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For ten long years I stayed away to protect herI thought I’d successfully subverted my wolf’s instincts where Bethany was concernedBut when I saw her on that dance floor my inner beast took over I told myself it would be just one dance One dance and I’d let her go I didn’t mean to bite her Or fck her in the middle of a crowded dance clubOr kidnap her againRead an excerpt here ➜ Just Like Animals is a fast paced dirty ride to uote a reviewer The romance between the main couple was written to work as a first read in the series for readers new to the Werelock Evolution world However please note that this is book number 5 within the Werelock Evolution series so it also continues elements of the overarching storyline of the world

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    I'm not into paranormal reads at all In fact this one was my very first one ever Something in the blurb caught my attention and after reading the 4 5 star reviews I thought what the heck let me tryFirst of this is part of a series but it can read as a standalone and thank the man upstairs because I have no patience for series at allRaul is a character that comes of as a self centered egotistical asshat at first but deep down he is a softie especially of how he feels for his human mate BethanyBethany is a heroine that I loved She is sassy has no filter and just plain funny She had the best comeback lines I ever read The two together were truly magic and I haven't said that in a very long time if ever in any of my romances Those sex scenes and there are a lot of them are off the page hotSo yes people I did enjoy it and recommend to anyone who likes or doesn't like this type of paranormal reads “I’m like a manny”“Come again?”“A manny You know as in a male nanny?”“Oh That’s so progressive of you” “So sensitive of you ”“That’s right Bethy” His breath was warm against my ear “I’m still the same sweet progressive male feminist surfer who grew up down the street from you in Santa Cruz”“You were never that sweet” I was panting “You fucked most of my babysitters” view spoilerSAFETY There is no OW drama Hero has been celibate for 10 years since he recognized that Bethany was his mate Heroine was not celibate in the 10 years they were apart because she had witnessed a killing that revealed her friends as Werelock and her memory of that time was wiped She got engaged to a dirtbag that she did not love so when the story begins she is about to break things off with the ex There is no one else for either one of them once they see each other again And per Author heroine meets someone who she thinks Hero may have banged in past put it was confirmed that he did not as he was very celibate for her 😊 😜 hide spoiler

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    I am so angry with Hettie right now it's not even funny I loath Raul always have and she goes and gives him such an amazing mate like Bethany A feisty funny doesn't deal with basic bitches Bethany I couldn't think of anyone undeserving than Raul THEN she has the audacity to create scenes that are so intimate and cute between the two of them I found myself smiling at how perfect they were as a couple WTF? Who does that? I was perfectly fine in my feelings for Raul the bullshitting bastard Still am by the way He's too conniving to be trusted Plus the guy thinks in hashtags enough said Fair warning this book is dirty Hettie doesn't hold back as the book opens up with Raul seeing his mate on the dance floor of a club and Bethany coming on his hands during a dance together leading to the best line ever Holy baby Jesus in a filthy fucking manger Bethany has some of the best lines in this bookDon't expect a weak character from Bethany she goes toe to toe with Raul leading to him having to drug and kidnap her just to get his own way typical I mean really are we surprised? That would be the only way Raul could get someone as amazing as Bethany to be with him Just Like Animals is a fast paced dirty ride It’ll leave you wanting if you’re an unapologetically greedy reader like me One click this book call in sick lock the doors draw the blinds and enjoy#WASHYOHANDS

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    Ok Hettie I'm all caught up with the series and I'm ready for the Seer to be releasedIf you guys have been following my reviews then you know I have been devouring this series for the last few days I cannot believe I let these books sit in my library for so long before reading them Just Like Animals is another delicious installment to the Werelock series The storyline is fun dirty and intense I was actually a little wary prior to reading because this is Raul's story Without dropping spoilers I'll just say that he has not been one of my favored characters Regardless I jumped into the book devouring it just like the previous ones and I loved it So if you have not read this series then you need to get on it I have raves enough about the books in my previous reviews so I will just reiterate what i have already said Buy the books and enjoy the wonderful and fun werelock world that Hettie Ivers has created for your reading pleasure

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    Just Like Animals is a fabulously fun paranormal romantic comedy which continues the cleverly layered story line of the magical werewolf series The Werelock EvolutionsThree words encapsulate my feelings for this 5 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ delightSEXY FUNNY INGENIOUSLet’s be honest ladies you know those tantalizing passages from your absolute favourite romances that you highlight for revisiting in the future over and over and over again? Well knock me over the head with a unicorn vibrator if the opening chapters of Just Like Animals didn’t just jump to the TOP OF MY LIST of orgasm inducing inspirational material THAT’S how much I loved the ultra hot sexiness that was the explosive consummation of a decade long build up of sexual tension between Bethany and Raul”My childhood crush was now a powerful magical werewolf creature I knew I’d let him do just about anything he wanted to me I pretty well already had” Bethany was introduced to the werelock world ten years ago when her best friend Milena Caro fell in love with the Alpha of the powerful Reinoso clan and became their new leader Milena had to order the erasure of Bethany’s memories when Bethany asserted that she couldn’t bear to keep Milena’s secrets while being excluded from her BFF’s magical world The side effect of that decision was the loss of Bethany’s emotional connection with Milena’s brother Raul But Raul has never forgotten Bethany and their reunion is full of as much hilarity as there is lust”I — I’m on call this weekend” ”I’m happy to pay by the hour” “Being on call at the hospital doesn’t work like that I’m in medicine not prostitution”But seriously the foundation that ties this series together is the prophecy of the impending apocalyptic rise of the super werelock The Rogue and how the rival clans of Raul’s Salvatella Pack and Milena’s Reinoso Pack are dealing with the major players Should The Rogue be destroyed or protected? Who is right who is wrong? How do we recognize evil? ”There are no eternal facts as there are no absolute truths”Scattered amongst the slapstick are metaphysical gems that elevate this story from fun rom com to full on book lover’s epic Raul and Milena’s sibling “Cold War” gets a thoughtful treatment with Bethany getting caught between them In order to get that fifth star from me I’m looking for the intelligence and multi layered depth that Hettie Ivers delivers here once again This is an amazing series I really really enjoyed thisARC Review

