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Author and general editor Carol Kent along with four additional coauthors captures readers' hearts with tales about the joys challenges and frustrations that women face in all their various roles Each book inspires women to remember that God loves them and that their purpose is simply to let his love so fill them that they become warmth light and love to everyone around them Each devotional in these books includes a lighthearted or inspirational story a thought provoking uote and a relevant verse from Scripture Kisses of Sunshine for Women a deep and heartfelt look into what it means to be a woman turning everyday experiences into sparkling reflections of hope and joy Coauthored with Thelma Wells Kisses of Sunshine for Moms tales that range from heroic and hilarious stories of first time moms to the joys and struggles of single parenting to the beauty of watching your children grow up Coauthored with Ellie Kay Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas from sweet and sentimental birth stories to grandparenting a stepchild to humorous lessons learned from grandkids to the caregiver generational sueeze Coauthored with Gracie Malone result of being born and bonded into the same family or that emerge simply from the love growing inside our hearts with friends who become our sisters Kisses of Sunshine for Teachers encouragement and salutations to those who spend every day at one of the most important jobs in the country teaching Coauthored with Vicki Caruana

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    My BFF Alex gave it to me as a gift today I'm already on page 54 just can't stop reading about all the anecdotes funny things not so funny things about motherhood

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    A little too religious for me But nice stories