowmobile not wanting her to endure the snowstorm alone A playful kiss under the mistletoe warms than their hearts Kimberly Kincaid Play MeSophie Drayton has seen enough of the wild life to know that Emilio Barrett is bad news But the sexy stripper has secrets of his own Will Sophie's past come back to haunt her or will Emilio prove that a bad boy can be also be a good man? JDTyler One Last MiracleAfter a case gone horribly wrong FBI Agent Mark McClendon retreats to his late grandfather's isolated cabin determined to escape his pain He's completely unprepared to find himself falling for his pretty new neighbor but when the past comes gunning for him Mark's newfound love may mean the difference between a second tragedy and a holiday miracle Robin Covington When You Open Your EyesWar tore Gabe and Ellie apart and three years later he's almost given up any hope that she'll come back to him When she returns just before the holidays he wants nothing for the damaged stubborn woman he loves to stay forever but she's ready to run as soon as the gifts are opened Chased by her nightmares Gabe's only hope of keeping Ellie is to convince her that he'll be there when she opens her eyes Suzanne Ferrell Close To The MistletoeWhen teacher Holly Murphy walks into Westen's only bar to help her friend celebrate a divorce she doesn't expect hot carpenter Nick Fisher to save her from an embarrassing situation His heated kisses awakens something deep inside her but when someone sets his sights on Holly will Nick be the one to protect her close to the mistletoe? Kathy Ivan Yours For The HolidaysAt her hospital's annual Bachelor Auction event organizer Dr Alanna Reeves is blindsided when the tables are turned and Blake Donovan offers a huge donation for her Can a trip to Florida for the holidays help them discover their true feelings or drive them apart forever? Selena Laurence Prince of the PressMarcus Ambrose the newest face in political media is one hot ticket But when he meets his brother's down to earth secretary Renee his own heart takes a knock Can Marcus's famous 'full court press' convince the woman of his dreams to take a shot at love? Jennie Marts Worth the Shot Addison Cavanaugh had one rule Do not date hockey players So kissing the newest trade to her dad's teamshould have been off limits even if he is hot enough to melt the ice Is the new player worth the shot or is she is risking her heart in a game she can't possibly win? Teri Riggs Finding True's LoveSix months after True's last boss viciously attacked her she's ready to take her therapist's advice and go back into the work force She wants her life to be normal again and working for another man will be a giant step towards that goal Nick has been betrayed by a pretty face for the last time and has sworn off relationships Or so he thought until the day his new assistant True Kelly walked into his office Jennifer Theriot Unwrapping NoelNoel Calabrese hates Christmas as much as she hates her life While in the Napa Valley on a business trip she meets Leon Hallas Could this sexy silver fox be her ticket to happiness? MJ Fredrick Bluestone ChristmasCome back to Bluestone Minnesota for Christmas where single mom Willow Branson has moved from Texas to make a home with her daughter But moving from a Texas winter to a Minnesota one is challenging than she expected and handsome handyman Chase Granzer is than happy to help her adaptand keep her warm Deb Julienne All I Want For Christmas Rafe Donnelly hates everything to do with the holidays Ali Sanders is a single mother juggling two jobs and missing most of her son's childhood Who knew a little boy's Santa wish could change so many lives?

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    I recently read Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot I'm a TheRiot Fan from way back In my humble opinion this is her best work yet I love the characters she created and how they overcome their insecurities the same ones a ton of people face everyday to find a little magic in their stocking

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    My first review is for Snowflakes Exes and Ohs by Melanie JamesI had the honor of receiving an ARC from the author and I gotta tell youthis a great readWhat do you get when you cross a hot Navy serviceman with a beautiful female cop? Sparkslots of themThis book grabbed me from the very first commitmentphobe description of Dylan Parker He's the guy every girl lusts after yet he runs like Forest Gump from a stable relationship After his high school graduation Dylan can't make it out of town fast enough He selfishly pursues his penchant for leaving the small town doldrum and his high school sweetheart not even giving her the courtesy of a goodbye Flash forward six years and as fate would have it he's brought home by a family issue and this is where the saying 'there's no place like home' comes full circleEnter Abbbie the girl he ditched after graduation to find his purpose in life She's a grown woman now and has a career as a police officer not to mention a hot partner by the name of Jason Is he than just a partner to Abbie? And who is this 'dog' named Emmie that Abbie refers to?Like the pairing of fine wine to a delicious meat this book will whet your pallet and leave you hungry for The man you think is Dylan Parker will go three hundred and sixty degrees He made me want to slap him silly at times at others I wanted to give him a motherly hug and sob This bookis truly a holiday delightMelanie James has indeed given us her version of a Mischief Under the Mistletoe worthy story complete with tears smiles and above all tingles My next review is for It's A Marshmallow World by Diane Rinella Again I had the honor to receive an ARC from the authorThis story is a heartwarming look at a uirky girl named Darla who dances to her own tune always true to herself She has a great group of girlfriends an amazing family including her Gram Gram who I want to be like this lady colors outside the lines and I loved that but the one thing that's missing is that special 'someone' in Darla's lifeEnter Chris A chance meeting at a local bar seemingly has Darla thinking he's the one for her but on their first date an unexpected cocky attitude emerges Darla eighty sixes the date of course Are do overs possible? Do spirits from the past give Darla that subtle nudge to not give up on him? I'm not giving spoilers but I will tell you that you can never say neverEVER I loved the feeling and underlying message this story left me with