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    Intense humorous scorching hot and with all the feels there is nothing not to like about Just Like Animals This is one of those rare books that ticked all my boxes I fell in love with Bethany and Raul as much as I fell in love with one of Hettie Ivers’ many superpowers – her uniue sassy sense of humor Add to that superb writing perfect pace brilliant skill an edge of your seat well thought out plot and romance with the exact right mix of sexual tension blow up in your face steam delicious push and pull and a male and female lead you can’t help but root for and the result is one of my all time favorite paranormal reads

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    ARC Nuff’ said While errone is saying ole’ Raul is a twatbiscuit I am leaning back and claiming him Something seriously is wrong with me I am sure at some point I absolutely loathed Raul and if I am being honest his name sucks and I catch myself calling him Ragu Nonetheless creepy stalker psycho brother has moved up a couple notches in my I’d do them book boyfriend list The sound track to this book is Selena Gomez “Can’t Keep my hands to myself”In true Hettie Ivers fashion she is melting panties around the world one book and one line at a time I am not much of a blusher it could bemy skin toneme being a nursehaving 2 daughterssome rather blunt if not creative friends who just spew shit or my off the chain husband that has caused my non ability to blush Or at least that is what I thought HOWEVER Werelock Evoluition series can change my normal olive skin tone to a nice shade of magenta in just a few words Yes this is a series but with Hettie’s handy ability to write and have books flow so seamlessly all of the books in this series can be read as standalones With that being said I would highly recommend reading Alex and Milena they are my and will always be my fav out of the bunch Ragu Raul is the boy who grew up down the street the one you looked at from a far He really is an all about me twat with his schmexy smile and confident swagger Bethany is Ragu Raul’s sisters Milena best friend and the ultimate forbidden toy She is sarcastic witty and the light to R’s dark A perfect match Their connection is all hands on deck and their chemistry is hands down hot This is another fast moving book with Larry Flint undertones and nothing short of a damn good ride Let me give a guiding hand READ THIS BOOK If you haven’t read the series READ THE FUCKING SERIES

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    As per conversation between Paula and myself I am counting this as cheatingRead Paula's 5 star review of Just Like Animals by Hettie Ivershttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

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    Leave your panties at the door because Raul will rip them right off youHettie Ivers has delivered an intensely sexy story which is packed with heat drama and some exciting new characters as well as plenty of familiar facesThe sex was intense passionate and plot driving it didnt feel over the top or unnecessary It was perfect for Raul the randy werelock hahaBethy was interesting I loved delving into her persona and learning about her as a character and her past She had alot of resilience and I really admired that in her characterRaul has alot depth than he appears to and in spite or his overtly asshole personality and past I founs myself really loving his character Props to the author for turning me around on himThis series just gets and intense and intersting as it goes along The pacing was perfect and the plot engaging and I inhaled this story as much as the previous books in this worldseriesThe world and characters and Hettie Ivers ability to keep me hooked never fails to amaze me Rereadable to the max they are one of my go to for a paranormal book fix#DibsOnRafe #HettieDidntSayICouldnt#RafeIsMINE #RafesBitch

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    I ‘discovered’ Hettie Ivers approximately 2 months ago Bored with all my current authors looking for a new source to fulfill my ever ending need for the unattainable I found her flipping thru some books online hoping for something to catch my eye Oddly it wasn’t the book cover or blurb that drew me It was her first name I was intrigued To say I’m a bit of an older person would be complimentary That being said Hettie’s name is an old and revered name So that’s all it took I was hooked I read The Trilogy within four days Same thing for No Light only it took hours Hettie was feeding my inner shameless old soul I couldn’t get enough Almost forgot we’re doing a review of JLA This book is hot hot hot It’s explosive OMG the first chapter about gave me well never mind that’s a bit personal It was so fucking hot RAUL I’m blown away actually I fell off the sofa Hettie’s ability to create the infinite male sexual creature we needed is uneualed She brought the reader into the male psyche showed us exactly in detail what we women as the sexual creatures that we are what we need to see hear feel in all aspects of a hot piece a ass For me Raul did all the ‘feels’ uite thoroughly I am replete Until her next release It’s gonna be difficult but I’ll just keep re reading Chapter One over over over Okay girls This is it Now go out there a get your Raul too And while you’re there pick up Hettie’s previous sexual releases You won’t be disappointed