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Self assured Nadia Normandy knows everything there is to know about men and dating which seems to be why little old Mrs Beasley maneuvers her into taking unsuspecting and bookish accountant Benji Garner under her wing Her mission? Shape him up for the opposite sex preferably in time for New Year’s Eve A challenge? Sure but Nadia discovers that Benji’s got a charm all his own and she finds herself avoiding her usual social scene in favor of time spent with him—all in the name of mentoring him of course Except that after a while it starts to feel less like mentoring and like something else—which could present a problem because just as Nadia begins to realize she didn’t know uite as much about men as she thought other women are starting to notice her unlikely protégé Much like Nadia is beginning to notice him in a whole new way herself This novella is the 2nd in the Heavenly Bites series

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    Love Lessons is book two in the Heavenly Bites novella series by Christine S Feldman and Elaina Lee Its Christmas season and business is booming at the Heavenly Bites Bakery Nadia and Trish couldn’t be pleased Nadia doesn’t think twice about dishing out advice especially of a romantic nature It worked out well for Trish didn’t it? But she wasn’t prepared for meddling matchmaker old Mrs Beasley when she came in one day and wanted Nadia to help her young accountant make himself desirable to the ladies What could be so wrong with this guy that he needs a makeover? And Nadia doesn’t have time for this right now But no is not an answer Mrs Beasley is prepared to accept Nadia finds herself pleasantly surprised upon her first meeting with Benji Garner He’s a little nerdy in his buttoned up shirt and tie and glasses But those are the bluest eyes she has ever seen But it seems that Benji is the one that had the biggest surprise He didn’t realize the real purpose of this meeting It seems as though Mrs Beasley has been a little bit devious in getting Benji to meet with Nadia Hesitantly though he agrees to let her help him Nadia enjoys her dating life but she is a bit of a commitment phobe She never lets anyone get close She enjoys the club scenes on the weekends and lots of casual dates The time she spends with Benji no one is surprised than she is that she in having so much fun just spending time with him It seems as though perhaps she might be the one that learns something here She is supposed to be helping Benji get dates right? Then on the night they go salsa dancing why does it bother her so much when the other women notice him and want to dance with him? The deal was one week which ends on New Year’s Eve That way Benji could find himself someone to kiss at midnight at his party But does Nadia really want someone else to be the one getting that New Year’s kiss? This is a super sweet story about finding love when you least expect it As an added bonus we get a little glimpse of little Kelsey Ian’s little girl from the first book That little girl definitely stole my heart I’m loving this series and am so excited to read the next one Playing Cupid and to get to know Aimee the newest employee of the Heavenly Bites Bakery and Mrs Beasley’s granddaughter Thank you so much to Christine Feldman for allowing me the opportunity to read this book

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    Reviewed by Kimfor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsDo you want to read a book and smile the whole time? Then Love Lessons is the book for you In classic Christine S Feldman style she has you laughing in the beginning and anxiously waiting for the couple to get together I love stories where the couple actually dates each other but don’t realize that’s what they're doing That’s exactly what happens in this bookBenji Garner an accountant and Nadia Normandy a baker are thrown together by mutual clientfriend Mrs Beasley who has a love match in her sights After getting the two together under false pretenses Nadia convinces Benji that it would be better for him to just go along But what Nadia doesn’t expect is to fall for the seemingly suare strait laced accountant who is than he seemsBe prepared to fall in love with two people who seem to be so totally opposite and wrong for each other While this is the second novella in the Heavenly Bites Series it is a stand aloneSource Author

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    I loved this novella The author has a brilliant knack at bringing out the humour and I got stuck right inI was completely bummed when a couple of hours I had finished to note that the other novella was not coming out until January 2014This novella was totally made up from awesome sauce and was although was better than the first in the series I am totally glad that I gave this author a chanceWell with the read