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    I have just finished reading Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot from this wonderful box set You know when you start a book and your brain saysthis is gonna be good well this was great I love Ed every word Noel a broken woman trying to get past her past Leona hunk of a man with manners A chance meeting brings these two together for a story you won't soon forget Hot sexy feel good read

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    The Bad Boy Meets His Match By Kristen Miller was an amazing bookI loved how she brought together two characters that had been estranged from each other for years It was a sweat and cute story that melted my heart at the end I can wait to read of Kristen Miller's booksCollide Burn By Claudy Conn was a good read It gives you a little bit of romance sex and suspense I enjoyed the characters and how she developed them throughout the storySnowflakes Exes Ohs by Melanie James As usual another great book by MelanieIt was a great great read filled with laughs and tears I loved how she brought character together after so many years with a little bit of a surprise in the mixed this by far is one of my favorite books of hersFly Me to the Moon by Mindy Klasky I enjoyed this book a lot The thing I liked most about it was that real issues were brought up and talked about I also loved how the characters had their own battles to deal with but we're able to help each other to start to heal This book was a great read with lots of reality and fun to itRUCK by Holly S Roberts By the name of this book and the first few pages I didn't think I should like this book I actually loved loved it My favorite part of this book was that Van didn't realize what he needed and wanted was there all along I loved how much he had to go through to get what he wanted This book had me thing real life instead of a fairy tale I can't wait to read of Holly 's booksWrapped up in You by Stephanie Rowe I enjoyed this book a lot One of my favorite parts was that it was set off the Coast of MaineI also enjoyed that she brought together to hurting souls that had a slight past together but didn't know each other well This book showed real emotions and honesty about life and how rough times can sometimes cloud your visionStephanie is another new author to me and I can't wait to read of her workIt's a Marshmallow World By Diane Rinella This was a good story at first I had a hard time with it going from present to past I loved how Darla's GranGran was such an important part of her life Snow One Like You by Kate Angell was a sweet story of long time friends finding I loved the added characters of Manfred Maynard they were and awesome addition to the story You have to read to find out about these twoPlay Me by Kimberly Kincaid was a good read I enjoyed the differences in the characters One who is wrapped up in his family to the point that he takes care of the The other ran far away from her family because of scandals they find common ground and become closeOne Last Miracle by JD Tyler was a great little story I have to admit that I was a skeptic by the way it begins I loved the main characters they are so different but meant for each other I also love that there was some suspense in this book JD is a new writer to me but I will be checking out some of her other booksWhen You Open Your Eyes by Robin Covington brought things close to home for me I loved how Robin showed the true effects of what going to war have on people I love how she captures true love in this book as well as acceptance Robin is a new author to me and I can't wait to read some of her other booksClose To the Mistletoe by Suzanne Ferrell I loved this story is was sweet but suspensefulThe Characters were great I wish the story didn't end It makes you believe that Christmas wishes can come trueYours For The Holiday by Kathy Ivan was sweet love story Right from the beginning you could see the spark between the two characters It was a uick and pleasant read I love all of Kathy Ivan's books that I have read and this one was no differentPrince Of The Press Selena Laurence was a great read the way she hit on topics like breast cancer and drug use was appropriate She brought us a feel life story with some fantasy to it This is my first book I have read of Selena's but it won't be the lastWorth the Shot by Jennie Marts was a cute story I loved how the main characters met and connected I also love how the book ended full circleFinding True's Love by Teri Riggs was an amazing reasons I thought how she brought the subject of abuse was appropriate It made me feel like I was walking in in True's shoes I would love to read about the main charactersUnwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot This was one of her best books yet I love the spunky characters and how they meet I also love how they are in ordinary life scenarios and are portrayed as humans I loved reading the ups and downs of the characters and their happinessBluestone Christmas by MJ Fredrick was a a wonderful read I loved how the main character stuck to her goal of putting her daughter first This was enjoyable to read and I want to read of MJ writingsAll I Want For Christmas By Deb Julienne was an amazing story of hope love and faith I enjoyed how the author told the story of orphans that many don't see as real in this this world I also loved the fairy tale ending

