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Death and Lust and VampiresIn the forgotten and bricked up cellars of Winterbourne Hall the Master's spirit feasted At last his deliverance was at handHidden deep in the English countryside Winterbourne Hall is the finest whorehouse in the land where no fantasy is too wild to be acted out no desire is too outrageous to be satisfied and in its splendid isolation secrets stay safeAndreas Hunt is a cynical tabloid journalist He lives a louche lifestyle with any number of willing women at his fingertips but he doesn't want most women Most women bore him He wants Mara the luscious bodied white witch who has seduced him thoroughly Where Mara leads he follows and she leads him to Winterbourne where commences a sexual adventure that will soon become a deliciously forbidden nightmare for at Winterbourne Andreas will meet the Master a real life sex vampireKiss of Death is razor sharp erotica at its edgiest and most thrilling The first in a captivating series

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