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    Love this short story series After reading Pastels and Jingle Bells I was hungry for I was so lucky to recieve a copy from the author Christine SFeldman herself Thank you so much for giving the opportunity to reading such a funny care free read I could just sit down smile and chuckle through the whole read This was truly a breath of fresh air to me I love the concept of the story Mrs B is up to her old tricks of matchmaking Nadia thinks she can outwitt her well think again this old lady is good need I say And Bengi I did have to do a double take for his name but this adds to the charm of this story Don't wanna give to much away cause this is a much needed read for this christmas and new year season Both books in this series so far are 10 worthy I have read many novellas and these are by far my favorites Christine knows the secret of writing shorties she gets it all in and at good pace Oh yeah and did I mention there is a third one is coming out in January I can't wait Keep them coming Christine I also feel like this should be made into a Hallmark movie been obsessed with them lately See so excited I got off track So Nadia and Benji get to know each other with hysterical moments between a guy and girl I loved it And the ending was perfect Got those goose bumps all over and what a huge smile it put on my face So again everyone needs reads like these for their busy and maybe stressful christmas season Make that hot cocoa grab that cozy blanket and pick up these yummy reads Take a trip into Heavenly bites you won't wanna leave

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    I read the first book Pastels and Jingle Bells back in November and I just loved it So I've been meaning to read Love Lessons for a while now but never really got to it until today when I decided to just buy and read it right away I'm definitely not regretting that decisionLove Lessons features Nadia Normandy who was also in Pastels and Jingle Bells I love her I really do She's very self assured unlike accountant Benji Garner who's a little awkward but totally adorable to say the least I think this is a very nice change from the usual cocky guy going after a woman who isn't so self assured as Nadia is I really liked the idea of Nadia taking it upon herself to teach Benji how to approach and talk to women She definitely enjoyed herself and I love how she didn't expect to fall for the guy in the meantime Which brings us to Benji he was so cute and really funny He's a great fit for Nadia I have to say It was all a very cute and romantic but clean story I really love stories like these from time to time I had a blast reading ituick romantic and so much fun Love Lessons was a great addition in the Heavenly Bites series Christine S Feldman once again managed to draw me in the story with her clever writing and witty dialogue Love Lessons was just the thing I needed to get out of a bad reading funk I had no problem at all focusing which had been bothering me for a few weeks now with other books That's how much I enjoyed this book

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    LOVE LESSONS is about Nadia Normandy who is very self assured and not afraid to speak her mind She is also very knowledgeable in the laws of dating Coaxed by Mrs Beasley the town match maker Nadia is going to help accountant Benji Garner find a lady What begins as a challenge turns into something neither could have expectedLOVE LESSONS is such a delightful read The story pulls you in from the very beginning And once you finish you are anxious for the next story We get to continue on a journey with one of the characters from the first novella of this series—Nadia with her adorable uirkiness She’s not afraid to be herself OR express herself Which is the total opposite of Benji When we first meet him he comes off as shy and reserved Together they bring a very witty and interesting combination to the storyLOVE LESSONS will make your heart melt but you’ll also find yourself smiling or even laughing out loud with the humor throughout this awesome little story A fabulous read that is than worthy of 5 stars

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    This review will be in perfect timing with New Years Eve today If you've got a couple of spare hours until the ball drops and a dollar consider cozy ing up with Love Lessons This sweet novella is set right around New Years and will have you raising your glass in cheers I am really loving this novella series by Christine Feldman This is the second book in the Heavenly Bites series and it is so cute Nadia is all confidence and focus and loves a challenge She is a fun energetic character It was easy to like herThe growing attraction and tension in this book is fantastic It all leads up to New Years Eve and believe me you won't want to miss it Humina HuminaThis novella was sweet and clean Cheers to that

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    The following review will be written for the entire Heavenly Bites Collection by Christine S FeldmanDelightful witty cute funny engaging well written did I say delightful? Yes I did I've fallen in love with Ian Benji and Doyle and the trio of ladies who fall for them I love the character of Gran as well; her meddling was spot on and reminded me of one of my great grannies whom I was lucky enough to know I hope Ms Feldman considers doing seuels for each story as I would be interested in knowing what happens next in their lives Oh and I ADORED the fact one of the heroes was a history professor He is a treasure Ms Feldman Five stars for this entire series

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    This was another very good story I found myself laughing aloud at certain points The characters are lovable and humorous in their own way Nadia and Benji seem to be an unlikely coupling and you can't help but chuckle at the way they come together It was also nice to see characters from the first novella in Heavenly Bites Great writing style If you like this story which can stand as it's own story you will enjoy other stories by Christine

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    Another short and sweet story with the characters from the first book