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For over fifty years New York Times bestseller Mastering the Art of French Cooking has been the definitive book on the subject for American readers Featuring 524 delicious recipes in its pages home cooks will find something for everyone from seasoned experts to beginners who love good food and long to reproduce the savory delights of French cuisine from historic Gallic masterpieces to the seemingly artless perfection of a dish of spring green peas Here Julia Child Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle break down the classic foods of France into a logical seuence of themes and variations rather than presenting an endless and diffuse catalogue of dishes Throughout the focus is on key recipes that form the backbone of French cookery and lend themselves to an infinite number of elaborations bound to increase anyone's culinary repertoire With over 100 instructive illustrations to guide readers every step of the way Mastering the Art of French Cooking deserves a place of honor in every kitchen in America

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    My husband watched the movie Julie Julia on television and asked me why I didn't have these cookbooks Since I didn't have a good answer for him I went out and bought them the boxed set of both Volume 1 and Volume 2My first recipe cooked was Soupe a L'oignon onion soup because well I love French Onion Soup so this seemed like a good place to start I followed the recipe to the letter a process which took me about 2 12 hours from start to finish The day I cooked it some contractors were working on the roof of our house I stepped outside towards the end of the simmer and a contractor on the roof yells down What on earth are you cooking in there? It smells absolutely divine I had the stove vent on and the smells of the simmering soup were wafting up to him on the roof Once it was done I used my husband as my guinea pig and gave him the first bowl after it came out from under the broiler with the bubbly cheese gooey and melted on the olive oil toasted french bread He raved He said it was the best French Onion Soup he had ever had and not just everyone's favorite bread and cheese topping part He was actually raving about the flavor of the soup itself So kudos to you Julia Hopefully future recipes I try from these books will be just as delectable

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    How can you judge a book like this one one who is so critically acclaimed? You really don't You just judge what your personal experience wasMy experience was easier than I thought I woke this morning with the idea a soup recipe would take hours because it's French and Julia Child's but it didn't We were eating at 430 pm That is an early supper but it was a good oneHonestly as I was making the soup I actually wondered if I would like it when it finished I was becoming turned off but when I put the Pistou in my heavens The aroma was something I can't describe I was instantly marved and had to eatI am so glad I picked this soup as my first time with Julia well her book anyways She's like a kitchen goddess to me Don't laughObviously I am bias involving this book and can only recommend the begeezus out of it Get it Do it Just don't do Aspic

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    My husband bought me this book for Valentine's Day because we had recently watched Julie and Julia and I had mentioned how I couldn't believe that after all these years of cooking I hadn't yet acuired this bookIt's popularity since the movie might seem a little cliche but really this is the most thorough easy to understand and excellent cookbook I have ever owned The only comparable book is Good Housekeeping's Illustrated Cookbook which I also own and use regularly Although this book is focused on French cuisine it also includes a timeless and useful walk through of everything from how to hold a knife to how to poach an egg Ms Child explains how everything works together and how recipes can be modified in a simple manner so that learning to cook is not simply a process of following directions but rather a process of learning what ingredients work together and whyReally this book is a must for anyone who enjoys cooking and wants to improve their knowledge techniue and repertoire in the kitchenPS The best advice of all Spend the money on a good knife

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    STILL ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS EVERWhy?• Best best recipe writing ever Most cookbooks put the ingredients list on top and the method the steps below But Julia puts them side by side each step has its own ingredients list First step needs abcd Next step needs efgh and so on Beside saving space this is the fastest way if you aim to UNDERSTAND the recipe I usually read the recipes a few times to understand what will happen instead of memorising each step If there are 2 batches of sugar you can't go wrong in adding in which batch for this particular stepThis meticulous attention to detail is what I respect most It makes a very comfortable reading and making dish• Broad range of french foods covered From fish to cakes From hors d'œuvre to desserts Feels like I don't need to buy any french cookbooks You will find some pastries pâte brisée pate a choux etc• So many illustrations Even making omelette is shown with illustration Even how to spoon flour has its own illustration• Most recipes are indeed DELICIOUS Seriously it's real good Actually at first I doubted that her desserts would be delish but once I tried her Chocolate Mousse omg I am pretty sure this is one of the best cookbooks ever written Mostly scrumptious recipes• She never forgets to give a sufficient background on the topic on each chapter And never leaves out important tips• She usually starts with the master recipe and follows with variationsConclusion• Definitely one of the best cookbooks to learn cooking If you just begin to love cooking and want to learn cooking this is the book you must buy And yes I encourage you to learn french cooking first Why? Because french is the fundamental of western cooking If you master the basic you can do anything And this book arranges so many dishes to basic categories such as soup sauces eggs fish poultry meat vegetables desserts and cakes and so on Thus makes this perfect for a student or someone with no background in cooking