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    Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer TheriotNoel Calabrese runs her own Public Relations firm and although her professional life is going great her personal life is definitely not Noel lives with her ex husband Dave who is a hot shot litigator who cheated on her but due to recently battling cancer needed help from NoelTony Tolbert Noel's client and former Nascar driver has asked Noel to come for a meeting but Noel says no until she discovers a secret Dave has been keeping from her There she meets Leon Hallis every woman's dream man but Noel has many insecurities due to the emotional scarring from her relationship with Dave and doesn't believe she has what Leon wantsI loved this story as I really could relate to the insecurities that Noel faced So many women doubt themselves yet there are men that can be swept away by the things we hate most about ourselves This was such a powerful book about believing in yourself

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    I had the privilege of reading Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot I loved reading Noel and Leon's story First off I absolutely loved the play on their names It was something I didn't catch until it was mentioned I loved this story and as you read it you want Noel to experience great things She has been through hell and has become a better woman for it Leon and Noel make a couple that you completely root for I loved this story and can't wait to read of itI also had the privilege of reading It's a Marshmallow World by Diane Rinella I absolutely loved it I was lucky enough to get an ARC from the author I loved reading Darla's story She has a special relationship with her great grandmother I loved reading about GranGran and Darla's blossoming relationship with Chris This was such a good book by Diane Rinella I can't wit to read by her

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    I read Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer TheriotNoel has her own Public Relations Firm She and her cheating ex husband Dave still live together due to Dave needing her help after he was diagnosed with Cancer A long time client of hers asks her to come out to California to help with a secret project Noel is undecided until she uncovers a secret that Dave has been keeping from herIn California she meets Leon a gorgeous caring perfect man Feelings of insecurity arise as their relationship progresses Her ex really did a number on her self esteem along with the weight she has gained over the last year So does not feel good enough for Leon Just as she decides to trust Dave shows upand Leon walks out Can Noel finally stand up for herself and extricate herself from Dave's manipulations?I great story about finding your voice and learning to value yourself

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    Book Mischief Under the Mistletoe Holiday Hotties Just Waiting To Be UnwrappedAuthor Kristin Miller Claudy Conn Melanie James Mindy Klasky Holly S Roberts Stephanie Rowe Diane Rinella Kate Angell Kimberly Kincaid JD Tyler Robin Covington Suzanne Ferrell Kathy Ivan Selena Laurence Jennie Marts Teri Riggs Jennifer Theriot MJ Fredrick Deb JuliennePublication Date 11172015Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW This is a wonderful box set of romance happily ever afters and wishes All are very well written and I enjoyed them very much I am going to write my review on a few of the stories I truly recommend this box set if you love romance at its finest The Bad Boy Meets his Match by Kristin MillerWe have Cora who now owns a lingerie store and just recently broke up with her boyfriend Cora has dreamed many nights about an old love she had when she was younger Alec Alec now is a multi billionaire who inherited his fathers company and Cora has kept up on all the smut in the papers about him Cora decides to do a weekend get away with some of her girlfriends and they are going to the lake where Cora met Alec for the first time But things don't go as planned and Cora is in for a shock Alec is beyond shocked when he sees who is staying in the cabin next to his What will become of this couple who never forgot their time together? Fantastic Romance story Collide Burn by Claudy Conn This was truly a romance Wade Devon is a ruthless millionaire who basically has never wanted any type of relationship with any woman aside from one or maybe 2 nights When Wade decides to buy a horse farm while in town a laughter catches his ear the woman who made the laugh catches his eye and Charlie is happy she gets to stay on the farm although sadden that her parents are selling it and moving away She can't wait to meet the mysterious man who has purchased the farm or can she? Once Charlie's eyes land on Wade all bets are off and keeping her heart in tack well she isn't sure how she will manage Very sweet romance that was not rushed Snowflakes Exes and Ohs by Melanie James Dylan and Abbie were a couple all through high school and had planned to marry But as life often does things get in the way mainly Dylans need to not be tied down in a small town so he is off to the Navy and when he returns after something tragic happens he finds than he bargained for Can Abbie forgive him? Can he forgive himself?Let me say I have read many books actually all books written thus far by this author and none tore my emotions wide open as this book did You will go from crying literally to anger to shock and surprise Wow talk about a roller coaster ride I loved it I truly loved it Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot This is a fantastic love story We have Noel who is a public relations specialist She has done very well for herself Noel had a crap marriage though and finally divorced her husband Dave after 13 years of marriage But he reeled her back in at least to get her help after being diagnosed with cancer Do you think that changed him? Nope think again but finally Noel opens her eyes to the horrible man she was once married to Noel hates the Christmas holidays and it just gets worse for her She has never really felt that she was sexy or attractive Noels dear friend Tony is getting married so Noel is off to California and with some luck have some fun Well as they say when your not looking While in California she attends a meeting with Tony and some others to discuss a new project Little does she know her life and heart is about to change thanks to one Mr Leon Hallas the trainer business partner of Tonys that is if ex husband Dave don't mess it up Again very well written and truly a romantic story I enjoyed it very much Ruck by Holly S Roberts Van is jealous of what his brother Joel and his wife Cami has but he has always been the one night stand kind of man His best friend Danny has always loved him although he never knew it and when he finally figures out what he wants he may not get it Danny is hurt by how Van has been since she has known him so right now its a game and it's not Rugby I really enjoyed this story I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review And I have also preordered it Mischief Under the Mistletoe Holiday Hotties Just Waiting To Be Unwrapped

