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The Acclaimed Graphic Novelist Jason Returns With His Most Eagerly Awaited Book Yet, Thanks To The Inclusion Of The Title Story, The World S First And Likely Last Chess Western, Originally Serialized In In The New York Times Sunday Magazine Funny Pages SectionThis Page Hardcover Book Features Five Yarns All Brand New With The Exception Of The Aforementioned Low Moon, Which Is Collected Into Book Form For The First TimeThe New Stories Lead Off With Emily Says Hello, A Typically Deadpan Jason Tale Of Murder, Revenge And Sexual Domination Then, The Wordless Tells Two Tales At Once One About A Skinny Guy Trying To Steal Enough Money To Save His Ill Mother, And The Other About A Fat Guy Murderously Trying To Woo His True Love The Reason We Follow These Two Parallel Stories Becomes Obvious Only On The Very Last Page, In Jason S Inimitable Genre Mashing Style Early Film Noir Can Best Be Described As The Postman Always Rings Twice Meets Groundhog Day But Starring Cavemen And Finally, You Are Here Features Alien Kidnappings, Space Travel, And The Pain And Confusion Of Family Ties, Culminating In An Enigmatic Finale That Rivals Jason S Greatest TwistsFunny, Poignant, And Wry, Low Moon Shows One Of The World S Most Acclaimed Graphic Novelists At The Absolute Peak Of His Powers

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    Emily says hello 3 5Low Moon 5 5 5 5Early film noir 2 5You are here 3 5___________Average 3.6

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    Another Jason reread for me, first read six years ago A comics short story collection, featuring Low Moon, which is a kind of tribute to the western film High Noon Instead of guns, chess Wonderful Hilarious Emily says Hello is a strange noirish tale of a hitman killing men for a woman in exchange for sexual favors Intriguing Disturbing Powerful and affecting in surprising ways is a story operating on two levels one, a man taking care of his dying mother, and the other about his trying mostly unsuccessfully to marry a woman Manages to be touching, sad Proto Film Noir is caveman noir which means it is a noir story told with cavemen Good, not great You are Here is a sad story about divorce and possible alien abduction where the man builds a rocket to go find his estranged wife Powerful, in so many surprising ways. Early Jason, but finding his stride, trying different approaches to story Some Jason stories are funny, of them sad, but he does both well Terrific minimal drawing and dialogue to tell the stories Not every story is the best of Jason, though at least three of the five are on my list.

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    I m sad to say that until he releases his next injection of anthropomorphic misanthropy, I m going to be stuck clawing up the walls in the throes of Jason withdrawal At least this last piece of pie was a wonderful collection of stories that I piggishly gobbled up and smacked over Low Moon is a perfectly prepared dish a sparse but ingeniously structured slice of unflinching noir a slapstick Western replacing gunplay with chess an unsettling absurdist take on the The Postman Always Rings Twice plot, involving cavemen and women cavepeople an existentially hopeless comedy of manners involving the murderous and unnecessary lengths a person will go for love and a tearjerker of a story that, though predicated on the abduction of a woman by an alien, becomes a haunting look at the disappointments of marriage and fatherhood across several generations This is Jason is at his stylistic best Every story here is a winner about how often in life we all end up losers.Can I have some now, Jason Please

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    If you haven t yet discovered Jason s works, then it is a high time that you start looking for them His works are poignant and can leave anyone speechless Great work.

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    Beautifly cruel My first experience with author I probably didn t get it all, but I ll definitely read it again, very enjoyable.

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    Low Moon shows two things about Jason s success firstly that he s getting blurbs from writers like Glen David Gold on the back cover, and secondly that this is his first hardback edition with colour It s a little larger than the average paperback and is Jason s longest work yet It s made up of five short stories Emily Says Hello, Low Moon Proto Film Noir, and You Are Here Emily Says Hello is about a man killing people in exchange for sexual favours from a woman He records their last moments on a dictaphone, says Emily Says Hello and then shoots them He plays this to the woman who takes the photograph of the dead person, hangs it on the wall and crosses out the picture, then goes on to pay her part of the deal to the killer Low Moon is a wild west story with a difference Instead of shootouts they have chess matches Horses are no longer around having been replaced with old timey big wheel small wheel bikes, and cowboys talk on cell phones A bad guy comes to town to challenge the sheriff to a chess match at dawn follows two separate story lines A man trying to raise money to pay for a life saving operation for his mother and a man who is trying to woo a woman to marry him Proto Film Noir follows a similar storyline to The Postman Always Rings Twice only the protagonists are cavemen Also when the couple try to murder the wife s husband he reappears day after day The final story is You Are Here where the wife is abducted by aliens and the husband spends twenty years building a spacecraft to go after her His son, now a grown man, joins him and they set off to another planet to find the woman The plotting and pacing are among Jason s strongest work Each story is eminently readable and thoroughly engrossing Emily Says Hello is the most memorable and interesting story with a haunting end and shows Jason can do drama wonderfully Low Moon and Proto Film Noir are the humour stories while and You Are Here contain the most pathos and sadness The book is a gorgeous production and the stories are brilliant I utterly loved it and honestly cannot see this artist ever writing a poor book His sense of story is pitch perfect and his style is developing into a unique and original look Where Herge is remembered for his drawing, so will Jason be remembered for his, and his wildly inventive stories Really highly recommended both for fans of Jason and comics in general.

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    It s not great, it s than great.I really enjoyed it, and I will definitely read from Jason.

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    Low Moon is a collection of short stories of various topics Pain, suicide, a chess western, and family obligations By far the darkest of these tales is Emily says hello But your despair will be fleeting because the follow up, Low Moon is quirky and fun It is a chess western if you can believe the combo I enjoyed this story and Jason showed an uncharacteristic light heart when writing it The collection closes up with You are here which screams as a typical Jason comic Minimalistic dialog, anthropomorphic characters, and a story that will rip your heart out and ground it into the ground Overall, this is a good collection of graphic novel short stories It just isn t great Aside from Low Moon there isn t anything here I would like to read again unlike many of Jason s other works such as I Killed Adolph Hitler or Hey, wait If you are a Jason aficionado like myself, give it a read Otherwise, pass on it.

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    Emily says hello 4 5Low Moon 3 5 3 5Early film noir 3 5You are here 5 5

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    Honestly, I didn t like all the stories but the last one broke my heart and it deserves five stars.