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    This is how I learned to cook by going through this masterpiece of a book page by page hunting for the ingredients and making Julia's delicious recipes Her book was my foundation for the art of cooking and part of the inspiration when I wrote my own cookbooks I wonder if Julia in heaven can hear the echoes of the laughter at the millions of dinner parties she inspired She taught me and all my friends to cook She changed the world and she is loved If you ever need a short not long enough loving and charming look at her delicious life and how she came to write her first book watch the movie JULIE AND JULIA A for this book and the movie

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    This classic cookbook has been a mainstay for my wife and I for over forty almost fifty years now Our copy has clear tape holding the hard covers together and a loose page 315 indicates the recipe it has been open to most often over the years Boeuf Bourguignon This incredible stew has probably been eaten in our household at least once per annum since the first year we had the cookbookIt's true that the classic French cooking of the mid twentieth century is somewhat dated nowadays primarily because it is over generous with the use of fats More emphasis on healthier diets relegates this sort of cuisine to special occasions for many folks including us But for those special occasions few cookbooks offer the variety of delights to be found in Julia's masterpiece

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    Indispensable Sits uite happily on my kitchen countertop and is referenced often If you have any interesting in cooking MTAOFC is a must Not even so much for the recipes of course for the recipes they are delicious and Julia is exact and did I mention they are delicious? BUT each recipe is an event The beautiful thing about this cookbook and it's recipes is that like good food it does not appear in a vacuum there is the lore of Julia the lore of the recipes Julia's colorful instructions the common sense solutions she offers that in the early 21st century are in some cases woefully outdated and in others the perfect tip It is readily apparent that Julia believes cooking should be an experience to share and I believe her cookbook is one that should be shared as well

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    It's a good book I was so curious about French way of cooking because of how people rave about it and all that Well their cooking is not healthy at all as they use a lot of butter It is just their own cooking like any cooking nothing special or I really need to know about I intend to stick to my simple way of eating that tries to be as health conscious as possible Hey it's all food in the end

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    I have wanted a copy of this book for the last decade or so ever since I had to start cooking for myself Part of it is the way I perceive French cooking fresh fancy and impressive and part of it is the warmth of Julia Child whose PBS show I got hooked on during the many years I couldn't afford cable I mentioned this off hand to my boyfriend once when we were in Williams Sonoma and he surprised me with a copy of the 50th anniversary edition of Mastering the Art of French Cooking last night for my birthday For the record I suppressed the urge to tackle him in the restaurant and hug him until my arms fell off Go meI was up way too late last night reading it and while I've yet to cook from it I can tell you that I already know following these recipes is going to be an Experience I've been cooking long enough now to have developed certain instincts about recipes and these are almost impossibly great They're straightforward detailed without being overwritten and the friendly tone of the book made me feel like I was reading a recipe written just for me by an especially good friend Or three especially good friends Needless to say I cannot WAIT to get into the kitchen with this beauty

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    I have had this cookbook on my to try list for some time but always seemed a bit intimidated by it However I read my Life in France by the author and realized it was a how to book though some recipes are complicated than others Anyway this book is a true classic a first in its field The first recipe I tried was her roast chicken I've made many a roast chicken in my time but this was delicious Next up is one of her soups maybe the garlic one she mentioned in the book I love the fact that she saw a need for a real cookbook using whole foods which explains everything so everyone from a beginner to the advanced cook can benefit I remember watching my mom watch The French Chef and have recently watched a few episodes on dvd myself God bless you Julia and thank you