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    I have just finished reading Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot from this box setI really enjoyed Noel and Leon's story I liked the play on the two's name that I missed until it was mentioned in the story I found Noel to be a realistic and like able character who has all the insecurities we all have Her work life was great with her having her own business but her home life not so much with her still living with her cheating ex do to his cancer She goes to California for meetings and end up meeting Leon who is also successful and the sparks fly Over all I found this story to be a sweet read and can't wait to read

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    Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot I really Liked the cast of characters in this story They developed into true to life people These are adults with adult issues and all the good or bad that implies I like it when I know who they are and I really identified with Noel and her struggles within herself and in her life Like being curvy she can't see how beautiful she really is And coming out of a toxic 14 year marriage to a cheating husband hasn't helped Now being single for about a year she is starting to gain some independence and right here I had a mental rant Dave her ex husband announces he has testicular cancer and begs her to move back in through his chemo treatments and take care of him just until things get better what nerve So now her ex is also her roommatethen while on a business trip for one of her clients she meets Leon Hallas The draw is Instant It's relentless It's a freaking hot whirlwind with the hottest man she's ever seen and he wants her But how is this going to work out because of Daveand Dave is keeping a couple secrets of his own All I will say is if you look up the meaning of Cad in the dictionary I'm pretty sure his picture will be there It's a Marshmallow World by Diane RinellaThis is a lighthearted story about Darla her friends Jacueline Rox and the place they all like to hang out at called Mulligan's This is where Darla meets heaven on legs Chris I really enjoyed watching that relationship grow It was an age of discovery for sure Collide Burn by Claudy ConnWade Devon wanted a retreat A place away from the daily grind He is out to look at three farms his realtor has to show him when the sound of laughter turned his head It's then that he saw her face then he saw the name on the door of her jeep Norcross Stables Charlene Charlie Wells folks are selling the farm and moving Now Charlie is a tenant She gets the apartment in exchange for pitching in if the employees need a hand and keep Mr Devon she hasn't even met yet informed about the renovations being doneTheir first meeting is flat out hysterical She uite literally almost choked on a fly Yep he is that jaw dropping gorgeous And yep these two are going to Collide Burn in a very erotic way Snowflakes Exes Ohs by Melanie JamesDylan Parker left Cedar Lake joined the Navy right after graduation 6 years ago He was done with small town mentality he wanted to see the world He did not want to take over Parker's Pub Grill like his dad expected him to do Nor did he want to get married at 18 He didn't want hurt Abbie or his dad He just wanted That was 6 years ago Now he gets a call from his mom who tells him that his dad is not doing well Prostate cancer He is losing the battle Dylan took leave but didn't make it His dad passed away before he got there He headed for the Pub to see his mom Abbie now a police officer and her partner Jason are also on their way to break up another brawl When they arrived a very different looking Dylan was already throwing someone out the door So starts the remarkable story of Abigail Johnson and Dylan Parker One of redemption forgiveness and love not forgotten Merry Christmas Emmie